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Southey's Life Of Nelson

By Callender G.

1922. 339 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Edited with introduction & critical notes. 12 maps & plans..


Lord Nelson

By Warner O

1955. 31 Pages. 13 x 18cms. Guide to reading with a note on Contemporary Portraits. Biblio. V/G.


History and Heroes of Old Merton

By Denbigh K

1975. History of Merton and Nelson connection. Conservation area. 23 photographs. 36 figures. Bibliography. Index. Book inscribed to Winifred Gerin from chair of John Innes Soc. 1975. Good in slightly torn Dustwrapper.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Nelson\'s Women
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Nelson's Women

By Pocock T

1999. 0233994793 Unsigned 29 Illus. 278 Pages. 16 x 24cms. As New in D/W. Biographical accounts mainly of Fanny Nisbet, Emma Hamilton and of Nelson's possible short-lived encounters with some other women. Short Biblio. Index. .


Nelson's Battles: The Art Of Victory In The Age Of Sail

By Tracy N

1996. 1861760035 224 Pages. 20 x 27cms. V/G in D/W. Many aspects covered, the ships, battles, strategy, tactics, signals and instructions. An appreciation of Nelson's achievements. Nearly 200 plans and illustrations. Index. .


Trafalgar: In The Great Occasions Series

By Fremantle A.f

1933. Unsigned 2 Maps. 15 Illus. 168 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Spine weak. Covers rubbed and grubby. Biographical Note. Index. .


In The Weak Of The Eighteen Twelvers (facsimile Reprint 1969 Of 1913 Edition)

By Snider C

Unsigned 292 Pages. 12 x 18cms. Good in D/W. Staining to dustwrapper and inside cover. Fights and Flights of Frigates and Fore-'n'-afters in the War of 1812-5 on the Great Lakes. Narratives based on logs and letters. 31 illus. & maps. .


Britannia Rules

By Parkinson C.n

1977. Unsigned 33 Illus. 199 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in torn D/W The Classic Age of Naval History 1793-1815. 6 battle plans. Index. .


Horatio Nelson

By Pocock T.

1987. 5 Maps. 55 Illus. 364 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. The first biography to include a significant & hitherto unpublished account of Nelson's plans for a new career in politics. Notes on sources. Index..


Great Gamble

By Pope D.

1972. 24 Illus. 579 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W. Full account of the Battle of Copenhagen with the diplomatic manoeuvrings and the part Nelson took. Index..


Nelson (great Commanders)

By Hattersley R

1974. Unsigned 100 Illus. 223 Pages. 18 x 25cms. Good in D/W Biography with 16p. of col. plates. .


Nelson And Sea Power

By Lloyd C.

1973. 4 Maps. 9 Illus. 156 Pages. 13 x 23cms. good One of The English Universities Press series "Men & their Times". 2 appendices, short bibliography. Index.. Inscribed By the Author.



By Capes R

1947. Unsigned 6 Illus. 206 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Personal study of Adm. Lord Nelson. Index. .


Horatio Nelson: England's Sailor Hero

By Holme R.h

1905. Unsigned 412 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Covers little worn. Little grubby. Spine little weak.41 illus. & plans. Gilt & Brown ornamental cloth covers. .


Narratives Of Shipwrecks Of The Rn Between 1793 & 1857. 3rd Ed Revised

By Gilly W. O

1857. Unsigned 391 Pages. 10 x 18cms. Covers little worn and bumped. spine weak, front-fly page missing. Little grubby with some foxing. Compiled principally from official documents in the Admiralty. 40 narratives. List with name of ship, date, guns, commanding officer. Number of men with those lost and where. Index. Gilt & Blue contemporary cloth. .


History Of Merton & Morden

By Jowett E.m.

1951. 58 Illus. 150 Pages. 13 x 23cms. Card Covers spine torn. card covers little worn and marked. contents good. From prehistoric to modern times. Includes chapter "Nelson at Merton" Index.. Unsigned.


Remember Nelson

By Pocock T.

1977. 6 Maps. 21 Illus. 256 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in torn D/W Life of Captain Sir William Hoste..


Log Of A Jack Tar; Or Life Of James Choyce, Master Mariner. No. 6 Unwin's Adventure Series. 2nd Ed

By Cameron Cdr V. L. (editor)

1892. Unsigned 8 Illus. 379 Pages. 12 x 20cms. Covers faded, little grubby, spine cover torn. Decorative front covers. Paper browned. Adventures of a seaman covering period 1793-1822 mainly whaling & voyages to South America. Includes Narrative of Captain O'Brien RN. Account of his Shipwreck, Captivity & Escape from France 1804. Abridged from 1811 ed. .


England Expects

By Pope D.

1959. 22 Illus. 368 Pages. 13 x 20cms. covers little faded The saga of 1805. Year of Britain's danger, the great victory at Trafalgar. Pull out plan of HMS Victory. Index. Good in D/W.


Shipwrecks Of The Revolutionary & Napoleonic Eras

By Grocott T

1997. 0811715337 430 Pages. 16 x 24cms. V/G in D/W. A chronicle of over 1,500 shipping disasters of naval & mercantile vessels 1793-1815 taken from printed sources. Details with experiences of those envolved, and in many cases the subsequent court martials. Notes. 8 appendices. Glossary. Biblio. I .


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