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Ancient Athens, Cape Sounion, Aegina and Olympia : Guide with Reconstructions

By Greco, Emanuele

Roma/Rome: Vision S.R.L., 2004. "Monuments Past & Present series" Postcard sized illustrations of the monuments today are overlaid with transparent sheets showing how they would have looked originally. The author is the Director of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens. 98p. illus.. First Thus. Comb Binding/Plastic Cover. Fine.


The Stoa of Attalos II in Athens

By Thpmpson Homer A.

Athens: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, , 1962. Excavations of the Athenian Agora. Series # 2 . 36p. Illus. [B & W] . Orignal Wraps. Very Good.


Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins
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Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins

By Lenden, J.E. [Ted]

New York, New York, U.S.A.: Basic Books, 2010. Song of Wrath tells the story of Athens’ Ten Years’ War (431- 421 BC) against grim Sparta, the first decade of the terrible Peloponnesian War that turned the Golden Age of Greece to lead. Historian J.E. Lendon presents a sweeping tale of pitched battles by land and sea, sieges, sacks, raids, and deeds of cruelty and guile - along with courageous acts of mercy, surprising charity, austere restraint, and arrogant resistance. Recounting the rise of democratic Athens to great-power status, and the resulting fury of authoritarian Sparta, Greece’s traditional leader, Lendon portrays the causes and strategy of the war as a duel over national honor, a series of acts of revenge. A story of new pride challenging old, Song of Wrath is the first work of Ancient Greek history for the post-cold-war generation. 576p. . 1st US Edition. Hardcover. New/New.


Athens Past & Present : A Guide with Reconstructions of Ancient Monuments

By Panaiotou, Niki Drosseu

Roma/Rome: Vision S.R.L., 1995. "Monuments Past & Present series" IIlustrated handbook to the famous sites in Athens. Postcard sized illustrations of the monuments today are overlaid with transparent sheets showing how they would have looked originally.. First Thus. Comb Binding/Plastic Cover. Very Good/Very Good.


Athens (Greece Beyond the Guidebooks series)

By Tomkinson, John L

Athens: Anagnosis Books, 2007. "The monuments and sites in the centre of Athens are among the most visited and best known in the world. Yet whether it is the Olympic Stadium, the old Parliament Building, or the Acropolis itself, in 'Athens' the reader will read new stories and find a fresh perspective on the history (ancient and modern), the myths, legends, folklore and politics of one of the most fascinating cities in the world." 240p. illus.. 1st Greek Ed.. Soft Cover. New Book from Greece.


Athenaion Politeia

By Aristoteles

Athens: To Vima, 2015. Volume 1 in the series "He Sophia ton Archaion Ellenon" Edited and translated by Dimitris I Papadis. This modern Greek version originally issued by Ekdoseis Zetros 2009. Reissue. Decorative Hardcover. New Book from Greece/No Jacket (as issued).


Olympia and the Olympic Games : Guidebook with Reconstructions

By Trianti, Ismene

Athens: Politikes Ekdoseis, 2004. Photographs of the monuments are overlaid with transparent sheets showing how they would have looked originally. 107p. illus maps. bibliography. First Thus. Comb Binding/Plastic Cover. Near Fine/No Jacket.


Problems in Periclean Buildings

By Elderkin, G.W. (George Wicker)

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1912. Four seminal essays on the architecture of the Acropolis at Athens : [1] The significance of the irregularity of the Propyaea [2] An interpretation of the Caryatid Porch [3] The Erechtheum as built [4] The Erechtheum as planned. 58p. B & W] Original edition - not a recent copy - Ex library with usual markings. Binding showing wear, hinges reinforced, but text complete . 1st US Edition. Hardcover. Good/No Jacket. Ex-Library.


Athens: City and Empire
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Athens: City and Empire

By Heatley, Ernest & Widdess, Margaret

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990. Cambridge Schools Classics Project series Volume 4 ''Compiled from Thucydides, Plutarch and other ancient sources " 80p. illus. 1st UK Edition. Softcover. Near Fine.


Athenian Studies Presented to William Scott Ferguson. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology. Supplementary Volume I.

New York: Harvard University Press /Oxford University Press/ Johnson Reprint Company , 1969. Facsimile reprint of Harvard Studies in Classical Philology. Supplementary Volume I. This Festschrift was first published 1940. Conatins articles by Carl W. Blegen, George E Mylonas, Georges Daux, Malcolm F.McGregor, Werner Peek, H.T.Wade-Gery, William Bell Dinsmoor, Homer A Thompson, A.W.Gomme, Benjamin D.Meritt, John H.Finley, Robert J.Bonner, Herbert Bloch, Arthur M.Woodward, Werner Jaeger, Williamn Linn Westermann, F.Flaceliere, W.W.Tarn, Johannes Kirchner, Louis Robert, James H.Oliver.. 535p. . Re-issue. Soft Cover. Very Good.


A Concise Guide to the Acropolis Museum

By Miliardis, Yiannis

Athens: Service of Antiqioties and Restoration , 1965. Vintage tourist guide to the old museum on the Acropolis. 62p. + 16 plates ( B & W) . Soft Cover. Very Good.


The Prytaneion: Its Function and Architectural Form

By Miller, Stephen G.

Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1978. 258pg.illlus bibliography.index. 1st US Edition. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine.


Pericles and Athens

By Burn, A.R.(Andrew Robert)

London: Hodder & Stoughton /EUP , 1948. 253p. index maps on endpapers. Clean unmarked text .Beige cloth binding a little selfworn with some minor damage at head and foot of spine.. 1st UK Edition. Hard Cover. Good>Very Good/No Jacket.


The Greek Stones Speak : The Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands

By MacKendrick,Paul

New York: New American Library, 1966. 430p.plates bibliography.,index (neat,clean text but paper covers scuffed and chipped) . First Pbk.Ed.. Pbk.. Very Good.


Art and History of Athens

By Vingopoulou, Ioli & Casulli, Melina

Firenze: Bonechi, 2005. 208p. illus (col) maps. Original Wraps. New.


The Acropolis

By Hopper, R.J.

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1971. 240p. Illus [some col] bibliography. incdex. Illustrated endpapers.. 1st UK Ed. Hardcover. Fine/Fine.


Blue Guide : Athens & Environs

By Rossiter,Stuart (Ed)

London: Ernest Benn., 1981. Complete guide to archaeological and other interesting sites in Athens & Attica. Pbk. 189p.maps.plans. index.(24 pages of maps at end) . 2nd.ed.. Printer Wrapper. Fine. Softcover.


He Navmachia Tis Salaminas

By Strauss, Barry S.

Athens: Ekdoseis A.A.Livani, 2010. "The Battle of Salamis was fought by various Greek city-states against the Persian Empire, which included Persians, Medes, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Greeks under the leadership of Xerxes.It was a battle of a rich, giant empire against small, impoverished, disjointed, feuding political entities. It looked like a sure bet for the Persians, but, as Barry Strauss shows, it was precisely the strengths of the Persian Empire and its fleet that worked against it in the Battle of Salamis. 443.p. 1st Greek Ed.. Softcover. New Book from Greece.


The Greek Stones Speak : The Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands

By MacKendrick,Paul

New York: St.Martin's Press., 1962. 470p.plates bibliography.,index. 1st.US Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good.


Acropolis and Museum

By Papadakis, Helen

Munich: Schnell & Steiner, 1973. Illustrated guide to the Acropolis. 44p. (+ 123p. of plates) Illus (some col) . Soft Cover. Very Good. Illus. by Spyros Meletzis .


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