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Hitler's U-boat War: Vol 1 The Hunters 1939-1942

By Blair C

Random House New York, 1996. 7 Maps. 809 Pages. 16 x 24cms. good in D/W. A definitive account of the Battle of the Atlantic with the benefit of release of Official Records in London & Washington using the official code-breaking & U-Boat records. The author shows many previous accounts were incomplete and prone to error givingthe entirely wrong impression that the Germans came very near to defeating the Allies in the Battle of the Atlantic. 14 Tables. 18 appendices. Index..


U-boats In Action 1939-1945.

By Herzog B.

1970. 256 Pages. 20 x 20cms. Good in D/W. tape marks to inside covers from plastic book protection cover. German publication. 450 b/w photographs with detailed & informative text, in both English & German, illustrate submarine warfare in all its aspects..


U Boat Wars

By Hoyt E. P

1985. 0709023693 Unsigned 32 Illus. 242 Pages. 13 x 20cms. V/G IN D/W Important events of WW2 discuss where U-Boats were involved & how ill- prepared the allied powers were. Biblio. Index. .


U Boat War.

By Buchheim L. G.

1978. 205 Illus. 306 Pages. 23 x 28cms. Good in slightly torn D/W, few pages little creased top edge.Word & picture chronicle of Submarine warfare in the North Atlantic during WW2 from German viewpoint. 205 b/w photostaken by author..


Night Of The U Boats

By Lund P. & Ludlam H.

1973. 56 Illus. 204 Pages. 13 x 23cms. V/G in D/W WW2 1940. Story of Convoy SC7, Victim of the first major night assault by U Boat 'Wolf Pack. Line drawing at head of each chapter. Index..


Business In Great Waters. The U-boat Wars 1916 - 1945

By Terraine J

1989. 19 Maps. 58 Illus. 841 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W.An analysis in depth on all aspects. 7 appendices . Source notes. Bibliography. Index..


Type VII U-boats.

By Stern R. C.

1991. 160 Illus. 160 Pages. 18 x 25cms. V/G in D/W The development & design of the ideal U-Boat to implement Donitz plan of pack attacks at night on convoys. 700 of type VII built - the technological elements, crucial offensive & defensive components, armamemnt sonar & radar. Crew experiences. 3appendices including hull numbers. Index. 7 profiles & plans..


U-boats Against Canada
stock photo

U-boats Against Canada

By Hadley M. L

1985. 0773505849 Unsigned 1 Maps. 39 Illus. 360 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. German Submarines in Canadian Waters during W. W. 2. Their exploits & Canadian response set agaist the broader Battle of the Atlantic. Researched from operational records of the Canadian Navy and Air Force the Royal Navy's operational centre, espionagefiles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, War Diaries of Admiral Doenitz German Naval War Office and the U Boats. Index. Source notes. .


U-boat Hunters

By Watts A. J

1976. 035608244X 192 Pages. 18 x 25cms. Good in D/W. Reveals technical & tactical reasons for Allies' initial disasters & ultimate triumph in Battle of Atlantic. Complete study of the war against the U-Boat, illus. throughout with maps, drawings & photos. Tables. .


Autumn Of The U Boats

By Jones G.

1984. 6 Maps. 51 Illus. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W Story of the Acoustic homing torpedo attacks from U Boats in the Autumn of 1943 and the loss of 34 U boats in 44 days. Index..


U-boat Operations Of The Second World War: Vol 2: Career Histories, U511-uit25.

By Wynn K.

1998. 9 Maps. 312 Pages. 21 x 30cms. V/G in D/W. Career histories of all the U-Boats commissioned in WW2. Treated numerically by Boat Number for ease of reference & readable. Each entry is from laying of keel to ultimate fate: locations & dates of units with which any boat served; her commanders;number of patrols undertaken; ships sunk along with names of vessels & locations; incidents of note; refuelling by U-Tankers & Supply Ships; attacks on shipping; survivors picked up. 9 appendices including sources & biblio..


Last Year Of The Kriegsmarine May 1944-may1945

By Tarrant V

1994. 1854091697 11 Maps. 50 Illus. 256 Pages. 15 x 25cms. V/G in D/W Reduced to small units, the German Navy relied on the U Boat Development of the Electro-Boats. Too late as with other weapons described - the human torpedo, explosive motor boat & V-Boat operations. Text Tables. 5 append. including lists of Type 21,22 &23 Electro Boats. U Boat losses in the last year of WW2. Source notes. Biblio. Index. .


Month Of The Lost U-boats

By Jones G.

1977. 3 Maps. 41 Illus. 207 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. May 1943. Detailed account of sinking of 41 U Boats, mostly in N. Atlantic and Bay of Biscay as result of combined operation by Navy & Air Force. Table of U Boats sunk. Glossary. Index.. Book Club.


U-boats: A Pictorial History

By Hoyt E.p

1987. 0091725836 Unsigned 1 Maps. 328 Illus. 289 Pages. 19 x 24cms. V/G in D/W. The development of the U-Boat, its designers, promoters, adherents, detractors, officers & men. Many illustrations published for the first time. 5 general arrangemnet plans. Index. .


Merchant U - Boat

By Messimer D.R.

1988. 50 Illus. 234 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Adventures of the "Deutschland" 1916 - 1918. Based on U.S. German & British unpublished records and contemporary newspapers. A detailed account of the unorthodox methods used by Germany and interaction between the major powers. Index bibliography &source notes..


Enemy Submarine

By Frank W

1954. 9 Illus. 200 Pages. 13 x 20cms.No dustwrapper some staining, covers faded and little worn Story of Gunther Prien, Captain of U47 which sank HMS Royal Oak in Scapa Flow. Battle of Atlantic until sunk in 1941..


Sea Wolves US Edition

By Frank W

1955. Unsigned 13 Illus. 340 Pages. 13 x 23cms. covers little marked and worn Story of German U-Boats at War. Index. .


Defeat Of The Wolf Packs.

By Jones G.

1986. 223 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W Build-up & run down of the Wolf Packs. Deals with the loss of 35 U-Boats during the Winter of 1943-4. Index. 37 illus, map & diag..