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A History of Streetsville

By Manning, Mary E.

Streetsville, Ontario: Streetsville Historical Society, 1976 Short illustrated history of the village since 1820. (Publication # 1 of the Streetsvillle Historical Society) A l imited editoin prepared for Founders Day 1973. 16p. illus ( B & W). Rev Ed.. Original Wraps. New.


Mississauga : Where the River Speaks

By Skeoch, Alan

Mississauga, Ontario: Mississauga Library System, 2001 A popular illlustrated history of Mississauga. Chapters on Ancient, Prehistoric and Native Mississauga; The Pioneer years , From Rebellion to Confederation, 1837 - 1867; Years of Growth and Setbacks, 1867 - 1914; WWI to WWII; Schools and Libraries; Multicultural Mississauga; Fragments of Historic Mississauga (covering historic buildings and famous residents) The Train Derailment; an appendix of Historic Sites. 197p, illus. maps appendix bibiography, index. 2nd Edition. Trade Paperback. New.


The Story of Etobicoke

By Given, Robert A

Etobicoke, Ontario: Centennial Year Coiuncil, 1950 A short history of the Township off Etobicoke issued in celebration of the Centennial 1850-1950. 76p. map, plates. Crisp unmarked copy in red card cover.. 1st Canadian Edition. Original Wraps. Fine.


Separate and Peculiar

By Horst, Isaac R

Ontario: Isaac R. Horst, 1983 A description of the peaceful lifestyle of Old Order Mennonites in Woolwich, Ontario. 75p. Illus { B & W] glossary. Reissue. Stapled Softcover. As New.


Boulevard of Dreams : Croatians and Education in Ontario

By Pejovic, Zoran

Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 1990 Publication sponsored by the Canadian-Croatian Business and Professional Association. 140p. statistical tables.bibliography. A neat tight copy, but with yellow highlighting. First Edition.. Soft Cover. Good - Very Good.


Three Centuries of Robinsons : The Story of A Family

By Jarvis, Julia

Toronto: Julia Jarvis, 1967 " In this privately produced littlevolume, intended 'primarily for members of the Robinson family' Miss Jarvis has actually provided the historian with a valuable introduction to the rich store of Robinson Papers deposited intheUniversity ofToronto Library. Beyond that, she has given an engaging account of six generations ofa family thatincluded John Robinson, Queen Anne's Bishop of London, his elder brother, Christopher, who emigrated toVirginia in1666 and died as Secretary of the colony, Christopher of the Queen's Rangers, General Sir Frederick of the Peninsular War and Plattsberg , Peter, founder of Peterborough, and Sir John Beverley, the ablest exponent ofToryism in Upper Canada.The author organizes her narrative on genealogical lines, from generation to generation, and largely composes it of quotations from the Papers. These are often chosen from lively personal correspondence, which adds vigour and colour to thestory. Thus whenshecomes to select material for themes already treated by Sir Charles Walker Robinson in his Life of his father,Sir John Beverley, her work supplements rather than repeats his own.For example, there are some delightful exchanges of lettersbetween the young John Beverley .and his Future wife Emma Walker.This whole work can be heartily recommended either as a guidefor the serious student or as an entertaining summary of the record of a truly notable Canadian family,198p. illus. index. Author inscription on helf-title. Signed by Author. 1st Canadian Edition.. Hardcover. Fine/Clear Plastic Cover.


A Village Within a City : The Story of Lorne Park Estates

By Lorne Park Estates Historical Committee

Mississauga: Lorne Park Estates Historical Committee / Boston Mills Press , 1982 A well illustrated account of the area developed as a Summer Resort near Toronto in 1878, and now a well preserved neighbourhood within the City of Mississauga, 105p. Illus, maps & plans. Nice clean copy, tiny chip at foot of spine. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. Very Good.


Niagara-on-the-Lake: Images of a Town

By Balbar. George

St.Catherines. ON: Vanwell Publishing Ltd., 1990 Tha artists sketches, drawings and colour renditions oif the town , , its buildings and people. 64p. illus . 1st Canadian Edition.. Hardcover. As New/As New.


Norval on the Credit River

By Ruggle, Richard

Erin ON: Press Porcepic, 1973 Volume I - Credit Valley History Series. A short outline o the community by the recotor of St.Paul's Anglican Church. 56p; illus.bibliography. First Edition. Original Wraps. Fine.


Oakville, A Small Town: 1900-1930

By Ahern, Frances Robin

Oakville, ON: Oakville Historical Society / Boston Mills Press, 1981 Oakville Historical Society in association with the Boston Mills Press; Edited by Mary P. Bentley 281p. illus. index. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. Very Good.


An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups
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An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups

By Scott, Stephen

Intercourse PA: Good Books, 1996 "The Old Order Mennonites are less well known than the Amish, but are similar in many beliefs and practices. Some Old Order Mennonites drive horses and buggies. Others use cars for transportation. Conservative Mennonite groups vary a great deal, but in general espouse strong faith and family life and believe that how they live should distinguish them from the larger society around them. The author details courtship and wedding practices, methods of worship, dress, transportation, and vocation. Never before has there been such an inside account of these people and their lives. The author spent years conferring and interviewing members of the various groups, trying to portray their history and their story in a fair and accurate manner." This book includes informartion on the Marcham-Waterloo communities in Canada. 252p.. illus. maps bibliography.index. 1st US Edition.. Softcover. As New.


The Backwoods of Canada
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The Backwoods of Canada

By Traill, Catharine Parr

Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2006 "Catharine Parr Traill’s The Backwoods of Canada, first published in 1836, gives an intimate and vivid picture of life in the bush country of Upper Canada. The series of letters that make up the book cover a period of two and half years. Though most were originally written to her mother, the letters were later compiled and published for an intended audience of future female emigrants. Traill’s account of life in the New World is cheerful and buoyant despite the hardships she relays—from the three-month journey to Upper Canada by ship to settling in the bush near Peterborough, Ontario. The letters offer remarkable insight into the skills a well-suited woman might be expected to learn, but the lasting appeal of her work is due to her astute observations of changing notions of class and economy, which reached well beyond her stated audience. Traill typified a new type of woman - the pioneer -and contributed much to an emerging understanding of Canada and Canadian identity. ." Reissued as a Penguin Classic with an introduction by Camilla Gibb. Reissue. Hardcover. New/New.


Thoreau MacDonald's Sketches of Rural Ontario

By Duncan, George W. J.

Willowdale, ON: Ontario Historical Society, 2004 Thoreau MacDonald's affectionate Black & White dawings of scenes in Ontario, with quotations from his notebooks 39p. illus . 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New. Illus. by Thoreau MacDonald.


Echoes of the Past: The Rural One Room Schools of Peel County

By Reid, Joan

Mississauga: Friends Of the Schoolhouse, 2016 A nostalogic survey of the old One room schoolhouses of Peel County in Ontario, a project begun by Jean Reid and contonued by Daryl Cook, Shirley Hoad, Eva Ardiel, Sandra Emerson, Cathy Harper, Jean Robinson, Margaret Storey. 208p. illus. maps . 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New from Publisher.


Echoes of the Past: The Rural One Room Schools of Peel County

By Reid, Joan

Mississauga: Friends Of the Schoolhouse, 2016 A nostalogic survey of the old One room schoolhouses of Peel County in Ontario, a project begun by Jean Reid and contonued by Daryl Cook, Shirley Hoad, Eva Ardiel, Sandra Emerson, Cathy Harper, Jean Robinson, Margaret Storey. 208p. illus. maps . Signed by Authors. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New from Publisher.


Mississauga's Heritage : The Formative Years 1798 - 1879

By Evans, Mary Lou [ed]

Mississauga, ON: City of Mississauga, L.A.C.A.C., 1984 Published on the 10th anniversay oif the amalgamation of the historic townships into the City of Mississauga. Part I : the History of the City od Mississauga by Joan Tardiff; Part II Heritage Structures in Missisasuga 1798-1898 by Ivan Franko, Photographs by J-G Blumenson, Maps by Birute Nakrosius. 94p. illus. bibliography. mapsmaoo. 1st Canadian Edition.. Original Wraps. As New.


Dirt Road Pictures

By Grant, Ken

Erin, ON: Porcupine's Quill, 1977 The artist has recorded - in striking black and white images - some of the traditional architecture to be found on the back roads of Ontario. A handsomely printed volume on fine paper." This book has been printed in a limited edition of 500 copies bound in full buckram (September 1977) at The Porcupine's Quill. Erin. The stock is Carlyle Japan. Unpaginated. Signed by artist on half title. .. Signed by Artist. 1st Canadian Edition.. Hardcover. As New/Very Good, Slight Chips & Tear.


Elio Leal :Um Aficionado no Canada/ An Aficionado in Canada

By Liduino Borba [José Liduino Melo de Borba]

Turiscon Editora, 2015 Bilingual text - Portuguese and English. A biography of a Portuguese immigrant to Canada who established a Ganadaria - bullfighting arena - in Dundalk, Ontario run by a group called the Ganadaria Sol e Toiros. It includes the Azorean genealogy of Elio Leal, an account of his business success as an immigrant and also the story of the arena and the bullfights. Illustrated with technicoloured glossy photographs. 249p.illus [col] It seems to be the only publication EVER on Bullfighting in Canada No copies in WorldcCat.. First Edition.. Laminated Hardcover. New/New.


Guelph: Perspectives on a Century of Change, 1900-2000

By Matheson, Dawn & Anderson,Rosemary [ed]

Guelph, ON: Guelph Historical Society, 2000 A comprehesive, well illustrated and sducumented survey of the developmenst of the town and its citizens. 291p. illus [Large format heavy volume - 12x9x1" weuight 1.8 lbs]. 1st Canadian Edition.. Softcover. New. 12x9x1".


The Lovely and the Wild.

By Lawrence, Louise de Kiriline.

Toronto: McGraw Hill, 1968 For over thirty years Mrs. Lawrence has lived among the balsam fir and black spruce forest of Ontario's Pimisi Bay region. At first as a hobby, then as a vocation - but always guided by her great love and deep sympathy for all living things - she made herself into a wide-visioned and catholic naturalist. Gradually her interests became focused on Canada's abundant birdlife and she began to specialize in ornithology. The Lovely and the Wild is thus notable not only for the meticulous precision of Mrs. Lawrence's descriptions of feeding, flight, nesting and migration habits of the regions' birds, but also for her quietly lyrical reference for life in all its forms and processes.". $22.50. 1st Can Ed. Hardcover. As New/Near Fine.


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