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Raw Vetable Juices

By Walker, N.W. and Pope, R. D. M.D.

Phoenix, Arizona: Norwalk Press, 1955. Paperback. Near Fine.


Diet and Salad Suggestions

By Walker, N. W.

Phoneix, Arizona: Norwalk Press, 1956. Paperback. Near Fine.


Seasalts Hidden Powers

By Jacques De Langre

Happiness Press, 1987. Paperback. Near Fine.


Good Health Through Diets and Old Time Remedies for Modern Ailments

By Hanna Kroeger

1971 and 1980. Paperback. Very Good.


Your Creative Power

By Alex Osborn

New York: Dell, 1961. First Dell printing. Paperback. Very Good.


Operators and Things The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic

By Barbara O'Brien

New York: Ace, 1958. First edition. Paperback. Very Good.


You Are All Sanpaku

By Sakurazawa Nyoiti english version by William Dufty

New York: Award Books, 1970. Second printing as stated. Paperback. Very Good.


Edgar Cayce Speaks of foods, beverages, and physical health

By Brett Bolton

Avon. First edition. Mass Market Paperback. Good ++.


Medieval Health Handbook Tacuinum Sanitatis

By Arano, Luisa Cogliati

New York: George Braziller, 1976. First English language edition. Hardcover. Fine/fine- Slipcase.


Naturopathic Practice A Valuable Guide to Students and Others in the Principals and Practice of Nature Cure

By Hewlett-Parsons, James

New York: Arco Publishing, 1969. Hardcover. Very Good +/very good +.


The Complete Martial Arts

By Crompton, Paul

New York: Mcgraw-hill, 1989. Hardcover. Very Good except for cover blemishes.


Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness

By Taylor, Renee

Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice-Hall Inc., July 1971. Hardcover. Very Good +/very good.


Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain the essence of T'ai Chi

By Huang,Al Chung-liang

Moab, Ut.: Real People Press. Paperback. Good +.


Tai Chi Chih ! Joy Thru Movement
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Tai Chi Chih ! Joy Thru Movement

By Stone, Justin F

Fort Yates, N. D. : Good Karma Publishing, Incorporated, 1997. . Third printing. Paperback.


Healing Secrets of the East

By Lucas, Richard

West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker Publishing Co., 1977. Paperback. Good + + + .


The Orange Man and other narratives of Medical Detection

By Berton Roueche

New York: Little Brown and Co., 1971. Hardcover. Good/good.


Fasting for Health A Complete Guide on How, When and Why to Use the Fasting Cure

By Bernarr Macfadden

New York: Macfadden Publications, 1929. First edition. Hardcover. Very Good +.


Handbook for Attendants on the Insane 6th edition
seller photo

Handbook for Attendants on the Insane 6th edition

Chicago: Authority of the Medico-Psychological Association, 1919. Hardcover. Very Good.