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Echoes of the Past: The Rural One Room Schools of Peel County

By Reid, Joan

Mississauga: Friends Of the Schoolhouse, 2016. A nostalogic survey of the old One room schoolhouses of Peel County in Ontario, a project begun by Jean Reid and contonued by Daryl Cook, Shirley Hoad, Eva Ardiel, Sandra Emerson, Cathy Harper, Jean Robinson, Margaret Storey. 208p. illus. maps . 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New from Publisher.


Echoes of the Past: The Rural One Room Schools of Peel County

By Reid, Joan

Mississauga: Friends Of the Schoolhouse, 2016. A nostalogic survey of the old One room schoolhouses of Peel County in Ontario, a project begun by Jean Reid and contonued by Daryl Cook, Shirley Hoad, Eva Ardiel, Sandra Emerson, Cathy Harper, Jean Robinson, Margaret Storey. 208p. illus. maps . Signed by Authors. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New from Publisher.


Mississauga's Heritage : The Formative Years 1798 - 1879

By Evans, Mary Lou [ed]

Mississauga, ON: City of Mississauga, L.A.C.A.C., 1984. Published on the 10th anniversay oif the amalgamation of the historic townships into the City of Mississauga. Part I : the History of the City od Mississauga by Joan Tardiff; Part II Heritage Structures in Missisasuga 1798-1898 by Ivan Franko, Photographs by J-G Blumenson, Maps by Birute Nakrosius. 94p. illus. bibliography. mapsmaoo. 1st Canadian Edition.. Original Wraps. As New.


Dirt Road Pictures

By Grant, Ken

Erin, ON: Porcupine's Quill, 1977. The artist has recorded - in striking black and white images - some of the traditional architecture to be found on the back roads of Ontario. A handsomely printed volume on fine paper." This book has been printed in a limited edition of 500 copies bound in full buckram (September 1977) at The Porcupine's Quill. Erin. The stock is Carlyle Japan. Unpaginated. Signed by artist on half title. .. Signed by Artist. 1st Canadian Edition.. Hardcover. As New/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.


Elio Leal :Um Aficionado no Canada/ An Aficionado in Canada

By Liduino Borba [José Liduino Melo de Borba]

Turiscon Editora, 2015. Bilingual text - Portuguese and English. A biography of a Portuguese immigrant to Canada who established a Ganadaria - bullfighting arena - in Dundalk, Ontario run by a group called the Ganadaria Sol e Toiros. It includes the Azorean genealogy of Elio Leal, an account of his business success as an immigrant and also the story of the arena and the bullfights. Illustrated with technicoloured glossy photographs. 249p.illus [col] It seems to be the only publication EVER on Bullfighting in Canada No copies in WorldcCat.. First Edition.. Laminated Hardcover. New/New.


Guelph: Perspectives on a Century of Change, 1900-2000

By Matheson, Dawn & Anderson,Rosemary [ed]

Guelph, ON: Guelph Historical Society, 2000. A comprehesive, well illustrated and sducumented survey of the developmenst of the town and its citizens. 291p. illus [Large format heavy volume - 12x9x1" weuight 1.8 lbs]. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New. 12x9x1".


The Lovely and the Wild.

By Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline.

Toronto: McGraw Hill, 1968. For over thirty years Mrs. Lawrence has lived among the balsam fir and black spruce forest of Ontario's Pimisi Bay region. At first as a hobby, then as a vocation - but always guided by her great love and deep sympathy for all living things - she made herself into a wide-visioned and catholic naturalist. Gradually her interests became focused on Canada's abundant birdlife and she began to specialize in ornithology. The Lovely and the Wild is thus notable not only for the meticulous precision of Mrs. Lawrence's descriptions of feeding, flight, nesting and migration habits of the regions' birds, but also for her quietly lyrical reference for life in all its forms and processes.". $22.50. 1st Can Ed. Hardcover. As New/Near Fine.


Speak With Their Own Voices: A Documentary History of the Federation of Women Teachers' Assoc. of Ontario and the Women Elementary Public School Teachers of Ontario

By Staton, Pat & Light, Beth

Toronto: Federation of Women Teachers' Association of Ontario, 1987. 186p. illus. bibliography. 1st Can Ed. Softcover. Very Good.


Painted in Peel : the Peel landscape by the Group of Seven & their Contemporaries

By Somers, David

Brampton ON: Art Gallery of Peel, Peel Heritage Complex, 2004. For an exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Peel, Heritage Complex, Brampton November 3 2004-January 2, 2005 and the Curated by David Somers, with catalogue essays by Joan Murray, Christine Boyanoski and Judy Daley. 25p. illus. Size: 17 x 28 cm.. 1st Can Ed.. Softcover. New.


My Villages of Mississauga

By Weeks, Verna Mae

Mississauga, ON: Verna Mae Weeks, 1995. ".an account of people, places and events as I recall them during the unforgettable years between World War I and World War II, when I lived in the southern part of Peel County which later became the City of Mississauga. Anything further removed from the little villages of Peel County, fifty or sixty years ago, and the new City of Mississauga would be difficult to imagine. The years of the 1920s were happy years for us; but the Great Depression years of the 1930s were ones that most people who lived through them would rather forget. It seems to me that the story should be told and accepted as part of our real history and, as such, written in the first person by someone who lived through those days. New pictures, not published before, have been freely given by people who lived in the region, making this a more valuable book. Many of the places and buildings which are 'of historical interest' today were everyday places and houses to us, with everyday people living and working in them. For example: the Wilcox Inn, at Port Credit, was to us just Wilcox's, a house past which we went to go swimming in the Credit River, and Clarke Memorial Hall was where we went to watch cowboys in the old silent moveis. I have painted a word picture of life as it was lived then; beyond that, I have put flesh and bones back into the old buildings, moved real people back into their homes, schools and businesses, and shown you familiar nooks and byways they knew." 286p. Sight cocking of spine , name on ffep, else fone.. 1st Can Ed.. Soft Cover. Fine.


The Silverthorns : Ten Generations in America

By Hicks, Kathleen A.

Etobicoke ON: Gideon Silverthorn, 1994. 1st Can Ed.. Hardcover. Fine/No Jacket.


Tottering in My Garden: A Gardener's Memoir With Notes for the Novice
stock photo

Tottering in My Garden: A Gardener's Memoir With Notes for the Novice

By Keeble, Mitch Ellis

Camden East, Ontario: Camden House Publishing / Firefly, 1990. "A gardener of 40 years, Midge Keeble has established six outstanding gardens in her life, meeting the challenges of clay, sand, shade and tired soil. Tottering in my Garden spills over with practical advice and, at the same time, serves as delightful reading to anyone who has ever broken ground with a trowel and planted a seed." illlus. bibliography. index. Reprint.. Softcover. Very Good.


Serbs in Ontario: A Socio-Cultural Description

By Skoric, Sofija, & Thomashevich, George Vid

Toronto: Serbian Heritage Academy, 1987. This "first attempt in Engl;ish to deal with this ethnic group . in a scholarly manner" and includes a wide range of essays on topics such as an overview of Serbian history by Paul P.Pavlovich; an account of Serb immigration and a demographic review by Nikola R. Pasic;a survey of Serbian life in Ontario by George Vid Thomashevich, Serbian religious traditions by George Pritic; information on Serbs in Windsor by Stanislava Markovic, an survey of Serbian patriotic media in Ontario by Draga Dragasevic; and other essays on Serbian culture in Music. Dance and Literaure. 297p, plates.. 1st Can Ed.. Hardcover. New/As New.


L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935

By Quaile, Deborah

Wordbird Press, 2006. Deborah Quaile has documented and compiled treasured photographs and information about the life of famed Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery' during the years that she lived in Norval, Ontario (1926 to 1935). Lucy Maud Montgomery, (always called "Maud" by family and friends) and publicly known as L. M. Montgomery, (November 30, 1874-April 24, 1942) was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery came to the village of Norval, Ontario with her husband, the Rev. Ewan Macdonald, who had been appointed minister of Norval and Union Presbyterian Churches, and their sons, Stuart and Chester. In addition to running the manse, teaching Sunday School and other parish duties, she became a member of the Choral Society and director of Norval's Olde Tyme Concerts held at the Anglican Parish Hall. As well, she found time to host garden parties on the lawn of the Presbyterian Church. The village was very dear to Montgomery's heart, and she photographed and recorded in her diary her favourite walking spots along the Credit River and along Russell's Hill of Pines. The people of Norval are proud of its former resident and in this special book Deb has recorded L.M. Montgomery's village life for others to appreciate.This is a beautifully prepared book, mixing interesting stories, history and images of the places and items that were important to the world-famous author of Anne of Green Gables. 209p. illus, index. bibliography.. 1st Can Ed.. Softcover. New Book from Publisher.


The Oakville Book:Oakville Then and Now

By Creighton, Sheila

Rubicon Publishing, 1993. "The town of Oakville, strategically located on the shores of Lake Ontario between Toronto on the east and Hamilton on the west, was founded in 1827 by William Chisholm. 'The Oakville Book', beautifully illustrated with historical and contemporary photographs and paintings, examines this unique community from its founding to the present. The book vividly recreates life during Oakville's early days while is explores the vibrant Oakville community of today." 140p. illus [some col] maps on endpapers. 1st Can Ed.. Hardcover. Near Fine/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.


Immigrant Settlement Services in the Toronti CMA : A GIS-Assisted Analysis of Supply and Demand

By Lo.Lucia; Wang, Lu; Wang, Shuguang & Yuan, Yinhuan

Toronto: CERIS - The Ontario Metropilis Centre, 2007. CERIS Working Paper no. 59 July 2007.October 2008."Examines the relationship between immigrant settlment patterns and the provision of .services in the Toronto CMA . A geographical analysis approach is used." 64p.bibliograpy. maps. First Thus.. Softcover. New.


Immigration, the University and the tolerant second tier city

By Walton-Roberts, Margaret

Toronto: CERIS - The Ontario Metropilis Centre, 2008. CERIS Working Paper no. 69 October 1980. A survey of the situation in the Kitchener-Waterloo area 28p. bibliography. First Thus.. Softcover. New.


Faith-based Ethnic Residential Communities and Neighbourhoods

By Agrawal, Sandeep Kumar & Qadeer, Mohammad A

Toronto: CERIS - The Ontario Metropilis Centre, 2008. CERIS Working Paper no. 63 January 2008. "A study of the implications of religion in the formation of new neighbouhoods and the neighbourly ties within [them]" The Morningstar/Malton Sikh Community in Mississauga and the Gore Road Hindu Temple in Brampton were among the areas examined.22p.bibliograpy. maps. First Thus.. Softcover. New.


Child, Interrupted : Internatinal Adoption in the Context of Canadaian Policy in Immigration, Multiculturalism, Cirizenship and Child Rights

By Worotynee, Zofia Sonia

Toronto: CERIS - The Ontario Metropilis Centre, 2006. CERIS Working Paper no. 46 April 2006. An examination of how international adoption fits within the legal and conceptual frameworks of Canadian policy and legislation .35p. bibliograpy. First Thus.. Softcover. New.


Voices From the Margins : Visible-Minority Immigrant and Refugee Youth Experiences with Employment Exclusion in Toronto

By Shields, John; Khan, Rahi & Scholtz, Antonie

Toronto: CERIS - The Ontario Metropilis Centre, 2006. CERIS Working Paper no. 47 May 2006. An examination of "the.experience of immigrant and refugee youth/young adults who have been unsuccesful in ther attempts to integrate into the Toronto labour market" 62p. bibliograpy. First Thus.. Softcover. New.


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