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Issue # 9 (2004) - Brochure

By Cypriot Community of Mississauga and District.

Mississauga: Cypriot Community of Mississauga and District., 2004 Advertising brochure issued to support the Cypriot Pavilion at the Carassauga Multicultural Festival in Mississauga May 2004. Stapled 34p. photographs.. Original Wraps. New. Brochure/Pamphlet.


Cyprus (Argonaut Golden Guide)
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Cyprus (Argonaut Golden Guide)

By O'Sullivan, Maureen

Athens: Efstathiadis, 1988 This colourful picture album of Cyprus is meant as a souvenir of Cyprus and not as a general guide. Thus it contains 180 colour photographs of the most beautiful and interesting places in Cyprus and its major towns. The Wonderful World of Cyprus will certainly bring back delightful memories to those who have visited Cyprus and create a fantastic impression on those who have not. 175p. illus (col) maps.index. Donor inscription, else very good.. Soft Cover. Good > Very Good.


Vol.146 #5 November 1974

By National Geographic

Washington: National Geographic Society, 1974 Article by Katzev " Last Harbour for the Oldest Ship" (pp.618-625). Soft Cover. Very Good. Periodical/Magazine.


The Sousta / A Boy Named Named Panayiotis

By Cyprus Relief Fund of Ontario

Toronto: Cyprus Relief Fund of Ontario, 1976 Entrance ticket to a charity event in Toronto "The Cyprus Relief Fund of Ontario in Cooperation with The Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto proudly presents "The Sousta" National Folk Dance Troup of Cyprus, and the film "A Boy Named Named Panayiotis " [at the ] Northern Secondary School, 851 Mount Pleasant Rd ... Friday March 5th. 1976 8.00pm. Proceeds for the benefit of the Refugee Children of Cyprus. First Thus. Ephemera. As New. Ticket .


Common Birds of Cyprus : A Concise, Simple and Fully Illustrated Guide

By Took, J.M.E.

Nicosia: Moufflon Book and Art Centre, 1977 'A simple, concise and fully illustrated guide" 86p. plates (col) [Only 5 copies of a later edition listed in Worldcat]. 2nd.ed.. Printed Hardcover. Near Fine. Illus. by Illus By Robin Reckitt.


The Day the World Ended at Kourion (Vol 174 No.1) July 1988 Pp 30-53.

By Soren,David (National Geographic)

Washington: National Geographic Society, 1988 Issue of National Geographic containing an illustrated article on the excavations of the Kourion site in Cyprus. (Pp 30-53). Soft Cover. Very Good. Periodical/Magazine.


Vol.174 #.1 July 1988

By National Geographic

Washington: National Geographic Society, 1988 Soft Cover. Very Good. Periodical/Magazine.


I discover Greece : wherein an incurable nomad sets forth what befell him and an artist friend during a labyrinthine summer journey through modern Hellas

By Franck, Harry A [Harry Alverson ]

New York: Century, 1929 After enjoying a"'A Vagabond Journey Around the World:" Franck proceeded to explore some counties in more detail. He describes modern Greece as he saw it c.1925 in his " plain, somewhat sardonic style.His books intimately recorded life as it was lived in the societies he visited, at a time when many of them were changing rapidlly, So his explorations of places he visited, his detailed enquiries and his experience with the people he met provided him with a personal and opinionated snapshot of Greeks as they were then - just as the country was faced with serious political economic and social changes.Illustrated with contemporary photographs .359p. plates maps on endpapers. 1st US Edition.. Decorative Cloth. Near Fine/Near Fine. Illus. by Harry A Franck Photographer.


The Island Everbody Wanted : An Illustrated History of Cyprus

By Christofides, Marina

Nicosia: Kailas Press, 2007 A fun journey through the colourful history of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, one of the oldest civilisations of the world. Kids and grown-ups alike will love the beautiful full page illustrations which awaken the imagination with scenes from daily life through the ages. From the hut dwellers of Chirokitia, to ancient Greek city-kingdoms, sunken trading ships, exquisite Roman mosaics, royal weddings and brutal wars, the events that shaped the island are vividly brought to life. The easy to read text teaches interesting facts, such as that Cyprus was once at the bottom of the sea; that it gave its name to copper; that Mark Anthony gave the island to Cleopatra as a token of his love; that for three hundred years, its rulers all spoke French; and that it was the first country in the world from where malaria was eradicated. Kids will enjoy trying to spot the ancient figurine hidden on almost every page as it travels through time.. First Edition.. Soft Cover. New Book from Publisher. Illus. by Eleni Lambrou.


Embracing Cyprus: The Path to Unity in the New Europe
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Embracing Cyprus: The Path to Unity in the New Europe

By Green, Pauline;Collins, Ray

London: I.b.tauris, 2003 When Archbishop Makarios was toppled as President of Cyprus in a 1974 coup, and Turkish forces invaded the island, few saw Cyprus as part of the incipient drive to create a new Europe. Yet, as the authors reveal here, behind the rhetoric of the politicians there is a growing view among Greek and Turkish Cypriots that the solution to Cypruss problems lies within the gift of Europe. They argue that the intercommunal stand-off can only be diffused and ultimately resolved by firmly embedding Cyprus within Europe. 150p.index. 1st UK Edition.. Hardcover. New/New.


Hostage to History : Cyprus from the Ottomans to Kissinger
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Hostage to History : Cyprus from the Ottomans to Kissinger

By Hitchens,Christopher

London: Verso., 1997 "In a compelling study of great power misconduct Christopher Hitchens examines the events leading up to the partition of Cyprus and its legacy" This study examines the events leading up to the partition of Cyprus and its legacy. It argues that the intervention of four major foreign powers-Turkey, Greece, Britain and the United States-turned a local dispute into a major disaster.The 1997 edition also comments on current events such as the pending accession to the EU by one of the most knowledgable commentators. Pbk.178p. bibliography.index.. Trade Paperback. Very Good.


The Copts in Cyprus

By Burmester, Oswald Hugh Ewart

Cairo: Imprimerie De L'institut Francais D'archeologie Orientale, 1942 "Extrait du Bulletin de la Societe d'Archeologie Copte t.VII (1941) " pp9-13 Off-print from journal, text complete but pages and paper cover damaged. Off-Print.. Original Wraps. Fair > Good.


Gia ti Demokratia kai tin Kypro Tesseres Mines Agonia Stis E.P.A

By Zigdi, Ioanni G [Zighdis, John G]

Athens: Ekdoseis Papazisi, 1975 The author was an economist, a member of he Greek parliament and Minister of Industry duing the post-war reconstruction of Greece. He was imprisoned by the Junta, later, in exile, he went to the USA to testify before the Committee on Foreign Affairs Congress on March 24 1974 regarding "American Policy toward Greece" This book reflects that experience and also his support of the Cypriots after the Turkish Invasion in July 1974. 464p. illus, There is an inscripton by the author to Professor Adamantia Pollis on the ffep. [Not listed in Worldcat]. Signed by Author. 1st Greek Ed.. French Wraps. Very Good.


A Traveller's Companion to the Legends and Traditions of Cyprus

By Argyris, George

Cyprus: En Tipis Publications/ Lionheart Books, 2006 "Cyprus has a long and winding history and as one would expect, this is interwoven with a plethora of legends and traditions" 119p, illus [col] bibliography. New book sealed in original plastic.. Softcover. New Book from Publisher.


Themata Koinoniologias ton Diethnon Scheseon

By Tenekides, Giorgios

Athens: Ekdoseis Papazese, 1976 201p. bibliography [WorldCat lists only 6 copies in the USA]. 1st Greek Edition.. French Wraps. Very Good.


Cyprus (The European Union: Political, Social, and Economic Cooperation)
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Cyprus (The European Union: Political, Social, and Economic Cooperation)

By Etingoff, Kim

Broomall PA: Mason Crest, 2005 From a series about the componenet stares of the European Union a useful introduction to Cyprus for schools. 84p. illus. In reinforced Library binding. 1st US Edition.. Library Binding. New/No Jacket (as issued).


Chroniko Tis Kypriakis Prosphygias / The Heart Grown Bitter :

By Loizos,Peter

Athens: Ekdoseis Alexandreia, 2001 Translation into Greek by Spyros Marketos of "The Heart Grown Bitter" Peter Liozos book "The Greek Gift " was a detailed anthropological study of the village of Argaki, Cyprus. This sequel is an account of their experiences before, during and after their flight from their village in 1974 because of the Turkish invasion. 273p. illus bibliography. index [WorldCat lists only ONE Greek copy in the USA]. French Wraps. Fine.



By Koitides Ellenismou

Athens: Kathimerini Publications, 2011 Cradle of Hellenism 14 - A series of books illustrating significant places in the Hellenic world.96p. illus bibliography. 1st Greek Ed.. Softcover. New.


Taxidevontas : Italia, Aigyptos, Sina, Ierusalem, Kypros, Morias

By Kazantzakis,Nikos

Athens: Ekdoseis Ethnos, 2014 Re-issue with an introduction by Nikos Mathaioudakis Essays on various places (Italy, Egypt,Sinai, Jerusalem,Cyprus) that Kazantzakis travelled to in 1926 & 1927. 336p. [ see English language editions under the title "Journeying : Travels in Italy,Egypt,Sinai,Jerusalem and Cyprus"]. Reissue.. Decorative Hardcover. New Book from Greece.


Window on Cyprus

By Stavrou, Soterios & Frangoulidou, Elengo

Nicosia: Cyprus (Press & Information Office), 2007 Beautifully illustrated introduction to Cyprus. 259p. Long inscription by donor on ffep, else fine. Large format heavy volume, [Weighs almost 2 kg]. 2nd Ed.. Hardcover. Near Fine/Fine.


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