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A Nietzsche Reader

By Hollingdale, RJ (& Nietzsche)

Penguin, 1977. Less than 500g, 286pp The literary career of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) spanned less than twenty years, but no area of intellectual inquiry was left untouched by his iconoclastic genius. The philosopher who announced the death of God in The Gay Science (1882) and went on to challenge the Christian code of morality in Beyond Good and Evil (1886), grappled with the fundamental issues of the human condition in his own intense autobiography, Ecce Homo (1888). Most notorious of all, perhaps, his idea of the triumphantly transgressive übermann ('superman') is developed in the extreme, yet poetic words of Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883-92). Whether addressing conventional Western philosophy or breaking new ground, Nietzsche vastly extended the boundaries of nineteenth-century thought. review says >>> Nietzsche yells out that God is dead and he’s glad for that. Christianity shuts us down, tells us we are bad and tells us how to be good. Christianity is his primary target, but he’s also against our tribal life that creates conformity (the herd mentality). Philosophers are prime targets as well. Plato, Kant and others insist on a universality that buries the individual. The will-to-power is about the will-to-live, to seek what we need and to defend against what we don’t need. Collectively, life is “appropriation” and “self-preservation.” There is nothing wrong with animal instincts he says, but there is everything wrong with religious, social, and ethical rules that tell us that we are bad beings. Faults? crease on cover, maybe it was the prev owner's repression being expressed. . ??. Paperback. Good/None issued. 17.5cm.


Gibran in His Museum

By Wahib Kairuz (Kayrouz)

Bacharia, 1999. 143 crisp white pp with masses of illustration throughout, over 500g to post. Written by the curator of the Gibran Museum in Bsharri, Lebanon, the hometown of both men. Kairuz uses the letters & manuscripts to give us a picture, some might say also a secret message in the works. Book has a gift dedication (on the dedication page), is well bound & will make fine reading.. 3rd Edition. Illustrated Board Cover. Excellent/No Jacket. Illus. by Victor Fakhry (photos). 30.5cm.


The Universal Heart

By Dowrick, Stephanie

Australia: Penguin, 2003. 'Dowrick is a great teacher, a great observer of human behaviour and a fine tactician, but first and foremost she’s a great story teller' Marcus O’Donnell, Sydney Star Observer. 'Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive' 'infinitely compassionate and accepting' Josephine Brouard, Women’s Health. Stephanie Dowrick invites you to discover the power you have to create relationships built on a rich, generous and inclusive vision of love. She shows how possible it is for you to create positive connections with people. She unravels the knots that end many intimate relationships prematurely. But she is also attentive to the other key relationships in your life - with family, friends, children, colleagues. 444pp in great order, under 500g to post.. Papeback. Excellent/Very Good/None issued. 20cm.


The Handbook Of Organic Husbandry

By Blake, Francis

The Crowood Press, 1987. Blake in The Handbook Of Organic Husbandry (1987) examines organic livestock production. He outlines the established standards for rearing cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. All three books discuss animal health and welfare issues and provide practical advice on disease control measures acceptable that comply to organic standards. 221 perfect pp.. Hardcover. Excellent/None issued. 22cm.


Eastern Wisdom The Philosophies and Rituals of the East

By Jordan, Michael

UK: Carlton, 1997. Covering myths and origins, major thinkers and practitioners, rituals, symbols, practice today, and more, this book provides an accessible, fully illustrated introduction to the major religions and philosophies of China, Japan, and India. 112 color illustrations. 56 black and white illustrations. 224pp & 1.3 kgs. Hardcover. Very Good/excellent/Very Good/Good. 29cm.


Even the Daylight Appeared Dark “A Journey through Life, the Military, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

By Wadsworth, Matthew

USA: AuthorHouse, 2011. author info > Following a suicide attempt Matthew had to find answers to what made him get to the point of utter despair, he found some of them, and it gave him enough strength to continue, until his next tour of duty, Helmand, Afghanistan. On returning home his dreams were a constant reminder of his time away, his dreams were soon to spill over into daytime and everyday things started to remind him of events in Afghanistan. review > The book takes you on a painful journey that will help to throw a ray of light into the perpetual darkness of this infernal illness. Matthew shows us that a way out is possible and that traditional therapies are not the only way. There are alternative treatments that can make the difference. He shows us by lighting a matchstick of possibilities, that with the right help it can become a flame to light us out of the darkness. Only fault is corner crease. 265 clean white well bound pp.. Paperback. Excellent/Very Good/None issued. 20.5cm.


Re-visioning the Earth a guide to opening the healing channels between mind and Nature

By Devereux, Paul

USA: Simon & Schuster, 1996. The earth has geological ages in hundreds of millions of years to recover from us, BUT our survival on the planet demands attention. In this unique and groundbreaking book, Paul Devereux has written a practical guide to using the power and energy of nature to heal ourselves - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Combining the most recent research on intelligence and perception with the wisdom and insight of ancient traditions, 304 clean white well bound pp.. Paperback. Very Good - Good/None Issued. 21.5cm.



By Olson, Bruce

USA: Creation House, 1996. 202pp, crease to upper right corner, Fascinating story of a young man who feels called to evangelize the Motilone Indians in Columbia. At nineteen he strikes out for the jungle--endures much hardship, but is stubborn beyond belief... His sixth sense about not bringing Western civilization along with his spiritual beliefs is beautiful. An incredible glimpse inside another world. All pp clean, owner name page1.. Papeback. Good/None issued. 22.5cm.


The Philosophy of A. J. Ayer (Library of Living Philosophers, Vol. XXI)

By Hahn (ed)

USA: Open Court Publishing Company, 1992. 696pp + nearly 1 kg on the thoughts & musings & reasoning of Ayers This, the 21st volume in the Library of Living Philosophers, is more than Sir Alfred Ayer's final word on the philosophical issues that preoccupied him for more than sixty years; the list of contributors is a roll-call of some of the greatest living figures in philosophy, each expertly addressing a key problem arising in Ayer's work. Most of the critical papers are answered directly and in detail by Sir Alfred-he completed his replies to 21 of the 24 papers before his death. These are many of the words you will become familiar with & indicate the content - account action analysis another answer argument ayer belief believe causal cause certain claim concept different does empirical even events evidence example experience fact first general given good however hume idea indeed kind knowledge language logic logical matter may meaning means might mind moral need objects own person philosophers philosophical philosophy physical position possible principle problem properties propositions question reason relation science scientific sense sentences should since something statements states theory think time true truth view whether word world bio - Sir Alfred Jules "Freddie" Ayer 29 October 1910, London – 27 June 1989, London) was a British philosopher known for his promotion of logical positivism, particularly in his books Language, Truth, and Logic (1936) and The Problem of Knowledge (1956). Ayer was a Special Operations Executive and MI6 agent during the Second World War. He was the Grote Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic at University College London from 1946 until 1959, when he became Wykeham Professor of Logic at the University of Oxford. He was president of the Aristotelian Society from 1951 to 1952. He was knighted in 1970.. 1st. Papeback. Very Good/None issued. 23cm.


Photography: A Critical Introduction

By Wells, Liz (ed)

London: Routledge, 2001. 384pp of photographic wisdom presented in a series of themed chapters. This book looks at aspects of photography within its political & societal contexts & is of course prolifically illustrated & annotated. About 20 pp have some lines of text highlighted, presumably for an assignment or an article. Otherwise binding & pages clean, tight & white.. 2nd Edition. Card Cover. Very Good/None Issued. 24.5cm.


Friendship, Altruism and Morality

By Blum Lawrence A.

London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1980. Drawing on Schopenhauer's criticism of Kant, Blum develops a moral perspective grounded in direct concern for the well-being of others, which provides a full fledged alternative to both Kantianism and utilitarianism. Book is in very good condition, price intact, previous owners name written once. Nice copy.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good.



By Gibbs Philip

Angus & Robertson, London, 1960. Book is in good condition, d/j has chip to top front.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Fair, in Protective Wrap. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.