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Australian Bush Flower Essences

By White, Ian

Bantam Books, 1991. Australian Bush Flower Essences by White is 210pp. In Australian Bush Flower Essences, he gives an informative yet personal picture of fifty bush flower essences from all over the country, as well as detailed information about their preparation and use in all areas of healing. In Australian Bush Flower Essences, he gives an informative yet personal picture of fifty bush flower essences from all over the country, as well as detailed information about their preparation and use in all areas of healing. He also provides a bibliography of important works about natural healing and an index of illnesses and their treatment. Fully illustrated, Australian Bush Flower Essences is the most comprehensive and far-reaching book yet written about this important modality. Well over 500g to post.. Card Cover. Very Good/None issued. 25 Cm.


SHEEDS Pockets of Greatness

By Prior, Tom

Wilkinson Books, 1996. Kevin Sheedy is full of surprises. For one thing, he is an old fashioned Australian patriot with some very modern, international ideas. He is all for the family, the Australian team, but also for 'motivation', and he makes huge allowances for individual talents... A book about motivation using the experiences of sporting and non-sporting people who have achieved their potential. Kevin Sheedy describes many footballers from his long career as a coach and observer of football, but also includes other figures such as Lionel Rose, Debbie-Flintoff-King, Johnny Famechon, Ron Casey and Joyce Brown.. Paperback. Very Good/Good/None issued. 23 Cm.


The Universal Heart

By Dowrick, Stephanie

Australia: Penguin, 2003. 'Dowrick is a great teacher, a great observer of human behaviour and a fine tactician, but first and foremost she’s a great story teller' Marcus O’Donnell, Sydney Star Observer. 'Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive' 'infinitely compassionate and accepting' Josephine Brouard, Women’s Health. Stephanie Dowrick invites you to discover the power you have to create relationships built on a rich, generous and inclusive vision of love. She shows how possible it is for you to create positive connections with people. She unravels the knots that end many intimate relationships prematurely. But she is also attentive to the other key relationships in your life - with family, friends, children, colleagues. 444pp in great order, under 500g to post.. Papeback. Excellent/Very Good/None issued. 20cm.


The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace and the Course of History

By Bobbitt, Philip

UK: Allen Lane, 2002. approx 1.5kg packed for post, 922 clean white well bound pp, minor wear to corners & leading edge of dj, This ambitious book sets out to reinterpret the history of the twentieth century as a long war in which conditions of outright military confrontation or of frantic "cold" competition lasted from the outbreak of the first world war until the collapseof the Soviet Union. He goes on to argue that this long experience of war has brought about a fundamental change in the constitutional basis of sates, and explores this idea through the notion of the "market state". By clarifying the relationship between constitutional settlements and military power, and by drawing on his firsthand experience in the heart of superpower planning, Bobbitt reveals a startling new way of understanding the past - and an awesome glimpse of the future. review >>> Breathtaking scope handled with confidence and clarity. Ambitious, erudite, persuasive. A tour de force historical narrative of state hegemonics. But with an agenda. and >>> That Bobbitt writes elegantly and synthesizes everything from poetry to policy to warfare to theory so beautifully makes the experience all the more rewarding and compelling. . 1st. Hardcover. Excellent/Good. 24 Cm.


A Wealth of Wisdom: Legendary African American Elders Speak

By Camille Cosby, Renee Poussaint

USA: Atria, 2004. The editors collected these stories as part of the (US) National Visionary Leadership Project - The wisdom of our elders is our most valuable resource. In A Wealth of Wisdom, a collection of stories, experiences, and observations of more than fifty African Americans, ages seventy and over, extraordinary men and women explain how we as a nation got to where we are. With accounts by everyone from Maya Angelou and Ray Charles to Robert Guillaume and Coretta Scott King, these pivotal leaders -- representing every region in the nation and covering a wide range of professional and personal lifestyles -- take us behind their historic public moments to their underlying personal realities. 279 immaculate pp. Hardcover. As New/As New. Illus. by Howard Bingham. 22cm.


Beat the Blues

By Newell, Malcolm

USA: Stirling Books, 1996. This guide to coping with depression discusses the nature of depression and the causes of mood swings. Provides advice on managing various factors that can contribute to depression and gives information about anti-depressants and other therapies used to treat depression. 171 pp includes an index. . Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 18 Cm.


Even the Daylight Appeared Dark “A Journey through Life, the Military, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

By Wadsworth, Matthew

USA: AuthorHouse, 2011. author info > Following a suicide attempt Matthew had to find answers to what made him get to the point of utter despair, he found some of them, and it gave him enough strength to continue, until his next tour of duty, Helmand, Afghanistan. On returning home his dreams were a constant reminder of his time away, his dreams were soon to spill over into daytime and everyday things started to remind him of events in Afghanistan. review > The book takes you on a painful journey that will help to throw a ray of light into the perpetual darkness of this infernal illness. Matthew shows us that a way out is possible and that traditional therapies are not the only way. There are alternative treatments that can make the difference. He shows us by lighting a matchstick of possibilities, that with the right help it can become a flame to light us out of the darkness. Only fault is corner crease. 265 clean white well bound pp.. Paperback. Excellent/Very Good/None issued. 20.5cm.


Re-visioning the Earth a guide to opening the healing channels between mind and Nature

By Devereux, Paul

USA: Simon & Schuster, 1996. The earth has geological ages in hundreds of millions of years to recover from us, BUT our survival on the planet demands attention. In this unique and groundbreaking book, Paul Devereux has written a practical guide to using the power and energy of nature to heal ourselves - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Combining the most recent research on intelligence and perception with the wisdom and insight of ancient traditions, 304 clean white well bound pp.. Paperback. Very Good - Good/None Issued. 21.5cm.


Shifting Sands

By Donahue, Steve

USA: Berrett-Koehleer, 2004. A gripping tale of Donahue's crossing of the Sahara desert BUT with a metaphorical take - the crossing of the desert as a metaphor for a life's journey - the people, the places, the events that mark a lifetime. 149pp incl bw photos.. Papeback. Excellent/None issued. 21.5cm.


Artistry in Training: Thinking Differently About the Way You Help People to Learn

By Burns, Stephanie

Australia: Woodslane Press, 1996. "A landmark book in the professionalisation of the occupation of corporate trainer" Book focuses on both trainer & learner. French flaps enclose 273 clean, tight, white pp.. 1st Australian Edition. Softcover. Excellent/None Issued. 23.5cm.


On Flowers

By Kleinman, K and Slavin, S

Australia: Angus & Robertson, 1992. 159 perfect pages of gorgeous, engaging photos & text. This book exemplifies excellence in design and layout.. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued. 23.5cm.


CULTURE SHOCK Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living

By Loss Myron

Light & Life Press, U.S.A., 1993. A helpful guide to those working in cross-cultural environment, especially those of a missionary nature.. 3rd Printing. Illustrated Card Cover. As New. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


stock photo


By Norwood Mandi

Thorsons, 2000. Very Good/Good condition. Clean pages and tight binding. No inscription. Clean and unmarked cover. Clean compressed page edge. . First Edition. Paperback. Very Good/Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Sanger Sirgay and Kelly John

Bantam Books, 1988. Very Good condition. No inscription. Clean and unmarked cover. Unclipped dustjacket. Making work a positive force in the life of your child.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.



By Martin Gill

Macdonald, Optima, London, 1989. Alternative Health. . Soft Cover. Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Crabbe Buster with Cilento Raphael

Angus & Robertson, 1981. Very Good condition. Clean pages and tight binding. Inscription on inside front cover. Clean, unmarked boards, slightly worn on lower edge. Clean compressed page edge.. Reprint. Half-Leather. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Fitzgerald Ross and Henderson Anne

Harper Collins, 1999. Very Good condition. Clean pages and tight binding. No inscription. Clean, unmarked cover.. First Edition. Paperback. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Mindell Earl

Keats Publishing, 1982. Good condition. Clean pages, tight binding, no inscription. Cover slightly worn.. Reprint. Paperback. Good. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall.



By Molloy Margaret

Diabetes Australia, 1977. Very Good condition. Clean pages and tight binding. Clean and unmarked cover. Signed by author.. Signed by Author. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Pullum W.A

Athletic Publications Ltd. Very Good condition. Clean pages and tight binding. No inscription. Clean, unmarked boards, protected in plastic. Fly attached to inside front cover. Clean compressed page edge. Nice copy. "I will endeavor to show my readers what i have shown my pupils at Camberwell now for 40 years, viz., that weight-lifting as I teach it - is both easy and interesting".. Hard Cover. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


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