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German Submarines Vol. 2

By Lenton H. T.

1965. 128 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in D/W MacDonald & Janes Navies of WW2. Many illus. & diags.. 2nd Edition 1968.


Secret Naval Investigator

By Lincoln A.

1961. 15 Illus. 207 Pages. 13 x 23cms. Good in slightly frayed D/W Authors experiences in WW2 combatting new German undersea Weapons.. Inscribed By the Author.


Submarines, Diving and the Underwater World: A Bibliography

By Frank J. Anderson

Gazelle Book Services Ltd, 1975. 238pages. V/G in dustwrapper. . 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Submarines, Submariners, Submarining

By Anderson F. J

Shoe String Press, 1963. Checklist of Submarine Books in the english language. Principally of the 20th C. Arranged by author and title. 140pages. Ex-library. Covers a little worn. Good.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Beneath The Waves

By Evans A. S

1986. 103 Illus. 15 x 25cms. Good in D/W. A history of H:M Submarine Losses 1904-71. Totalling 173. Many described from survivors recollections. Lists Losses. Principal systems of Submarine escape. Index..


British Submarines At War 1939-1945

By Mars A

1971. 6 Maps. 9 Illus. 256 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Index..


Above Us The Waves

By Warren C. & Benson, J

1953. Reprint Sept. 1953. 30 Illus. 256 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in torn dustwrapper Story of Midget Submarines & Human torpedoes in WW2. 8 maps & diags. Index..



By Waldron T. J/ Gleeson J

1952. Reprint 1951. 10 Illus. 191 Pages. 13 x 23cms. Good in frayed and torn d/w. Story of Wartime underwater operatiors. Italian Operators in Mediterranean, X Craft, D Day, Far East Operations..


Father Of The Submarine: The Life Of The Reverend George Garrett Pasha

By Murphy W.s.

1987. 28 Illus. 254 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Biography of the inventor of the first practical British submarine "Resurgam". Envolvement with Nordenfelt. Inventor of the first closed- cycle underwater breathing apparatus & the first submarine with a torpedo tube. Experiences with the Ottoman Navyending his life in the United States. 5 diagrams. Sources. Short biblio. Index.


Midget Submarines Of The Second World War.
stock photo

Midget Submarines Of The Second World War.

By Kemp P.

1999. 93 Illus. 125 Pages. 25 x 29cms. V/G n slightly creased D/W. The development & operational history of the human torpedoes, submersibles & midget submarines of Italy, Germany, Japan & Great Britain. Sepearte set of large scale plans of British X-Craft & the German Seebund midget submarines..


Fips: Legendary U-boat Commander 1915-1918.

By Furbringer W.

1999. 1 Maps. 16 Illus. 146 Pages. 16 x 24cms. As New in D/W. Translated from the German Edition of 1933 by G.Brooks. Auto-Biography of German U-Boat officer of the First World War. Index..


U Boat Wars

By Hoyt E. P

1985. 0709023693 Unsigned 32 Illus. 242 Pages. 13 x 20cms. V/G IN D/W Important events of WW2 discuss where U-Boats were involved & how ill- prepared the allied powers were. Biblio. Index. .


Walker's Groups In Western Approaches (nd About 1948)

By Wemyss D

Unsigned 37 Illus. 172 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in torn D/WAn eye witness account of a vital part of Battle of the Atlantic undertaken by Second Support Group & their Commander Capt. Walker. End paper Charts. .


Submarine Versus Submarine

By Compton-Hall R

1988. 071539178X Unsigned 191 Pages. 23 x 25cms. Good in D/W The tactics & technology of underwater confrontation. 50 colour & 60 b/w illus. 30 sketches & diagrams. Index. .


U Boat War.

By Buchheim L. G.

1978. 205 Illus. 306 Pages. 23 x 28cms. Good in slightly torn D/W, few pages little creased top edge.Word & picture chronicle of Submarine warfare in the North Atlantic during WW2 from German viewpoint. 205 b/w photostaken by author..


Axis Submarines Macdonald & Janes Ww2 Fact Files

By Watts A

1977. 88 Illus. 64 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Every class operated or planned is listed together with short background to design. Tables list the technical data and a brief note of the fate of each Submarine.Paper cover edition.


The Realm Of The Submarine

By Cohen P

1969. Unsigned 274 Pages. 15 x 22cms. Ex-Library. Good in D/W. Modern underwater exploration & engineering. The role of to-day's submarines in the building of to-morrow's undersea empires. The searches for the USS Thresher & for the H-Bomb lost off Spain posing the hazards & difficulties. The evolvement of underseatools of exploration. The Diver's problems. Index. End-Page diagrams. .


Submarines & Sea Power

By Domville-fife C

1919. 250 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Covers marked & faded. Some dampstaining to covers, contents good Statement of principles showing uses of submarines in naval operations supported by examples from modern wars - Anerican Civil War, Russo- Japanese War & WW1. Evolution, development of fleets, strategy, duties of surface Warships etc. No illus. Index. .


War Beneath The Sea: Submarine Conflict 1939-1945

By Padfield P

1995. 0719551684 3 Maps. 30 Illus. 560 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W. The major submarine campaigns of Allied & Axis Submarines during WW2. The experience of submarine & anti-submarine warfare from the decision makers to the crews beneath the seas. 3 appendices including chronology. References & notes. Index. Biblio. .


Few Survived

By Gray E

1986. 43618740X 31 Illus. 260 Pages. 15 x 20cms. V/G in D/W. Comprehensive survey of Submarine accidents & disasters. 6 append. Index. .


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