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Roger Kaputnik and God

By Berg, Dave

Soft Cover. Fair.



By Wohl, Jack

Soft Cover. Good-.


Here Comes the Judge!

By Markham, ""Pigmeat"" with Bill Levinson

Soft Cover. Fair. Popular Library #60-8080


Letters From Camp

By Adler, Bill

Soft Cover. Fair. Macfadden Books, 1962, illustrations by Syd Hoff


Up the Staircase Backwards

By Lavender, Lucille

Soft Cover. Fair. How to grow through life's little (and not-so-little) frustrations


Water, Water Everywhere

By Kimbrough, Emily

Soft Cover. Good-. ""Pleasures, mishaps and gay adventures during a journey to Greece, through the Aegean, up the Dalmation coast and down the Thames""


I Have This Perfectly Marvelous Woman Who Comes In By the Day And It's Me!

By Parmenter, Juneil

Soft Cover. Fair-. Abbey Press, Marriage Paperback Libray


On a Slow Train Through Arkansaw

By Jackson, Thos. W.

Soft Cover. Poor. Reader copy


How to Get From January To December

By Cuppy, Will

Soft Cover. Fair. Dell, F183, 1962


Alkali County Tales or If At First You Don't Succeed, Get a Bigger Hammer

By Erickson, John R.

Soft Cover. Good-. Maverick Books, 1987


Best Campus Humor of the Swinging '60's

By Adler, Bill (Editor)

Soft Cover. Fair.


Remember Me When This You See

By Morrison, Lillian

Soft Cover. Fair. SBS, 7th Print, 1973, A Collection of Autograph Verses


Head 'Em Off, Tumbleweeds

By Ryan, Tom K.

Soft Cover. Fair+.



By Keane, Bil

Soft Cover. Fair.


I Can't Untie My Shoes

By Keane, Bil

Soft Cover. Fair. Worn condition


Snake Has All the Lines (The)

By Kerr, Jean

Soft Cover. Fair.


Whad'Ya Knowledge?

By Feldman, Michael

Soft Cover. Good-.


Male Chauvenists & Women's Libbers

By Hirsch, Phil and Paul Laikin

Soft Cover. Poor.


Luann I'm Not Always Confused I Just Look That Way

By Evans, Greg

Soft Cover. Good-.


Bury Me Not

By Gauer, Harold

Soft Cover. Poor. ""A side-splitting, satirical novel that asks the question: what would you pay to live forever?""


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