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Voyages To Hudson Bay In Search Of A Northwest Passage 1741-1747

By Hakluyt Society 2nd Series Vol 181

1995. 0904180417 13 Maps. 7 Illus. 393 Pages. 14 x 22cms. As New in faded D/W. Vol 2. The Voyage of William Moor & Francis Smith 1746-1747. Edited by W.Barr & G.Williams. Extracts from printed accounts. Documents from British & Canadian archives. 2 appendices. Sources. Index. Biblio. .


Narrative Of A Journey Round The World

By Gerstaecker F

1854. Unsigned 624 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Rebound modern half-marble boards and cloth with title label. Firm. Ex-Library. Foxing throughout and some staining. Second Edition. Includes a winter passage across the Andes to Chile; with a visit to the gold regions of California and Australia; the South Sea Islands and Java. .


Sea Fishing: Lonsdale Library Vol 17

By Cooper A.e. (editor)

1949. Unsigned 86 Illus. 352 Pages. 14 x 22cms. Good, in part missing D/W. Comprehensive by the recognised specialists. Index. .


Wire Splicing

By Skirving R.s

1946. Unsigned 49 Pages. 12 x 18cms. Card Covers marked. A little grubby. Frontis creased. Wire splicing tools. How to slpice the various types. 13 drawings and illustrations. .


Mechanization Of Small Fishing Craft

By Burgess J. (editor)

21 x 28cms. Thick Card Covers a little worn. V/G.Based upon Papers presented at the Symposium held in Korea with much material from various authors. Includes:- installation & operation of outboard motors; inboard engines in open and decked craft; service and maintenance. Illustrated, diagrams, plans, scale general arrangement plans. 112 art pages..


Lecture Notes On Fishing Methods, Equipment & Deck Layout Of Fishing Vessels

By South China Fisheries Development Programme

1978. Unsigned 152 Pages. 21 x 28cms. Paper Covers. Good. Typewritten and duplicated. 22 lay-out drawings. 2 scale general arrangement plans. .


Juan Maria Schuver's Travels In North East Africa 1880-1883

By Hakluyt Society 2nd Series Vol 184

1996. 090418045X 392 Pages. 14 x 22cms. As New in slightly marked D/W. Edited by W.James, G. Beauman, & D. Johnson. The full English accounts supplemented by passages from the author's French revisions, also other drafts & letters, giving a full account of Schuver's African travels. 19 illustrations & maps (2 in colour).Index. Biblio. .


Modern Chartwork

By Stewart W/stephen J

1930. Unsigned 191 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Covers worn. 7 pull-out charts. 47 figs. All Grades of Board of Trade Certificates of competancy. .


Pirates: Adventures Of The High Seas
stock photo

Pirates: Adventures Of The High Seas

By Marley D.f

1995. 1854092154 Unsigned 160 Pages. 22 x 28cms. V/G in D/W. An illustrated study of the reasons for the rise & proliferation of pirates & the history of the buccaneers from the late sixteenth century into the nineteenth century mostly in the Caribbean. 25 colour & over 100 illustrations. Biblio. Index. .


Royal Tour 1901

By Price H

1980. 0906671108 Unsigned 280 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Good In D/W Or Cruise of HMS Ophir. Lower deck account of Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York's voyage around Brit. Empire. Facsimile of Petty Officer's journal. Illus. col. sketches. .


Voyages & Discoveries In The South Seas 1792-1832

By Fanning Capt E

1924. Unsigned 32 Illus. 335 Pages. 16 x 24cms. Original cloth backed boards, rubbed. Number 71 of 97 copies on American Vellum. Top edge gilt. Untrimmed. Some browning to margins. Good. Marine Research Soc Salem. No. 6. One of the rare narratives of an American shipmaster Capt. Edmund Fanning. Sailed for the South Seas in May 1792 for seal skins then during the next 25 years made voyages to the Pacific & around the world. Discoveredseveral hitherto unknown islands. Either commanded or acted as directive agent for almost 70 expeditions to the South Seas & China. Index. End-Paper Maps. .



By Spence B

1980. 085177167X 192 Pages. 20 x 25cms. Good in D/W Story of Whaling. Over 200 illus, maps & diags. Illustrate history of Whaling from middle ages to modern factory ship. Biblio. Index. .


Daring Deeds Of Sea Rovers

By Chatterton E.k

1930. Unsigned 14 Illus. 258 Pages. 15 x 21cms. Covers a little worn. Spine weak. Grubby in parts. Rear fly-page torn. An account of the stirring adventures of Sea-Rovers from the Phoenicians to the present day. Colour Frontis. Taken from the author's larger volume "The Romance of the Sea Rovers". .


Shipping Practice 4th Ed. Nd About 1942

By Stevens E. F

Unsigned 172 Pages. 12 x 20cms. covers worn and faded. Considering the law includes Forms and documents. .


Ropemakers Of Plymouth (u.s.a.)

By Morison S

1950. Unsigned 16 Illus. 177 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in D/W. Ex-Lib. History of Plymouth Cordage Co. 1824-1949. Col. Frontis. sketches of knots. Index. .


Oceans Of The World: Man's Conquest Of The Sea

By Villiers A

1963. 4 Maps. 28 Illus. 159 Pages. 14 x 22cms. Good in slightly frayed D/W. History, adventure & nautical lore. Index. .


World's Warships (3rd Ed.)

By Parkes O

163 Illus. 224 Pages. 20 x 13cms. Good covers little creased ND about 1935. All ships briefly described. Art pp. .


Cree Journals

By Levien M

1981. 0906671361 276 Pages. 18 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Voyages of Edward H. Cree Surgeon RN as related in his Private Journals 1837-56. Over 100 col. illus. Front & end paper maps. .


Holyhead: The Story Of A Port Reprint 1981

By Hughes D.ll. & Williams D.m

1967. Reprint. 2 Maps. 21 Illus. 221 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in D/W. 7 appends. .


From Esk To Tweed

By Lenman B

1975. 0216900301 Unsigned 8 Maps. 16 Illus. 255 Pages. 13 x 23cms. Good in D/W Harbours, Ships & Men of E. Coast of Scotland, historical development, Ships accommodated, Industries served, coal, oil, jute, fishing. Index .


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