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A Guidebook for Christians on Taiwanese Customs and Superstitions

By Rev. Ardon Albrecht and Go Sin-gi

Paperback. Very Good +.


Marco Polo's Adventures in China

By Rugoff, Milton and editors of Horizon Magazine

New York: American Heritage Pub. Co., 1964. Fourth Printing. Hardcover. Good ++.


The People's Republic of China Perspectives

By Arthur Andersen & Co.

Hong Kong: Arthur Andersen & Co., 1984. Paperback. Very Good +.


A Short History of The Chinese

By Nourse, Mary A.

Philadelphia: New Home Library, 1942. Third edition as stated. Hardcover. Good +/very good.


A Short History of Chinese Civilization

By Wilhelm, Richard

New York: Viking Press, 1929. Hardcover. Very Good-/good.


Traditional Chinese Tales

By Wang, Chi-Chen

New York: Columbia University Press, 1944. Second printing. Hardcover. Very Good +.


Myths & Legends of China

By Edward Theodore Chalmers Werner

New York: Benjamin Blom, 1971. Hardcover. Very Good.


The Chinese Exhibition The Exhibition of the Archaeological Finds of the People's Republic of China

Kansas City, Mo.: Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum, 1975. Paperback. Very Good.


The Civilization of China

By Herbert A. Giles

New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1911. Hardcover. Very Good +.


Neolithic Site at Banpo Near Xian

China, 1982. Paperback. Very Good +.


Freer Gallery of Art Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition II. Chinese Figure Painting

By Thomas Lawton

Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution, 1973. Soft Cover Catalog. Very Good.


A Treasury of Chinese Literature

By edited by Raymond Van Over

Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett Premier, 1972. Paperback. Very Good.


On The Trail of Ancient Man A Narrative of the Field Work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions

By Roy Chapman Andrews

Garden City, N.Y.: Garden City Pub., 1926. Hardcover. Very Good +. photographs by J.B. Shackelford.


Chinese Footbinding The History of a Curious Erotic Custom

By Howard S. Levy

New York: Bell Publishing , 1967. First American edition. Hardcover. Fine/fine.


Journey Into China

By National Geographic Society

Washington DC: National Geographic Society, 1982. Hardcover. Near Fine/near fine.


Shanghai, The Paradise of Adventurers
seller photo

Shanghai, The Paradise of Adventurers

By G.E. Miller ,a pseudonym

New York: Orsay Publishing House, 1937. Hardcover. Very Good.


Life of The Emperors and Empresses in the Forbidden City

Beijing, China: China Travel and Tourism Press, 1983. Second edition. Paperback. Very Good +.


Chinese Mythology

By Anthony Christie

London: Paul Hamlyn, 1975. Hardcover. Near Fine/very good +.


Collecting Chinese export Porcelain

By Elinor Gordon

New York: Main Street Press Universe Books, 1977. Fine/very good.