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Useful Basic Programs the for IBM PC (SYBEX micro guide)

By Trost, Stanley R.

Berkeley CA: Sybex Inc, 1983 The IBM Personal Computer Basic, commonly shortened to IBM BASIC, is a programming language first released by IBM with the IBM Personal Computer (model 5150) in 1981. IBM released four different versions of the Microsoft BASIC interpreter, licensed from Microsoft for the PC and PCjr. They are known as Cassette BASIC, Disk BASIC, Advanced BASIC (BASICA), and Cartridge BASIC. Versions of Disk BASIC and Advanced BASIC were included with IBM PC DOS up to PC DOS 4. In addition to the features of an ANSI standard BASIC, the IBM versions offered support for the graphics and sound hardware of the IBM PC line. Source code could be typed in with a full screen editor, and very limited facilities were provided for rudimentary program debugging. IBM also released a version of the Microsoft BASIC compiler for the PC, concurrently with the release of PC DOS 1.10 in 1982. This vintage handbook states : the programs in this book run with cassette BASIC or disk BASIC - you will need a disk for the programs in Chapter 6. 174p. Fine copy - almost "as new" . 1st US Edition.. Softcover. Fine.


Tearmai Riomhaireachta : Computer Terms

Baile Atha Cliath / Dublin: An Gum, 1990 This dictionary was compiled by the science sub-committee of the terminology committee of the Irish Department of Education and attempts to express computer terminology in Irish Gaelic. 180p.[WorldCat lists only 3 copies in the USA]. First Edition. Softcover. As New.


It's Greek to the Computer.

By Morton, Andrew Q. and Winspear, Alban .D

Montreal: Harvest House Publishers, 1971 Describes the early application of computers to statistical frequency of words in the textual analysis of ancient Greek (with assistance from Michael Levison and Sidney Michaelson.). 128 pages. (name of previous owner on ffep and last endpaper, blacked out). 1st Greek Ed... Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good.


Gears from The Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism, A Calendar Computer from Ca. 80 BC

By Price, Derek De Solla

New York: Science History Publications, 1975 ".the culmination of 20 years research into the nature of the Antikythera Mechanism, the oldest and most complex surviving scientific instrument of antiquity" 70p. diagrs.illus index.. First Thus. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.