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Give Me A Ship To Sail

By Villiers A

1958. Unsigned 36 Illus. 256 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in D/W Experiences in "Pequod" for film "Moby Dick", Sailing of "Mayflower" in 1957 & other square- rig stories of sea. .


Story Of Seventy Adventurous Years. 1885-1955

By Bank Line

1956. 54 Illus. 136 Pages. 15 x 25cms. reprinted from the Journal of Commerce & Shipping Telegraphs. Fleet Lists. 1 fold-out col. plate. .


Illustrated Railway Anecdote Book

1849. Unsigned 160 Pages. 13 x 21cms. cloth bound worn and stained, spine weak .paper browned, little grubby Collection of the best and newest anecdotes and tales of the present day. Selected forthe reading of Railway Passengers. Pub. Ward Lock. Index. sketch drawings. .


Merchant Fleets In Profile - 4 Ships Of Hamburg America, Adler & Carr Lines
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Merchant Fleets In Profile - 4 Ships Of Hamburg America, Adler & Carr Lines

By Haws D

1980. 208 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W. Mainly based on company's own records. Chronology of main events in company's history, index of ships, illus. fleet list of every vessel over 100 gross tons owned by line, tonnage, dimensions, engines, service. More than 400 scale drawings..


New Series Vol. 27 Jan-june 1959

By Sea Breezes

Good. 468 Pages. 5 x 7cms. c Green cloth bound. Index .


A Naval History Of England. Vol. 1 The Formative Centuries

By Marcus G. J

1961. Unsigned 494 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Detailed history afloat & ashore upto 1782. Biblio. Index. .



By Fowles J

1976. 0224010530 Unsigned 2 Maps. 35 Illus. 48 Pages. 25 x 20cms. V/G in D/W. Wrecks of the Cornish Coast & Scillies dating from 1875. by Gibsons of Scilly. .


Pictorial History Of The German Navy In World War Two
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Pictorial History Of The German Navy In World War Two

By Von Der Porten E.p

1976. 069001080 6 Maps. 382 Pages. 23 x 28cms. Good in frayed and little torn D/W Revised edition from additional research. First published in 1969 under the title "The German Navy in W.W.2." Developments 1919-1939. Strategy & actions, personalities. Over 300 illus. Index. Chronology. Bibliography. .


1860 Vol. 1

By Transactons Of The Institution Of Naval Architects

Unsigned 219 Pages. 20 x 29cms. spine cover little torn, spine weak. plates marked. contents include:-account of experiments performed on board some of Her Majesty's Ships in 1855, 1856, 1857 to ascertain Heights of Centres of Gravity, strength of Iron Ships. Table of Principal dimensions of 50 Merchant Steamers sailing from Ports of Southampton, Portsmouth and Weymouth. 9 diags. .


Sea Battles (a Reference Guide)

By Sanderson M

1975. 0715366483 51 Maps. 199 Pages. 18 x 25cms. V/G in D/W. Concise guide to over 250 battles arranged in alphabetical order. Chronology. Over 75 illus. .


Last Voyage Of The Lusitania

By Hoehling A. & M

Unsigned 22 Illus. 184 Pages. 13 x 23cms. good in frayed d/w The last days of the Lusitania. Passengers & U Boat Crew in the fateful sinking of 1915. Index. .


Royal Navy And The Falklands War

By Brown D

1989. 0850520592 5 Maps. 150 Illus. 384 Pages. 20 x 25cms. Good in D/W Assembly, campaign and aftermath. Part played by each ship and thier fate, merits and demerits of equipment. 4 appendices lists ships and fleet auxiliaries, ships taken up from merchant fleet, Argentine warships and auxiliaries. Index. glossary. Endpaper maps. .


Sailing Models Ancient & Modern

By Chatterton E. K

1934. Unsigned 20 x 28cms. good, spine little weak. An introduction to shipping through the ages, tracing the development from coracle to windjammer. Detailed & critical information concerning ship models past & present from British Isles, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Holland, Spain & Egypt. 4 col.plates, 140 illus. 7 plans in pocket inside rear cover. 95 pp of text. .


The Surgeon's Log Revised With New Preface And Chapter. 13th Ed

By Abraham J. J

1947. Unsigned 16 Illus. 299 Pages. 11 x 18cms. spine a little weak, few marks. good. Being impressions of Far East as ship's doctor ss Clytemnestra on voyage from Liverpool to Yokohama. End paper maps. .


Blue Riband Of The Atlantic

By Hughes T

1973. 0850591376 67 Illus. 192 Pages. 15 x 23cms. good in d/w Origins of Steamship travel then the development & careers of famous ships involved. .