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Greece and Rome: Builders of Our World

By Merle Severy (Editor and Art Director)

USA: National Geographic Society, 1971. Greece and Rome: Builders of Our World produced by the National Geographic Society - richly illustrated history of the two cultures that have had the most impact on our own--the ancient Greeks and Romans. A great mix of well written pieces in National Geographic tradition, with their award winning photography and excellent supporting art. 440+ pp & well over 500g to post, book & dj in jolly good order. . Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 26.5cm.


Egyptian Mythology

By Ions, Veronica

Newnes Books, 1982. 144pp & over 500g to post. The gods of ancient Egypt were involved with every aspect of life, from the creation of the world to the ordinary details of existence. They embraced the sun and sky, life after death and the fertility of the Nile. This book recalls these gods, their attributes and the stories about them.. Illustrated Card Cover. Very Good/None issued. 27.5cm.


Ancient Iraq

By Roux, Charles

UK: Pelican, 1972. 480pp, less than 500g, previous owner name, plastic covering, crease on reaar cover. Georges Roux was a remarkable man. He was an Anglophile French doctor who worked in Iraq many years ago for an international oil company. While in Iraq and later, he was fascinated by the epic history of the Mesopotamian civilizations that succeeded one another over three thousand years. reviewer says >>> I would not have believed such a distant civilisation could so effortlessly been evoked; something only a great deal of knowledge can achieve. . Paperback. Good/None issued. 18cm.


Before Columbus: Links Between the Old World and Ancient America

By Gordon, Cyrus

Turnstone Press, 1972. Discusses evidence of American landfall by Minoans and Jews in ancient & classical times, and also looks at references to a large land-mass in classical texts. 224 crisp pp & 700g to post. Contents: Mesoamericans portrayed by their own sculptors; Testimony of Greek authors; Plumed Serpent; Megaliths & mariners; The Metcalf Stone & ancient writing; Sea people; Evidence of language; Cultural transmission; Popol Vuh & the ancient Near East; Summation; Postscript on Bat Creek. Gordon shows how (via archeological, ethnographic & linguistic evidence) America developed culturally across the Atlantic and Pacific. The book has numerous photos, illustrations & maps.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 25cm.


History Begins at Sumer

By Kramer, S.N.

UK: Thames & Hudson, 1961. 5000 years ago in the lands of Mesopotamia a civilised society existed in much the way we live now - there were businesses, taxes, officials & militarists. Professor kramer takes us through the doings of the Sumerians in "a style full of delightful humour and humanity" 347pp, 800g to post, faults? the first blank page has been carelessly removed, one can only assume it held some incriminating written evidence of past giving or _____ < insert own creative idea here.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 22cm.


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By Crossley-holland Kevin

The Boydell Press, UK, 2002. The Anglo Saxon World introduces us to the Anglo Saxons in their own words.It takes us into their world via their poetry and stories, art and beliefs.The book is in as new condition. The dust cover has a small tear on the upper back.. 4th Edition. Hard Cover. As New/Good to Very Good. 24 Cm.