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British Napoleonic Ship-of-the-Line
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British Napoleonic Ship-of-the-Line

By Konstam Angus

Osprey Publishing, 2004. New Vanguard No. 42. 8 page col. spread. Index. 48 pages of text, data Fleet List, plans and b/w illus. Biblio, Glossary. Pictorial Paper Covers. New. Illus. by Tony Bryan. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Mitchell B

Looks at Ships and Services of North Sea Ferries. 65 art pages ofb/w illus, data and maps.. Pictorial Paper Covers. Good. 24mo - over 5" - 5¾" tall.


Ocean Ships New ed. Fully Revised

By Hornsby D

Ian & Allan. V/G. 1998. Stiff Card Covers. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 0711025673 224 art pages of data on shipping companies and illus. .


Volumes 1 (1923-25) and 2 (1926-28)


CUP. CUP. Each volume has the three parts bound together with the original paper wrappers bound-in. Includes Napoleon and Sea Power by J. Holland Rose. 336 and 304 pages respectively. Covers a little worn. 2 Vols Good. .


Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States 1807-1868

By Lytle W.

1952. "Lytle List" publication No. 6 Steamship HIstorical Society of America 1952. Listed by Rig, Name, Tonnage, Date and place constructed. First home port. Disposition. Losses 1807-1867 (name, tonnage, nature, date, place, lives. lost). Vessels of US converted to steam. 1807-1867 (Rig, Name, Tonnage, Place built, year altered, Steam Tonnage). Steam vessels mentioned in contemporary newspapers or other sources but not found in records of Federal Government 1807-1867. 294p. Spine little weak, covers little worn.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Problems of Medicine at Sea

By National Maritime Museum

1974. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall Maritime Monograph No. 12 Text of papers read at a symposium held at National Maritime Museum jointly with naval medical authorities 31st March 1973 includes: The Burns of SEa Battles by Surgeon Vice Adm. J. Watt, Changing character of the Sailor's Diet and its influence on Disease by Surgeon Cdr. G. Milton-Thompson, Environment of the Nuclear Submarine by Surgeon Cdr. D. Davies. 23 illus. 35 pages. Paper covers. .


Sail: The Surviving Tradition.

By Simper R.

1984. 150 Illus. 161 Pages. 19 x 25cms. V/G in D/W. The contemporary sailing vessels. Listing over 250 surviving sailing ships with details and brief history..


Spanish Galleon
stock photo

Spanish Galleon

By Konstam Angus

Osprey Publishing. New. 2003. Pictorial Paper Covers. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 1841764973 New Vanguard No. 96 Biblio. 48 pages of text and illus. INdex. 8 pages of colour centre spread. .


Boatbuilding Book

By O'Connell G

1988. Companion to Boat Owner's Maintenance Book 186p.All aspects covered. Tables. Diags. Illus.. Stiff Card Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Battle Beneath The Waves: The U-boat War

By Stern R. C

1999. 1854092006 46 Illus. 224 Pages. 16 x 24cms. V/G in D/W.Accounts of individual U-Boat actions in both World Wars set against the context of changing U-Boat strategy. Sources. Index. .


Disasters At Sea Pub. Patrick Stephens

By Watson Milton

1987. 0850598184 216 Pages. 20 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Updated and expanded by William H. Miller. Chronicling the events surrounding the loss of every passenger liner since 1900. Index to Vessels. Over 100 b/w illus. .


The 'Doc' and Some Other Stories

By 'Aesculapius' a Surgeon of The Royal Navy

285 Pages. 13 x 19cms. Covers faded & marked. Spine weak. A little grubby. circa 1918. Fiction. The Royal Navy during WW1. .


Konigsberg, Koln, Darlsruhe. Krazowniki Typu K

By Cieslak M/Danielewicz W. Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych No. 22

Polish text.56pages of illus, diags, plans. Fold out large plan of ship. 3. Paper covers. New. Art paper.. Pictorial Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Big Five Tennessee Colorado No. 1

By Lipiecki S. Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych No. 36

2003. Polish text. 64 pages of illus, diags, plans. Fold out large plan of ships. Paper covers. New. Art paper.. Pictorial Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Fips: Legendary U-boat Commander 1915-1918.

By Furbringer W.

1999. 1 Maps. 16 Illus. 146 Pages. 16 x 24cms. As New in D/W. Translated from the German Edition of 1933 by G.Brooks. Auto-Biography of German U-Boat officer of the First World War. Index..


U.s.coast Guard & Revenue Cutters 1790-1935

By Canney D.l

1995. 1557501017 74 Illus. 128 Pages. 24 x 25cms. V/G in D/W. From 250-foot Lake-class cruising cutters to 36-foot picket boats. Over 1,000 vessels listed with dimensions, rig, propulsion, complement, service dates & brief history. Biblio. Index. .


Black May: The Epic Story Of The Allies' Defeat Of The German U-boats In May 1943

By Gannon M

1998. 1854105884 43 Illus. 492 Pages. 16 x 24cms. Good in D/W. The month of Germany's defeat in the Battle of the Atlantic graphically described. Drawn from original documents in British, Canadian, German & United States archives. Source notes. Biblio. Index. .


Fighting At Jutland

By Fawcett H/hooper G

1921. 18 Maps. 472 Pages. 18 x 25cms. Good.. spine little weak. Foxing.Original issue. teg. uncut. Personal experiences of 60 Officers & Men. of British Fleet. 45 photographs (including 10 photogravure). Index & Appendix.. 3rd Ed..


Jack's War

By Connell G.g

1985. 0718305655 51 Illus. 236 Pages. 15 x 25cms. V/G in D/W Lower deck recollections from World War 2. Shipboard life "runs ashore" Harsh discipline, the lucky and unlucky ships. Experiences in many of the major actions. Glossary.Illus from the following ships HMS Ganges, HMT Brinmness, Mauritius, Jervis, Petard, Oribi, Magpie. .


1986-87. 89th Edition

By Janes

834 Pages. covers little marked. Good. Pennant List. Recognition silhouettes. Addenda. .


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