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Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition

By Linnell, Rosemary & Hahn, Daniel

London: Shakespeare's Globe, 2001. About the backgound and development behind the modern reconstruction of the Elizabethan Globe theatre in London. 76p.illus. 1st UK Edition. Softcover. New.


We'll Hear a Play

By Trewin, J.C

London: Carroll & Nicholson, 1949. A collection of reviews of performances in British theatres in the 1940's by the well known theatre critic J.C.Trewin. "Shakespeare is plainly his first enthusiasm: but he writes with relish and urbanity on any theatrical subject from the art of Sid Field to a Priestley play in a Welsh miners' hall, or from Shaw to a straws-in-the hair farce or the ways of Ruritania . the author will go anywhere to hear a play, or for that matter, any form of stage entertainment" 308p. Signed by author on title page. Signed by Author. First Edition.. Hardcover. Near Fine/Near Fine - Slight Chip.


Cupid, Satyr and the Golden Age: Pastoral Dramatic Scenes in the Late Renaissance

By Niccoli, Gabriele

New York: Peter Lang, 1989. "The purpose of the present work is to analyze three major conventional scenes .. in three pastoral plays : the "Aminta" of Tasso; Guarini's "Pastor Fido" , and the "Bergerie" by Montechrestien. Text in English with passages in Italian and French. 234p. bibliography.index . 1st US Edition.. Laminated Hardcover. As New.


Clever as Paint: The Rossettis in Love

By Morrisey, Kim

Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2000. "...a wickedly funny appraisal" in a dramatic presentation of the relationships between Dante Gabriel Rossetti, his wife Lizzie Siddal and William Morris. "Strangely beautiful, witty and compassionate [it] offers fresh insights into the boundaries between art, craft, grief, inspiration and despair.. 1st Ca. Softcover. Fine.


Stage Designs

By Jeudwine, Wynne

Lndon: R.I.B.A./ Country Life, 1968. From the Renaissance until the birth of modern naturalistic drama. theatre audiences expected performances to be staged in stunning, illusionistic sets.What these 16th-19th. century "spectaculars" looked like can be seeninthe supurb designs reproduced here. This was the period when operas were more like variety and the stage designer was often more acclaimed than the singers. the great age of the Theatre of Illusion.(Royal Institute of British Architects. Drawings series) 64p illus. bliography. 1st UK Edition.. Softcover. As New.


Serjeant Musgrave's Dance, an Unhistorical Parable.

By Arden, John

New York: Grove Press, 1962. A play by English playwright John Arden, written in 1959 and premiered at the Royal Court Theatre on October 22 of that year. In Arden's introductory note to the text, he describes it as "a realistic, but not a naturalistic" play. Four songs are performed that Arden writes should be sung not to an original score but to "folk-song airs." This US edition is illustrated by photographs from the English production. 104p, + 8 pages of photographs. First US.. Softcover. Very Good.


Soliloquy ! The Shakespeare Monologues (Women0
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Soliloquy ! The Shakespeare Monologues (Women0

By Shakespeare, William

New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1988. A collection of extracts of significant speeches with some commentaries 193p. bibliography. 193p. bibliography. 1st.US Ed... Soft Cover. Very Good. Illus. by Edited Michael Earley & Philippa Keil.


A Midsummer Night's Dream (Straford Festival Edition)

By Shakespeare, William

Toronto: C.B.C. Enterprises, 1998. Text based on the Globe Text and the 1984 production at the Ontario Stratford Festival Theatre Edited by Elliot Hayes and Michal Schonberg, Directed by John Hirsch, costume sketches by Desmond Heeley) 111p. plates(some.col) Donor inscription on ffep, else fine. 1st.Can Ed... Soft Cover. Near Fine.


Kean: The Imaginary Memoirs of an Actor

By Berstl, Julius

New York: Orion Press, 1962. A fictional biography of the English actor Edmund Kean ( 1787 - 15 May 1833) was a celebrated British Shakespearean stage actor born in England, who performed in London, Belfast, New York, Quebec, and Paris among other places. He was well known for his short stature and tumultuous personal life. Clrean tight copy, ffep missing, esle near fine. 1st US Edition.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.


Beerbohm Tree: His Life and Laughter

By Pearson, Hesketh

New York: Harper Brothers, 1956. "The first biography of one of the theaters richest, most humorous characters here portrayed as lover, actor, producer and personality." Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree ( 1852 - 1917) English actor and theatre manager.Tree began performing in the 1870s. in 1887, as manager of the Haymarket Theatre, highly praised for adventurous programming and lavish productions, and starring in many of its productions. In 1899, he helped fund the rebuilding, and became manager, of His Majesty's Theatre. Again, he promoted a mix of Shakespeare and classic plays with new works and adaptations of popular novels, giving them spectacular productions in this large house, and often playing leading roles. Although Tree was regarded as a versatile and skilled actor, particularly in character roles, by his later years, his technique was seen as mannered and old fashioned. He founded the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1904 and was knighted, for his contributions to theatre, in 1909. 250p. plates. index. Neat tght copy, ffep missing, else near fine. 1st US Edition.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.



By Anouilh, Jean

Paris: La Table Ronde, 1953. Text of play originally peformed at the Theatre Montparnasse 14th October 1953. 229p. In original wraps, pages untrimmed. Paper slightly age-toned. Bookplate of previous owner on ffep. First Edition.. Original Wraps. Very Good.


The Trial of the Pendle Witches: A Play

By Kemp, Graham

Lancaster: Scotforth Books, 2013. Graham Kemp's play chronicling the course of these notorious prosecutions 400 years ago - the second largest witch trial in English history and biggest ever group execution for witchcraft. The Wonderous Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster penned by Clerk of the Court Thomas Potts inspired this fascinating script, which delves beneath and beyond the official account to reveal a more complex and compromising human tragedy. 89p. bibliography. 1st UK Edition.. Softcover. Very Good.


The Language of Drama - Drama as a Language.

By Esslin, Martin.

Stratford, Ontario: Stratford Festival, 1983. A Lecture given by Martin Esslin for the Stratford Shakespearean Festival. August 14, 1983.. First Thus.. Softcover. Very Good.


The Man Born to be King : A Play-cycle on the Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

By Sayers,Dorothy Leigh

London: Victor Gollancz, 1966. Texts of radio plays first broadcast on BBC Dec. 1941-Oct. 1942. Producer Val Gielgud. First published 1943, reprinted 1966. Reprint.. Hard Cover. Near Fine/No Jacket.


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre: A Cut- Out Model Reconstruction of the Globe Theatre

By Lanchester, Waldo S

Stratford-upon Avon: The Puppet Centre 1st Thus.. Folder. Near Fine.


Thr Glass Menagerie

By Williams, Tennessee

Toronto: Mind's Eye / Jabberwocky, 1963. Play read by Montgomery Clift and Helen Hayes. Vintage 2 sided audio cassette, brand new and sealed in original package. Playing time 60 minutes.. First Thus.. Plastic Folder. New. Audio Cassette.


The Greek Theatre

By McLeish,Kenneth

London: Longman, 1982. Well illustrated introduction for schools in the "Aspects of Greek Life" 65p. illus.. Reprint.. Rebound Copy. Good. Ex-Library.


The Rover
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The Rover

By Behn, Aphra

Lincon: University Of Nebraska Press, 1967. Regents Restoration Drama series. Edited by Frederick M. Link "Im no tame sigher, but a rampant lion of the forest," says Willmore, the Rover, on shore after a long voyage. "I have a world of love in store," he claims, searching through the streets for a woman to prove it. When he meets two young Spanish woman "I love mischief," says one then all the chemistry of comic satire lets loose. The Rover roamed the English stage for a century and has been rediscovered in our own time as a theatrical masterpiece of wit and daring. Aphra Behn (1640-1689) combined dramatic genius and training with personal experience that gave her rare insight into manners and roles. She spied on the Dutch for the English king and was once imprisoned for debt. Behn is one of the very few great English playwrights to be honored in life by popular scandal and in death by burial at Westminster Abbey. She was the first English woman to earn her living by writing.. Softcover. Fine.


Two Plays-Sodom and Gomorrah (and) Comedy : A Tragedy in One Act

By Kazantzakis, Nikos

Minneapolis MN: Nostos, 1982. NEW - Will be sent to you direct from the publisher.. 1st.US Edition. New/New. Illus. by Trans. Kimon Friar.


Dickens' Women
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Dickens' Women

By Fraser, Sonia

London: Hesperus Press, 2011. In his novels Dickens presents a series of unrivaled portraits of women, young and old. From Little Nell to Miss Havisham, these girls and women speak to audiences today, making readers laugh and sometimes cry. Miriam Margolyes one woman show explores a wide range of female characters .the script of the play is here presented alongside " The Women on Boxes" some additional characters, and a thought provoking introduction shedding light on the inspiration behind , and genesis of, the play. 96p. illus bibliography. 1st UK Edition.. French Wraps. New.


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