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German Submarines Vol. 2

By Lenton H. T.

1965. 128 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in D/W MacDonald & Janes Navies of WW2. Many illus. & diags.. 2nd Edition 1968.


Beken Of Cowes: Ocean Liners.

By Fricker P.j.

1992. 33 x 25cms. good in slightly torn and frayed D/W Taken from the renowned Beken photographic collection since 1888. 151 splendid full-page photographic plates, 55 of which are in colour. Opposite each illustration is the history of the ship with details. Treated alphabetically giving a cross-section oftwentieth century passenger ships. Biblio. Index. 320 art pages..


Survey Of Mercantile Houseflags & Funnels

By Loughran J. L.

1979. 133 Pages. 20 x 30cms. Good to V/G in D/W with various cuttings and modern postcards of house flags and funnels. marine flag series. Markings of the world's shipping past and present, from beginnings of mercantile flags among whaling & chartered companies through sail & steam to present day. 15 line drawings. Over 2000 col. illus. Appendix Index..


Nourse Line

By Perry F.w. & Laxon W.a

1991. 58 Illus. 56 Pages. 14 x 21cms. Colour Pictorial Paper Covers. V/G.Company History. Fleet List with individual ship histories. Ship index..


British Warships 6th Ed

By Lenton. H

1962. 30 Illus. 64 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Paper Covers. Good. Ian Allan A.B.C. Series.Detailed by class Little grubby, covers little worn.. Covers Little Worn.


Passenger Liners American Style

By Miller, William H., Jr

Carmania Press. V/G. 1999. Pictorial Paper Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall 0953429113 includes individual histories of the Alaska, Alcoa, Easter Steamship Companies, American Bannex, Export, Hawaii, Presidet Lines and others. Biblio. 160 art pages of b/w illus of ships and interiors. Paper covers. Good. Published Carmania Press. .


Coasters (various Ediitons Sold separately)

By Mccall B

2000, 2001, 2002, sold separately1.00 each. dn. Approximate 55pages of b/w and col. illus with captions. art paper. Paper covers.. Pictorial Covers. V/G. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Liquid Gas Carrier Register 1974

By Clarkson H.

124 Pages. 30 x 23cms. paper. Good in torn d/w, some pages dampstained.


Ferry Powerful : A History of the Modern British Diesel Ferry

By Robins N

2003. History of the Modern British Diesel Ferry. b/w and col. illus. Paper covers. 120p.Index. References.. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Clyde River & Other Steamers 3rd Ed.

By Duckworth/langmuir

1972. 257 Pages. 13 x 23cms. Good in slightly torn D/W History & Fleet Lists of various companies. 80 illus. most of which differ from earlier editions..


History Of The Bibby Line

By Paget-tomlinson E.w.

25 Illus. 78 Pages. 23 x 18cms. Good. ND about 1970. Company history. B/w plates. Fleet List. Fleet Comparisons (Changing silhouette) 1805-1970. 10 drawings by J. Isherwood. Art pp..


Axis Submarines Macdonald & Janes Ww2 Fact Files

By Watts A

1977. 88 Illus. 64 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Every class operated or planned is listed together with short background to design. Tables list the technical data and a brief note of the fate of each Submarine.Paper cover edition.


British Cross-channel Railway Passenger Ships

By Winser J.

1994. 1 Maps. 125 Illus. 80 Pages. 23 x 28cms. Album of some of the best illustrations from well known & official photographers. Each ship treated individually with detailed captions. 3 general arrangement plans.. Good/Good.


British Submarines In Ww2

By Kemp P. J

1987. 64 Pages. 18 x 23cms. V/G. Warships Illustrated Series No. 11. Introduction. 117 illus. with description. Paper covers..


Queen Elizabeth 2

By Potter N. & Frost J

1969. 24 Illus. 192 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good In D/W Authorised story..


Silent Chase: Submarines Of The U.s. Navy.

By Kaufman S & Y.

1989. 24 x 31cms. V/G in D/W. Foreword by T.Clancy. 140 excellent colour illus (many full page) with caption. 160 art pages..


British Submarines

By Lenton H. T.

1972. 68 Illus. 152 Pages. 10 x 15cms. . MacDonald & Janes Navies of WW2 Series. All Submarines listed, war programme of construction, technical data & fate, pennant No.. Good/In Dustwrapper.


Carebeka 1939-1983: History & Fleet List.

By Anderiesse J. Kruidhof E. & Oostmeijer J.

1996. 2 Maps. 342 Illus. 240 Pages. 19 x 25cms. V/G in D/W. The Dutch Coastal Trading Company. Individual Ship Histories with details. 281 ships listed. Index..


New York Shipping

By Miller W.h

1994. 0951865633 1 Maps. 177 Illus. 21 x 27cms. Pictorial Paper Covers. V/G. Background during Post WW2 period and captions. 96 art pages. Ship index. Short Biblio. .


Classic Coasters: A Celebration 0f Short-sea Shipping.

By Boot P. & Fenton R.

1997. 24 x 19cms. Thick Card Colour Pictorial Covers. Good An album of 61 full page colour illustrations with captions of coastal ships. 64 art pages..


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