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The Discovery Of River Gambra By Richard Jobson 1623

By Hakluyt Society. Third Series. Volume 2

1999. 3 Maps. 341 Pages. 18 x 25cms. As New in D/W. Dark Blue & Gilt Cloth. Edited with additional material by D.Gamble & P.Hair. Jobson's texts and other sources on River Gambia. 2 colour and 13 black & white illus. 8 line drawings. Notes. Biblio. Index..


Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts At Colonisation 1610-1630

By Hakluyt Society: Second Series Vol 160

1982. 0904180131 3 Maps. 2 Illus. 310 Pages. 14 x 22cms. V/G in D/W Edited by G.T.Cell. Documents mainly unpublished from British archives. Source notes. Index. .


The Voyage Of Semen Dezhnev In 1648: Bering's Precursor With Selected Documents

By Hakluyt Society: Second Series. Vol 159

1981. 0904180077 23 Maps. 3 Illus. 326 Pages. 14 x 22cms. V/G in D/W. Edited by R.H. Fisher. The first European to sail round the north-eastern tip of Asia. Selected documents. Biblio. Index. .


Some Records Of Ethopia 1593-1646

By Hakluyt Soc. Second Series No. 107

1954. 5 Maps. 5 Illus. 365 Pages. 15 x 22cms. Blue & Gilt Cloth. Covers slighthly marked. A little foxing. Otherwise V/G. Uncut.Being Extracts from the History of High Ethopia or Abassia by Manoel De Almeida. Together with Bahrey's History of the Galla. Translated and Editied by C.F.Buckingham & G. Huntingford. The country and it's people. The journeys of Jesuit missionaries attempting to enter or leave Ethopia. 5 appendices. Index. .


An Elizabethan In 1582: The Diary Of Richard Madox, Fellow Of All Souls

By Hakluyt Society: Second Series. Number 147

1976. 0904180042 5 Maps. 13 Illus. 365 Pages. 14 x 22cms. Blue and Gilt Cloth. V/G. Edited by Elizabeth Story Dono. The Fenton expedition intended for Cathay. Notes. Index. .


Yermak's Campaign In Siberia

By Hakluyt Society: Second Series Number 146

1975. 0904180034 2 Maps. 155 Illus. 315 Pages. 14 x 22cms. Blue and Gilt Cloth. V/G. A selection of documents translated from the Russian by Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman and edited with an introduction and notes by Terence Armstrong. The Siberian chronicles documenting Yermak's campaign in the 1580's. References. Index. .


The War Of Chupas. Second Series Number 42.

By Hakluyt Society.

1917. 2 Maps. 432 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Spine a little weak. Good. Index to the Society's Publications 1874-1916, & list of members. The 16th Century Civil War in Peru by P De Leon. Part 4 Book 2 Translated & Edited with notes and an intrduction by Sir C. Markham. Narrative of events from the battle of Las Salinas to the final overthrow of the Almargo faction at the battle of Chupas,including the murder of Pizarro, the arrival of Vasco de Castro as governor, the campaign against Almargo the younger, the promulgation of the New Laws, & the appointment of Blasco Nunez Vela as viceroy to enforce them. Index..


To The Pacific And Arctic With Beechey

By Hakluyt Society

1973. 0521200792 Unsigned 272 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in D/W edited by B. Gough. George Peard's Journal of the voyage of HMS Blossom to the Pacific and Arctic 1823-8. Appendix. List of Officers. Index. Biblio. 8 pull-out charts & Illus. 2nd series Vo. 143. .


Sucesos De Las Islas Filipinas 2nd Series No. 140

By Hakluyt Society

1971. 0521010357 5 Illus. 347 Pages. 12 x 20cms. Good in D/W .


The Gaunches Of Teneriff. Second Series Number 21

By Hakluyt Society

1907. Unsigned 221 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Spine cover dulled & marked. Spine weak. The Holy Image of Our Lady of Candelaria & the Spanish conquest & settlement by The Friar Alonso De Espinosa. Translated & edited with notes & introduction by Sir C. Markham. 2 fold-out colour maps. 4 facsimilies. Biblio. Index. .