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World Wars - Both From G. L. GREEN LTD


Cadets: The Impact Of War On The Cadet Movement.
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Cadets: The Impact Of War On The Cadet Movement.

By Collins L.j.

2001. 28 Illus. 216 Pages. 15 x 21cms. Pictorial Paper Covers.GOOD. A social history of the Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps since inception. The oldest dating back to 1859. The cadets, their volunteer officers and instructors responded to the needs of the country, particularly in times of war. Biblio including reports and regulations. Index..


Business In Great Waters. The U-boat Wars 1916 - 1945

By Terraine J

1989. 19 Maps. 58 Illus. 841 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W.An analysis in depth on all aspects. 7 appendices . Source notes. Bibliography. Index..


Blue-water Rationale: The Naval Defence Of New Zealand 1914-1942

By Mcgibbon I.c.

1981. 61 Illus. 466 Pages. 15 x 25cms. A scholastic study of Anglo-New Zealand relations in the broad field of naval defence. The out spoken New Zealand representatives dealings with Great Britain over Imperial Defence in the Pacific, set against New Zealand's isolated position. Thediscussions and development of the main fleet to Singapore strategy, considered second best to a Battle Fleet permanently based in the Pacific. Extensively researched from New Zealand National Arcives & the Public Record Office. 3 colour maps (2fold-out). Biblio with sources. Index. EX-LIBRARY. GOOD IN DUSTWRAPPER. .SPINE A LITTLE WEAK. .


Donitz, The Last Fuhrer

By Padfield P.

1984. 2 Maps. 32 Illus. 524 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W. Early training in Kaiser's Navy, service in U Boats in WW1. Inter war years, battle of Atlantic, Supreme Cdr. Hitler's navy. Biblio. General, ships & U Boat Index..


Fraser Of North Cape

By Humble R.

1983. 32 Illus. 386 Pages. 15 x 23cms.V/G in D/W slightly crreased and torn. Biography of Admiral of Fleet Lord Fraser 1888-1981. Midshipman in pre-Dreadnought Navy, Gallipoli, Grand Fleet under Beatty, prisoner of Bolsheviks, Director of Naval Ordnance, Controller of Navy 1939-42, sinking of Scharnhorst, surrender of Japan.Appends. Index of Ships. General Index..



By Preston A

1977. 0600329550 8 Maps. 224 Pages. 23 x 30cms. Good in D/W. Bison. 1978. The exciting saga of the great destroyers of all the maritime powers from early days to W.W.2 & after. Includes Atlantic 1939/43 Mediterranean, Pacific. Over 300 b/w & 20 colour illus. Index. .