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TRUE CRIME / General From Kayleighbug Books



By Maas, Peter

New York: Bantam Books, 1974. Mass Market Paperback. Good. 313 pages; cover and spine creasing, edge wear, previous owner's name on cover; The novelisation of a film set in the 1970s, which tells of how Patrolman Frank Serpico spent five lonely years, despite threats from his fellow officers, fighting a fruitless battle against police corruption, until finally, in despair and frustration, he decided to take the final step.


The Specialist: Revelations of a Counterterrorist

By Rivers, Gayle

New York: Charter Books, 1986. Mass Market Paperback. Good. 295 pages; spine creasing, small hole in top left edge of front cover penetrates first 30 pages; The specialist has killed many terrorists in many places - Lebanese and Syrian terrorists for the American government, IRA terrorists for the British, Basque terrorists for the Spanish and so many others all over the world, beginning in Vietnam and continuing until today. It's his job, and he's the best at what he does.