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Monastery of Arkadi : History - Art - Traditions

By Provatakis, Theocharis

Athens: Toumbis, 1986. A small but well illustrated and informative guide to the Monastery of Arkadi in Crete, famous for the heroic resistance to the Turkish occupation (1866-1869) 80p. illus. index. 1st Greek Ed... Original Wraps. Very Good.


World Enough, and Time: The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J Theodore Bent. Volume 1, Greece and the Levantine Littoral
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World Enough, and Time: The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J Theodore Bent. Volume 1, Greece and the Levantine Littoral

By Bent, Mabel Virginia Anna & Brisch, Gerald

Oxford: Archaeopress, 2006. On August 2nd 1877, the English explorer and archaeologist James Theodore Bent married an extraordinary Irishwoman, Mabel Virginia Anna Hall-Dare .and within a few months they had embarked on their pattern of annual travels that continued until his early death in 1897. Their trips began fairly close to home, visiting northern Italy, but by 1883 they were in the Eastern Mediterranean (in modern Greece and Turkey), searching out the antiquities, landscapes and lifestyles of a region that was to captivate them for the next fifteen years. Their researches led to a number of highly regarded monographs, papers and articles (such as Theodores 'The Cyclades, or Life Among the Insular Greeks', 1885, and the many publications of their various discoveries in locations such as Rugged Cilicia, the island of Thassos, and elsewhere) that were to place the couple securely amongst the foremost British travellers of the latter half of the 19th century. The publication, therefore, of Mabel Bents personal notebooks from the archive of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, London, represents the discovery of a lost and notable milestone for scholars and travel enthusiasts of all kinds. This series of volumes begins with Mabels account of the couples adventures around the Aegean and beyond, extracted from her fifteen-year sequence of notebooks and presented chronologically. Specifically, we follow Mabel and Theodore to the Greek mainland and the islands known now as the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, as well as the northern Aegean islands; their journeys along the Turkish littoral lead them from bustling Istanbul to provincial Mersin in the far south-west.. First Thus.. Softcover. New Book from Publisher.


The Dodecanese: Further Travels Among the Insular Greeks Selected Writings of J. Theodore & Mabel V.A. Bent, 1885-1888 e
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The Dodecanese: Further Travels Among the Insular Greeks Selected Writings of J. Theodore & Mabel V.A. Bent, 1885-1888 e

By Bent J Theodore; Bent, Mabel V.A. [Brisch, Gerald Ed.)]

Oxford: Archaeopress, 2015. A sequel to The Cyclades. The authors are the British explorer J. Theodore Bent (1852-1897), devotedly supported by his wife Mabel Virginia Anna (1847-1929). Theodores publications are referenced still by archaeologists and scholars .Bents first successful monograph was based on two winters spent in the Cycladic isles (1882/3 and 1883/4). From the start the couple kept notebooks from which all Theodores later lectures and literature sprang. His The Cyclades, or Life Among the Insular Greeks was published in 1885 and has been rarely out of print since. It remains one of the most delightful accounts in English of the region, and few serious travellers and tourists to these islands fail to discover it. the Bents moved a little east and explored the islands now commonly referred to as the Greek Dodecanese. Unforeseen circumstances obliged the explorers to curtail their activities before Theodores writings on the area could be edited into a monograph to complement his earlier bestseller. Theodores Dodecanesian output was channelled instead into a wide range of articles, while Mabel completed three volumes of her personal Chronicles on their daily travels and travails. Bent never presented his Dodecanese researches to the public in a compendium, the way he had, so brilliantly, for the Cyclades. Now, 130 years later, his The Dodecanese can appear for the first time: a collection of reminiscences and studies on these sunny, blue-surrounded, and delightful islands. . 194p. illus.. First Thus.. Softcover. New Book from Publisher/New.


The Balkan Wars : Myth, Reality, and the Eternal Conflict

By Gerolymatos, Andre

Toronto: Stoddart., 2001. 1st.Can Ed... Hardcover. New/New.


Greece and the Great Powers 1863-1875

By Dontas, Domna

Thessaloniki: Institute for Balkan Studies., 1966. Greek political and diplomatic relations in the early years of the reign of George , and covering issues sucj as the Cretan insurrection of 1866-69 Originally a PhD thesis submitted to the University of London ) 223p. bibliography.. 1st Greek Edition.. Original Wraps. Near Fine/Near Fine.


The Making of Modern Greece: Nationalism, Romanticism, and the Uses of the Past (1797-1896)

By Beaton, Roderick & Ricks, David

London: Ashgate Publishing Group, 2009. Every Greek and every friend of the country knows the date 1821, when the banner of revolution was raised against the empire of the Ottoman Turks, and the story of Modern Greece is usually said to begin. Less well known, but of even greater importance, was the international recognition given to Greece as an independent state with full sovereign rights, as early as 1830. This places Greece in the vanguard among the new nation-states of Europe whose emergence would gather momentum through to the early twentieth century, a process whose repercussions continue to this day. Starting out from that perspective, which has been all but ignored until now, this book brings together the work of scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore the contribution of characteristically 19th.century European modes of thought to the making of Greece as a modern nation. Closely linked to nationalism is romanticism, which exercised a formative role through imaginative literature, as is demonstrated in several chapters on poetry and fiction. Under the broad heading uses of the past , other chapters consider ways in which the legacies, first of ancient Greece, then later of Byzantium, came to be mobilized in the construction of a durable national identity at once Greek and modern . The Making of Modern Greece aims to situate the Greek experience, as never before, within the broad context of current theoretical and historical thinking about nations and nationalism in the modern world. The book spans the period from 1797, when Rigas Velestinlis published a constitution for an imaginary Hellenic Republic , at the cost of his life, to the establishment of the modern Olympic Games, in Athens in 1896, an occasion which sealed with international approval the hard-won self-image of Modern Greece as it had become established over the previous century. Bookseller & Payment Information | More Books from this Seller | Ask Bookseller a Question. 1st UK Edition.. Hardcover. New from Publisher.


Travels with a Superior Person

By Curzon, George Nathaniel

London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1986. "The quintessence of late Victorian travel writing and a delight for modern readers " Illustrated with 90 contemporary photographs, most of them from Curzon's own collection.Includes "Greece in the Eighties" pp.78-84, " Edited by Peter King. Introduced by Elizabeth Longford. 191p. illus. maps on endpapers. Clean, tight copy,usual marks of library ownership.. Reprint. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Ex-Library.


Modern Athens

By Horton, George

New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901. The author was an American diplomat stationed in Greece, and this is his nostalgic descrption of life in Atehsn at the end of the 19thC. Illustrated with delightful vignettes of people in their daily life. 91p.. First Edition.. Decorative Cloth. Near Fine/No Jacket. Illus. by Corwin Knapp Linson.


Greek Life:An Account of Past and Contemporary Conditions and Progress by Many Writers.

By Hall, John M.(ed.)

Detroit: Bay View Reading Club, 1908. As well as an introduction to the glorious classical past this book describes life in Greece c.1900 255p. This is the ORIGINAL 1908 hardcover edition and NOT a print on demand copy. Clean and unmarked, corners slightly bumped. First Edition.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket.


The Unification of Greece 1770-1923

By Dakin, Douglas

London: Ernest Benn, 1972. 344p. bibliography, maps. index. First Edition.. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine.


Greece and the Aegean Islands

By Marden, Philip Sandford

Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1907. Bright and crisp copy in attractive decorative binding with gilt titles. 386p. illustrated with 47 nice contemporary photographs.. 1st.US Edition.. Decorative Cloth. Fine/No Jacket.


The Olympian Games in Athens, 1896 : The First Modern Olympics

By Holmes, Burton

New York: Grove Press, 1984. Facsimile edition of eye-witness account by popular journalist and lecturer, of the revived Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Illustrated with charming contemporary photographs taken by the author. (112p. illus). Reprint. Soft Cover. Near Fine.


Zig- Zag Journeys in the Levant, with a Talmudist Story-Teller . A Spring Trip of the Zig-Zag Club Through Egypt and the Holy Land.

By Butterworth, Hezekiah

Boston: Estes and Lauriat, 1886. Popular illustrated book describing the eastern Mediterranean ".to interest young people in history and heroic records and especially in the PRESENTpolitical history of the countries . the writer is indebted to Mrs. Andrews of Hamilton NY for the descriptive parts of the two chapters on Greece." Pages 266-304 describe a visit to Athens and Greece. Attractive illustrations , illsutarated endpapers. Text clean and unmarked, hinges starting, decorative covers show some shelf wear, scuffs and stains. Reprint.. Decorative Cloth. Very Good.


Greece and the Aegean Islands

By Marden, Philip Sandford

Chautauqua NY: Chautauqua Press, 1921. Reprint of a popular travel book on Greece , first published in 1907 .386p.plates.index. (Slight scuffing on corners). Reprint. Decorative Cloth. Very Good/No Jacket.


Afloat and Ashore in The Mediterranean

By Meriwether, Lee

New York: Charles Scribner, 1892. Describes the author's voyages c.1880 around the Mediterranean from Portugal to Egypt on the "Principe Farnese " and the "Minerva" Among the ports of call were : Sicily, and in Greece - Athens, Piraeus, Corinth;, Greek islands - Milos, Syra, Delos, Chios, Kos, Rhodes as well as Smyrna, Cyprus and Alexandria. 383p. frontis. Illustrated with contemporary photographs, map Binding : back hinge starting, ffep loose, a little shelf wear, but overall good.. First Edition.. Decorative Cloth. Good>Very Good.


Under a Lilac-Bleeding Star : Travels & Travellers

By Blanch, Lesley

London: John Murray, 1963. Four adventurous women who found love and romance in the Levant : Isabel Burton, Jane Digby (who amongst other romantic attachments married Count Spyridon Theotocky, and co-habited with Christdoulos Hadji-Petros in Othonian Greece c. 1840-1850) Aimee Dubucq de Rivery, Isabelle Eberhardt.. Reprint. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Ex-Library.


Passion's Child : The Extraordinary Life of Jane Digby

By Schmidt, Margaret Fox

New York: Harper & Row, 1977. The notorious adventures of Lady Jane Digby whose many romances included Count Spiridion Theotocky and the Klepht leader Christodoulos Hadjipetros when she lived in Greece in the early 19th. century. 268p. plates bibliography.index.. 1st US Ed... Hard Cover. Near Fine/Very Good.


A Short History of Modern Greece 1821-1956

By Forster,Edward S.

London: Methuen., 1958. Short, older history of modern Greece. Revised and enlarged by Douglas Dakin . 268p. bibliography map.index (some pages untrimmed). 3rd.ed... Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good.


Notes on The Recent Murders By Brigands in Greece

By [Gennadios, John] [Gennadeios, Ioannes]

London: F.T.Cartwright, 1870. Pamphlet on the Dilessi Murders, 1870. Published anonymously by John Gennadios. Inscribed on title page "M. Esq. With the author's compliments" paper deteriorating, front cover detached, with chips and tears. Now protected in mylar sleeve. 192p.. First Edition.. Original Wraps. Good.


A History of the Balkan Peninsula from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

By Schevill,Ferdinand

New York: Harcourt,Brace,Jovanovich, 1933. Comprehensive survey from ancient times to the end of World War I of the various ethnic, political and religious groups in the Balkans. 614p. bibliography.index.. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Illus. by Revised Wesley M. Gewehr. Ex-Library.


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