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The War At Sea

By Cant G

1942. Unsigned 13 Illus. 340 Pages. 14 x 21cms. Spine cover creased. Covers a little faded. Published U.S.A. 5 appendices including British Warships repaired in U.S. Navy Yards. Index. 9 maps & diagrams. .


Jane's Naval History Of World War 2

By Ireland B

1998. 0004721438 265 Illus. 256 Pages. 22 x 29cms. Good in very slightly torn D/W. The men, ships & tactics in all theatres. 36 coloured art work of warships by Tony Gibbons. 20 colour illus. Index. .


Flotsam, Jetsam & Lagan

By Hall Capt. E

1965. Unsigned 62 Illus. 397 Pages. 16 x 23cms. Good in slightly torn D/W. Evolution of sailing crfat types, superstitions, chanteys arranged for a banjo accompaniment, marine geography & history, the Great Lakes. Sketches. .


Tales Retold Under The Old Town Hall Clock

By Borrett W.c

1957. Unsigned 212 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in slightly torn D/W. A further 28 'Tales' of Nova Scotia. Pioneers, pirates, shipwrecks, Halifax harbour. End-Paper Maps. .


Men And Ships Of Steel

By Palmer W.f

1935. Unsigned 270 Illus. 160 Pages. 22 x 30cms. Good. Covers a little marked. Some staining in parts. Some ink annotations. An album of illustrations with captions depicting the U.S. Navy between the World Wars. Index. .


In Irons: Britain\'s Maval Supremacy And The American Revolutionary Economy
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In Irons: Britain's Maval Supremacy And The American Revolutionary Economy

By Buel. R

1998. 0300073887 Unsigned 397 Pages. 16 x 24cms. As New in D/W. Yale University Press. A comprehensive account of the war economy. Taken from archive and manuscript sources. Notes. Index. .


Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab: 1857-1957

By Danielsen R. & Vedeld O

1957. Unsigned 120 Illus. 20 x 26cms. Covers a little marked. V/G. Norwegian Text. Shipping Company History. Fleet List. 364 art pages. .


Cheerful & Contented.
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Cheerful & Contented.

By Tyler A.

2000. 19 Illus. 288 Pages. 14 x 22cms. New in D/W. Auto-Biography of Naval Officer joining Dartmouth in 1938. Battle of Sirte HMS Hasty. Scharnhorst action aboard HMS Norfolk. Post War HMS Chevron Palestine Patrol in 1947. HMS Plym as First-Lieutenant at Monte Bello A-Bomb test. HMS Birmingham in the FarEast..


Report Of The Committee Of Inquiry Into Defence & Defence Related Awards

By Australian Government Publishing Service

1994. Unsigned 2 Maps. 14 Illus. 163 Pages. 17 x 25cms. Paper Covers. Bookplate. As New.All aspects considered including Foreign Awards and National Service. Order of precedence of Australian Honours and Awards. .


Ordinary Seaman: A Teenage Memoir

By Gordon J

1992. 0744521068 Unsigned 112 Pages. 14 x 22cms. V/G in D/W. Auto-biography of an ordinary seamen joining December 1943. .


Kamikaze: Japan\'s Suicide Samurai
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Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Samurai

By Lamont-brown R

1997. 1854093673 Unsigned 38 Illus. 192 Pages. 16 x 24cms. V/G in D/W.The psychology, myth & reality of Kamikaze strategy, training & execution. Index. .


A Treatise On Masting Ships & Mast Making

By Fincham J

1854. Unsigned 388 Pages. 16 x 26cms. Re-bound cloth, firm. Please Note the 3 engravings are missing. Otherwise Good.Third Edition. Principles & Practical Operations, the Mode of Forming & Combining Made-Masts. 'Instructions for the whole class of duties connected with fitting the Masts & Yards to all descriptions of Ships in the R.N. as well as to most dscriptions of Vessels in the private service.' Tables. 3 copperplate engravings. .


The Japanese Light Cruiser Tama. Profile Morskie Number 22

By Brzezinski S. & Wisniewski P

2000. 8387918555 Unsigned 27 Illus. 64 Pages. 17 x 24cms. Colour Pictorial Paper Covers. New. Polish Text. Service History & Data. 2 separate fold-out 1:400 scale plans as at 1941 and 1944. Plans and drawings of different parts of the upper deck. .


Herfra Gar Skibe

By Myran H. & Fasting K

1955. Unsigned 261 Pages. 19 x 26cms. Quarter-bound thick card. In slightly torn D/W. One page of text has a slight tear at margin, no loss. Otherwise V/G. Norwegian Text.One hundred year anniversary history of Bergens Mekaniske Verksteder. 7 colour and over 200 black & white illus. List of ships built. .


The Snow Goose

By Gallico P

1941. Unsigned 31 Pages. 12 x 20cms. Twelfth impression May 1944. In part missing D/W. Bookplate. From the tales of men returned from the Dunkirk beaches during WW2. A survivor in a small sailing boat accompanied by a snow goose. .


En Billedbok Fra Mandal: Sor-norge I Krig Og Fred 1940-1948.

By Lauritzen E.

1988. 185 Illus. 220 Pages. 21 x 14cms. Paper Covers. Good. Norwegian Text. An album of photographs depicting the south-western Norwegian Port of Mandal during WW2.. Unsigned.


Nato Major Warships- USA and Canada

By Grove E.j

1990. 1854880209 100 Illus. 132 Pages. 18 x 13cms. Card covered. V/GSingle page devoted to each ship of the class with illustration opposite & silhouette. Index. Few pages little staining. .


The Faber Book Of Tales Of The Sea

By Coote Capt. J. (editor)

1989. 0571153615 Unsigned 332 Pages. 16 x 24cms. good in D/W.. An athology of fiction. Index. .


The 'Doc' and Some Other Stories

By 'Aesculapius' a Surgeon of The Royal Navy

285 Pages. 13 x 19cms. Covers faded & marked. Spine weak. A little grubby. circa 1918. Fiction. The Royal Navy during WW1. .


Automne 1966

By Revue De La Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

Unsigned 24 x 31cms. Pictorial Paper Covers. V/G. French Text. 76 art pages. .


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