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Cyr Graded Art Readers Book Two

By Cyr, Ellen

Hard Cover. Poor. Ginn and Company, 1904, 616.7 Entered at Stationers' Hall (reader copy only/no dust jacket)


North Dakota Indians An Introduction

By Schneider, Mary Jane

Soft Cover. Poor. Used revised edition


Sex and Family Through the Ages

By Keller, Dr. David H.

Soft Cover. Fair. Roman Publishing Co., 1928, the Sexual education series


Pioneer Women Teachers of North Dakota

By Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Soft Cover. Fair+. Alpha Omicron State, North Dakota, 1965


Plains Indian Crafts (Tools, Weapons, and Handicrafts From Nature)

By United Tribes of North Dakota Development Corporation

Soft Cover. Good-. American Indian Curricula Development Program, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1975


Well-Tempered Sentence (The)

By Gordon, Karen Elizabeth

Soft Cover. Fair+. A punctuation handbook for the innocent, the eager, and the doomed


Thomas Edison (Around the World Library)

By Hanford, Barbara (Adapted By)

Hard Cover. Good. Webster Division, McGraw-Hill, 1967, Pictures By Raymond Renard (no dust jacket, pictorial cover)


Sea Creatures (Cool Facts)

By Green, Jen (Illustrated by Michael Posen)

Soft Cover. Good. Parragon Publishing, U.K. ""Over 100 questions and answers to things you want to know""


Myth of the Hyperactive Child (And Other Means of Child Control)

By Schrag, Peter and Diane Divoke

Soft Cover. Fair. Dell/Laurel, 1979


Sleepwalkers (The)

By Koestler, Arthur

Soft Cover. Fair+. Grosset's Universal Library, 1963 LCC 59-7218 ""A History of Man's Changing Vision of the Universe"" (The classic account of the great astronomers--from the early Greeks through Copernicus and Galileo--and of the discoveries that changed man's vision of the universe.)


Reading Rhetorically (A Reader For Writers)
stock photo

Reading Rhetorically (A Reader For Writers)

By Bean, John C.; Virginia Chappell, Alice Gillam

Soft Cover. Good. Longman Publishers, 2002 (no underlining or highlighting)


Aspects of Sexuality (The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior)

By Ellis, Dr. Albert; Dr. Albert Abarbanel

Soft Cover. Fair+. Ace Star, 1967