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Lily Bay Books takes its name from a cove on the east side of Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine. Our logo represents the joy of reading a good book on the quiet shores of Moosehead on a relaxing summer day while the moose signifies our love of the North Woods in our home state. We encourage you to browse our website in search of that perfect book for all your needs and hope you find something to your liking. We offer good books at a fair price from our home-based business. All shipments are bubble-wrapped and then boxed for safe shipment as soon aspossible or the next business day. We strive for customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our inventory grows continuously; please visit us often !

Terms of sale for Lily Bay Books

We guarantee the condition of every book as it has been described. �If your�

�book has not arrived within ten days of the estimated delivery date or is�

�ncorrect or damaged upon arrival, you are eligible for a full refund

including return postage. �If you have changed your mind about your purchase and wish to send it back to us, you will be responsible for return postage. �Upon our receipt of your return, you will be refunded the purchase price only.

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