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Bloody War: One Man's Memories Of The Canadian Navy 1939-1945

By Lawrence H.

1979. 28 Illus. 201 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in frayed D/W. Experiences during Battle of the Atlantic. From Midshipman aboard a Fleet Tug to Gunnery Officer of the Fleet Destroyer "Sioux". End- paper maps..


Steam Tramps And Cargo Liners 1850 -1950
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Steam Tramps And Cargo Liners 1850 -1950

By National Maritime Museum

1980. 0112903150 Unsigned 32 Illus. 60 Pages. 20 x 20cms. V/G. by Craig. A study of the development of the cargo steamship & its part in Britain's economic ascendancy in the period. 6 diagrams. illus end papers. Index. .


John Worsley's War

By Worsley J/giggal K

1993. 1853102571 Unsigned 116 Pages. 20 x 25cms. good in D/W Experiences in WW2 as an official War Artist. Experiences HMDevonshire & later as a Prison-of-War & cration of "Albert" on the spot examples of his art work 19 col., 4 b/w illus & 61 sketches. Index. .


American Gunboats & Minesweepers. (ww2 Fact Files)

By Lenton H. T.

1974. 100 Illus. 64 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Paper covers, Lists all auxiliary escort vessels of US navy in WW2..


Lure & Lore Of London's River Nd About 1933

By Linney A.g.

24 Maps. 49 Illus. 242 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Covers little worn, spine head frayed.& torn. A portrait of River Thames from Teddington to the Nore - history, building, navigation, personalities. A sequel to author's "Peepshow of the Port of London" Index.. Foxing.


A Social History Of The Navy. 1793-1815.

By Lewis M.

1960. 1 Maps. 32 Illus. 467 Pages. 13 x 23cms. good in D/W.Backgrounds of Naval Officers & men of period. Entry, recruitment & promotion. Pay, allowances, prize money. Their losses by enemy action, accident & disease. 14 tables. Index..


Ships '71

By Parsons D. (ed)

711001634 82 Illus. 96 Pages. 18 x 25cms. Good Main contents include NATO. Manchesters Life Line, Haven Amsterdam. .


Ships We Sea

By Bowen F.c

Unsigned 98 Illus. 312 Pages. 13 x 23cms. All types of Merchant Vessels & Warships described including Train Ferries, Icebreakers, Lifeboats, Yachts & Lightships. Index. C. 1935. .


Pacific Liners 1927-72
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Pacific Liners 1927-72

By Emmons F.

1973. 135 Pages. 18 x 25cms. Good in slightly torn D/W. Describes all ships engaged in passenger service in Pacific. 226 ships illus. with line drawing plus 24 of lesser importance described. Service, builder, data, ownership, career. Index of Ships..


Merchant Ship

By Baker G. S

1948. Unsigned 32 Illus. 159 Pages. 15 x 20cms. in torn d/w. Design Past & Present. 17 line drawings. .


World Atlas Of Shipping Pub. George Philip

By Ewart W./fullard H. (editors)

1972. 0540052663 20 x 27cms. Bound for Harrison Shipping Line. 128 pages of coloured maps and articles on world sipping. 84 pages index. .


World's Warships. 1937

By Mcmurtrie F. E

Unsigned 69 Illus. 125 Pages. 20 x 13cms. spine little weak. covers little marked and faded. Oblong. Brief details of Warships. .



By Angelucci E/cucari A

1977. Unsigned 336 Pages. 30 x 20cms. Good in D/W. History of the ship from tree trunk to nuclear propulsion. Appendices: List of World Naval Museums, Glossary of Naval terms, lists of British, US, Russian, German, Italian & Japanese naval forces at outbreak of WW2 with brief details. Index. Over 1000b/w & col. illus. 2 pages of flags in col. .


Warships 1860-1970

By Thornton J

1973. 0715359983 Unsigned 96 Pages. 18 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Development of Warship. Line drawings. Deception at Sea, Vessels that switched col. .


Vol.15 No.1 1978

By Warship International

82 Pages. 20 x 28cms. covers stained contents good. Main contents include:- Soviet Cruisers, Pt. 1; Real Story of Sinking of the Columbus. Well illus. Paper covers. .