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Don't ( A Little Book of Early American Gentility)

By Sloane, Eric

Hard Cover. Good. Walker and Company, 1972 (no dust jacket)


Land Below the Wind

By Keith, Agnes Newton

Soft Cover. Good.


Girl in the Centerfold (The)

By Marshe, Surrey

Soft Cover. Fair. ""The wraps are off as one of Playboy's sexiest Playmates tell her very intimate story""


Pinkerton Case Book (The)

By Hynd, Alan

Soft Cover. Fair. Penguin Signet #667, great true cases from the Pinkerton Crime File


101 Ghost Town Relics

By Bressie, Wes and Ruby

Soft Cover. Poor.



By Thompson, Thomas

Soft Cover. Fair-. Spellbinding true story of a battle across the generation gap


Grooks 5
stock photo

Grooks 5

By Hein, Piet

Soft Cover. Fair. Doubleday, 1973, with the assistance of Jens Arup


Ethics and Progress (New Values in a revolutionary world)

By Selsam, Howard

Soft Cover. Fair.


We Like It Wild

By Angier, Bradford

Soft Cover. Fair.


Rock of Ages

By Toplady, Augustus Montague

Hard Cover. Poor. Illustrated by photo-gravures after original designs by Frederick W. Freer, New York, Stokes Company, 1890 (hardback, pictorial cover with no dust jacket)


Lost Mines and Hidden Treasure

By Lovelace, Leland

Soft Cover. Poor. Reader copy


England in the Twentieth Century 1914-1963

By Thomson, David

Soft Cover. Fair. Pelican History of England: 9


Marriage Bed (The)

By Ellis, Albert and Robert Harper

Soft Cover. Fair. A candid guide to sexual and emotional satisfaction


One Time I Saw Morning Come Home

By Huffaker, Clair

Soft Cover. Fair-. A great love story…deeply moving


Bir Hakim Desert Citadel

By Holmes, Richard

Soft Cover. Poor. Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century, Battle Book No. 23 (worn condition)


Ingenue Date Book (The)

By Reice, Sylvie Schuman

Soft Cover. Good. Dell, 1965, #4044


Goodbye Mr. President

By Kirban, Salem

Soft Cover. Good. The story of one man's search for peace


Everything You Must Know To Make Big Money at Flea Markets and Swap Meets

By Greene, Barry Martin

Soft Cover. Poor. Victory Press, Van Nuys, California, 1975 Library of Congress #A675352 (ex-library/worn condition/intact and readable)


Interrupted Journey (The)

By Fuller, John G.

Soft Cover. Fair. The most exhaustively documented case of contact with alien beings ever recorded.


Secret Service Chief

By Baughman, U.E. with Leonard Wallace Robinson

Soft Cover. Fair. ""The chief of America's famed crime-fighting agency tells the inside story of the war against con men and counterfeiters--and of his protection of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy, sometimes against their will.""


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