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Sunrise in the West Brothers of Gwynedd #1

By Pargeter, Edith

UK: Headline, 1987. 340pp, less than 500g to post. Two brothers, the sons of a Welsh prince, locked in enmity: David, the younger and his father's chosen heir; and Griffith, the illegitimate son. By Welsh law, both are entitled to an equal share of the inheritance. From their bitter rivalry, the seeds of discord are sown. And while they squabble, the enemies of Wales gather.... Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 18cm.


Borderland: A Country-Town Chronicle

By Fothergill, Jessie

London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1887. Borderland: A Country-Town Chronicle - 485pp + 2pg catalogue, over 500g, blind stamped decorative cloth, gilt titling on the spine, corners have wear but not too bad. Jessie Fothergill, author of The First Violin, was a novelist perhaps of the quality of Gaskell or George Eliot. Her first two novels did not sell but her third novel, The First Violin was very popular and made Fothergill's name. The story was written in Dusseldorf by Fothergill and it tells the story of an English girl who rejects the attentions of the rich farmer for the strange attractions of a German. The story was rejected by two publishers because it dealt with an affair by a married woman. The publishers thought this would not be well received but they were mistaken as considerable sales continued not only in Britain but also in the United States. The style of her novels is well summed up by Linda Gardiner in her 1892 Novel Review article: What attracted her were the problems of life, both in human beings themselves and in their relation to their environment, and very few of her leading characters can be truthfully described as amiable or genial personages. The most prominent of them are battling, as human beings are apt to do, with their own hearts and with fate, and inclined to rebellious independence and bitterness of spirit. This gives a somewhat gloomy and aggressive tone to her stories, most conspicuous, perhaps, in Healey and Borderland. But the same qualities which are answerable for this earnestness, intensity, and individuality make the reader feel that time spent over Miss Fothergill’s novels has not been misspent or given in vain, and secure for her an honourable place among the novelists of the Victorian era.. Hardcover. Good/None issued. 19cm.



By Naipaul V.S.

Andre Deutsch, London, 1969. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good in Protective Cover. 21cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.


Ielfstan's Place 15000 BC-1919 AD

By Girling, Richard

UK: Heinemann Quixote Press, 1981. Ielfstan's Place by Richard Girling is 218pp & over the 500g for posting. Richard Girling has come up with a number of fictionalised episodes spread throughout history (beginning in 15,000 BC and ending in 1919 AD) set in the parish of Ilsington on the edge of Dartmoor. Each short story is well written and gets you thinking about the history of any place - and those who've gone before and the stories woven around them. Ielfstan's Place is carefully written with a great deal of attention paid to geograhy and historical accuracy. . Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24 Cm.


The Book of Guinevere

By Hopkins, Andrea

USA: Saraband, 1996. This elegant anthology of the poetry and prose, literature and legend surrounding Guinevere of Camelot looks at the enigmatic figure who has been variously seen as scholar, seductress, warrior, and gentle beauty. Richly illustrated in color with medieval manuscripts and pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, the book explores Guinevere's roles -- as educated scribe to the court, devoted wife of King Arthur, and lover of Sir Lancelot -- through the writings of admirers and detractors alike. An illuminating introduction examines the contradictory traditions and sources for Guinevere's story and explains how many strands were blended by medieval writers into the complex legend we are most familiar with today. review >> A very interesting study of the lady of Arthurian legend. A nice piece of non-fiction dealing with fiction. Loved the illustrations also. 96 crisp pp, illus endpapers, just under 500g to post.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 23 Cm.


TO LIE WITH LIONS The House of Niccolo

By Dunnett Dorothy

Michael Joseph London, 1996. The 6th book in the House of Niccolo series, pageantry and mystery, action and wit intertwine in a glorious panorama of medieval times.. Card Cover. Good. 22cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.



By Bleiler E.F. Edited By

Dover Publications Inc. New York, 1978. Three Victorian Detective Novels well chosen by e.f. bleiler and featuring the work of Andrew Forrester "The Unknown Weapon", Wilkie Collins "My Ladfy's Money" and "Israwl Zangwill "The Big Bow Mystery".. 1st Edition. Card Cover. Good. 21cm.


SCALES OF GOLD  Volyume Four in the House of Niccolo Series
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SCALES OF GOLD Volyume Four in the House of Niccolo Series

By Dunnett Dorothy

Penguin, Australia, 1991. Volume Four in the House of Niccolo Series, This volume conjures up a glorious panorama of medieval times with well researched historical perspectives.. 1st Edition. Card Cover. Good. 19cm.


Everyman for Himself

By Bainbridge, Beryl

UK: Duckworth, 1996. 224 perfect white pp hold the plot of this novel & if after reading you're inclined to a more detailed look at the ship herself we have several books along those lines & even a "Titanic Lifeboat Crew" t-shirt! review >>> This was simply brilliant. The writing was so powerful I had tears in my eys at the end. I thought the plot was very clever. Frequently (but not too frequently) it foreshadowed the end, but in a subtle and poignant way. The characters were also very well described, but I think it was the way that she structured the plot that really made this stand out for me. . Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 22.5cm.


Gone to Earth

By Webb, Mary

UK: Penguin, 1985. A very clean copy of this facsimile edition issued as part of a boxed commemorative set of Penguins with 284 nicely presented pp & covers. "Gone to Earth" is the story of a free-spirited country lass, who is loved both by the wicked squire and the altruistic minister. Gone To Earth - Written in 1917, when all three of Mary Webb’s younger brothers were serving in the trenches of the Western Front, Gone to Earth denounces the callous inhumanity of “civilized” man. Webb’s second novel is a work of high imagination that reflects her horror at the slaughter of young soldiers, yet she never mentions the war that was devastating Europe at the time. Webb clothes her message in the setting and characters she knows best, Shropshire, and translates her anguish and compassion into poetic images. The title of the book is taken from the hunter’s cry, Gone to Earth! when the fox has fled into its underground den. Webb cries out through this allegorical story: why do men, seeing something innocent and beautiful, seek to destroy it? In 1917 Rebecca West proclaimed Gone to Earth as Novel of the Year. Add our very nice copy to your shelves & decide for yourself.. Papeback. Excellent/None issued. 18cm.


Petticoat Government

By Orczy, Baroness

London: Hutchinson Petticoat Government was written by Baroness Orczy, author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, in 1910. It was released under the title Petticoat Rule in the U.S. in the same year. A story of the French aristocracy, the book concerns Madame de Pompadour's influence over the King and France. 288 pp well bound, date is probably very early 10s or 20s, name & address in fine writing first page. Hardcover. Good/No Jacket. 18 Cm.


The She Wolf of France

By Druon, Maurice

London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1960. dj has old cellotape repairs to spine, compressed page edges spotty, 335pp. This is part of a series "The Accursed Kings" (The Iron King, The Strangled Queen, The Poisoned Crown, The Royal Succession - this book - The Lily and the Lion and lastly, When a King Loses France) First British edition and First english-language edition. Spotting on compressed page edges, internally clean & sewn-in binding in lovely order. . 1st UK. Hardcover. Very Good/Fair. 20cm.


On the Trail of Inca Gold

By Lazo, Hector

London: Olbourne, 1957. Sort of a travel/adventure narrative illustrated with bw photos throughout.214 clean well bound pp, foxing to compressed p edge.. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 22cm.


Travelling Heroes Greeks and Their Myths in the Epic Age of Homer

By Fox, Robin Lane

UK: Penguin, 2009. 504 densely packed pp plus index, remainder mark at bottom. This remarkable and original book proposes a new way of thinking about the Greeks and their myths in the age of the great Homeric hymns. It combines a lifetime's familiarity with Greek literature and history with the latest archeological discoveries and the author's own journeys to the main sites in the story to describe how particular Greeks of the eighth century BC travelled east and west around the Mediterranean, and how their extraordinary journeys shaped their ideas of their gods and heroes. It gathers together stories and echoes from many different ancient cultures, not just the Greek - Assyria, Egypt, the Phoenician traders - and ranges from Mesopotamia to the Rio Tinto at Huelva in modern Portugal. Book in great order.. Papeback. Very Good/None Issued. 19.5cm.


Jack Brown in China; A Story of the Russo-Japanese War

By Strang, Herbert

UK: Humphrey Milford, 1938. 368pp, foxing thru but not a distraction, foxing to compressed pp edges, cover illus bright.. Pictorial Boards. Good/None Issued. 19cm.


My Kingdom for a Grave

By Plowman, Stephanie

London: Bodley Head, 1970. A novel about a family's trials and tribulations in Czarist Russia with sympathies for and against the status quo. 239 clean well bound pages. dj complete except for creasing along the top edge and bumped corners.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Fair. 22cm.


Patrol to Benghazi

By Landsborough, Gordon

London: Cassell, 1959. Inscription on first blank page. 195p, clean internally & well-bound, foxing to endpapers. dj has a small section missing & creasing to top. This novel thrillingly encapsulates the feats of courage in desert warfare.. Hard Cover. Good/Fair. 20.5cm.


The Five Miss Willoughbys

By Rees, Rosemary

Chapman and Hall, 1955. A very interesting novel set in the historical times of gold, bushranging and grand occasions. Fox spotting to prelim & final pages, also rear dj, pages are otherwise clean, binding excellent 256pp. Hard Cover. Good/very Good/Good/Fair. 19cm.


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By Welsh Louise

Canongate UK, 2005. "It is 1593 and London is a city on edge. Under threat from plague and war, strangers are unwelcome and severed heads grin from spikes on Tower Bridge. Tamburlaine Must Die is the story of the last days of the playwright Christopher Marlowe, a man who dares to defy Gpd amd state - amd doscpvers tjat there are worse fates than damnation...". Card Cover. As New. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


PORIUS A Romance of the Dark Ages

By Powys Cowper John

Macdonald, London, 1951. Book is in good condition with clean pages, name in front, novel set in the year A.D.499 when King Arthur was seeking to persuade the people of Britain to forget their tribal and religious differences and unite in repelling the barbaric Saxon invaders. Very well researched and presentation of the period. Dust Jacket has small chips and one tear, else is a good copy in plastic cover.. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Good to Very Good/Good in Protective Cover. 21cm.


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