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Journal of American Folklore Vol. 101 No. 402 The Centennial Index 1888-89 to 1988-89

Washingtom D.C.: American Folklore Society, oct.-Dec. 1988. First edition. Paperback. Very Good +.


American Folk Painters

By John and Katherine Ebert

New York: Charles Scribner, 1975. First edition. Paperback. Very Good +.


Adventures of Baron Munchausen

New York: Pantheon Books, 1944. Second printing as stated. Hardcover. Good +. Gustave Dore.


Fire in the Head  Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit
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Fire in the Head Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

By Tom Cowan

San Francisco: Harper, 1993. First edition, as stated. Paperback. Near Fine.


Other People's Myths The Cave of Echoes

By O'Flaherty, Wendy Doniger

Chicago: University of Chicago, 1995. Paperback. Very Good.


Folklife Annual 1985
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Folklife Annual 1985

By Jabbour, Alan and HARDIN, James

Library Of Congress. , 1985. Hardcover. Near Fine.


The Sacred hoop A Cycle of Earth Tales

By Bill Broder

San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1979. Hardcover. Near Fine/good +++.


Lay My Burden Down A Folk History of Slavery

By B. A. Botkin

Chicago: Phoenix Books, 1958. Paperback. Very Good.


Digging the Days of the Dead: A Reading of Mexicos's Dias De Muertos

By Juanita Garciagodoy

Niwot, Colo.: Univ Press Of Colorado, 1998. Hardcover. Very Good +/very good.


Passing it on Folk Artists and Education in Cumberland County, New Jersey

By Rita Zorn Moonsammy

New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Paperback. Near Fine.


Foxfire Christmas, A

By Eliot Wigginton

Doubleday, 1990. First edition, as stated. Hardcover. Near Fine/near fine.


Swedish Legends and Folktales
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Swedish Legends and Folktales

By John Lindow

Berkeley: Univ Of California Press, 1978. Hardcover. Near Fine/as new.


Emergence of Folklore in Everyday Life:   A Fieldguide and Sourcebook
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Emergence of Folklore in Everyday Life: A Fieldguide and Sourcebook

By George Schoemaker

Bloomington, Indiana: Trickster Press, 1990. Paperback. New.


Celebration Studies in Festivity and Ritual

By Victor Turner

Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1984. Third printing. Hardcover. Near Fine/near fine.


Material Culture: A research guide

By Thomas J. Schlereth Kenneth L. Ames

Lawrence, KS.: University Press of Kansas, 1985. Hardcover. Near Fine except for card pocket and date due tab.


Treasury Of Southern Folklore Stories, Ballards, Traditions, and Folkways of the People of the South

By B. A. (Editor) Botkin

New York: Bonanza Books, 1980. Hardcover. Very Good/very good +.


Encyclopedia of Superstitions foreword by Sir John Hammerton

By Radford, E. and M.A.

New York: Philosophical Library, 1949. Hardcover. Very Good. superstitions; English folk culture; Folklore;.


Island Voices Stories from the West Indies

By Salkey, Andrew

New York: Liveright Books, 1970. Paperback. Good +++.


Myths and Their Meaning

By Herzberg,Max J.

Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1962. Hardcover. Good.


The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers
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The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers

By Campbell, Joseph

New York: Doubleday, 1988. Paperback. Near Fine.


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