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An interview with NOVELLA'S BOOKS

Biblio checks in with NOVELLA'S BOOKS to learn more about their book business, collecting interests and more! To view and shop their inventory, click here.

When did you get started in bookselling?

In 2008.

What drew you to bookselling?

I enjoy a good book.

Did you have any mentors in becoming a bookseller?


What are your specialties as a dealer?

Customer service, great books at a great price.

What's the most amazing book you've ever sold?

All books are amazing!

What is your favorite part of being a bookseller?

Making people happy!!

Do you have an open storefront or have you in the past?


If so, do/did you have any bookstore pets?


What is the funniest / strangest / scariest thing that ever happened in your store?


What is your favorite bookshop (other than your own)?

Barnes and noble.

What do you personally like to read? Collect?


What's your favorite book you personally own? Would you sell it, if the price were right?

Too many to list.

What one book would you buy if price were no object?

The first superman

If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three books, what would they be?

Survival guide, how to make a boat, and the bible.