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The Media: A New Analysis of the Press, Television, Radio, and Advertising in Australia

By Windschuttle, Keith

Penguin, 1985. The Media: A New Analysis of the Press, Television, Radio, and Advertising in Australia by Windschuttle is 436pp & under 500g.. Paperback. Very Good/Good/None issued. 21.5cm.


The secret state: Whitehall and the Cold War

By Hennessy, Peter

UK: Allen Lane, 2002. 234 crisp pp, photo section, 700g to post. As Cold War Britain came under the terrifying shadow of nuclear destruction, secret government plans were underway to ensure the survival of a chosen few. Peter Hennessy's book draws on recently declassified intelligence and war-planning documents, and interviews with key officials, to reveal a chilling behind-the-scenes picture of the corridors of power when the world teetered on the brink of disaster. Who would have gone underground with the Prime Minister in the event of an attack? Where is their secret bunker? Under what circumstances would we retaliate? Where were the Soviets' UK targets thought to be? Whose finger was - and is - on the button? And what kind of world would have been left when the dust had settled and 'breakdown' had occurred ...?. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 24 Cm.


Venona The Greatest Secret of the Cold War

By West, Nigel

Harper Collins, 1999. Over 500g, ex-Plymouth lib with plastic over the dj, 384 pp in great order. The hitherto untold story of the peacetime equivalent of ULTRA, an extraordinary cryptographic effort conducted in conditions of unprecedented secrecy over three decades which gave Western counter-intelligence experts a fascinating glimpse into how Soviet Russia recruited and ran hundreds of moles across the globe. Based on the only set of decrypts held in Britain outside Whitehall, supplemented by interviews with most of the principal players in the venona drama. The US National Security Agency and its British counterpart in Cheltenham, GCHQ, spent 37 years analysing cipher traffic to and from Moscow. Venona provided the FBI and CIA with compelling evidence against the Rosenbergs, Hiss, Fuchs, Donald Maclean and many others, but (to protect the source) venona could not be mentioned in any trial. Nigel West identifies for the first time the real names of several important Soviet British spies (including the famous scientist J.B.S. Haldane and the Hon. Ivor Montagu).. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good/Excellent/very Good. 24 Cm.


March Arabesque

By Bustani, Emile

Robert Hale, 1961. Emile Bustani was born into a poor Lebanese family in 1907, in the twilight years of the Ottoman Empire. When he died in an airplane crash in 1963, he was one of the most influential businessmen and philanthropists in the Middle East and a leading figure in the politics of the region. Emile Bustani looked less to the glories of an Arab past than to the possibilities of a dynamic Arab Renaissance. 216pp, over 500g. reviewer says >>> This is a great start to understand Arab Nationalism and the events that have produced the middle east political scene as we know it now and have in the 19th and 20th century. . 1st. Hardcover. Very Good/Good/Fair. 21.5cm.


Interpreting China's grand strategy: past, present, and Future

By Michael D. Swaine, Ashley J. Tellis

USA: Rand McNally & Company, 2000. Interpreting China's grand strategy: past, present, and future is some 283 pages & over 500g to post. China's continuing rapid economic growth and expanding involvement in global affairs pose major implications for the power structure of the international system. To more accurately and fully assess the significance of China's emergence for the United States and the global community, it is necessary to gain a more complete understanding of Chinese security thought and behavior. This study addresses such questions as: What are China's most fundamental national security objectives? How has the Chinese state employed force and diplomacy in the pursuit of these objectives over the centuries? What security strategy does China pursue today and how will it evolve in the future? The study asserts that Chinese history, the behavior of earlier rising powers, and the basic structure and logic of international power relations all suggest that, although a strong China will likely become more assertive globally, this possibility is unlikely to emerge before 2015-2020 at the earliest. To handle this situation, the study argues that the United States should adopt a policy of realistic engagement with China that combines efforts to pursue cooperation whenever possible; to prevent, if necessary, the acquisition by China of capabilities that would threaten America's core national security interests; and to remain prepared to cope with the consequences of a more assertive China.. Softcover. Excellent/None issued. 23 Cm.


Can Chamberlain Save Britain ? The Lesson of Munich

By Brooks, Collin

UK: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1938. Can Chamberlain Save Britain ? The Lesson of Munich by Brooks is a critique of goverment policies of the 1930s which left Britain militarily and economically ill-equipped to engage in another world war or to weather the threat of economic collapse. 247pp with maps as endpapers, over 500g. William Collin Brooks served with merit in WW1 and was a well-known & respected journalist & writer with works on both politics, finance & fiction. His book prior to this one looks at Britains travails as the recession slowly ends.. 1st. Hard Boards. Good/No Jacket. 23 Cm.


MR. ATTLEE An Interim Biography

By Jenkins Roy

William Heinemann, London, 1948. A full and authoritative biography from the pen of Roy Jenkins who knew Mr. Attlee well. The Author has carefully studied the whole political background and presents a biography from home life at Putney, school days at Haileybury and Oxford and follows Atlee's political career until he enters No,. 10, Downing Street. Foxing to compressed page edges, title page and following page. Small inscription and name in front. Dust Jacket has uniform foxing with a 3cm tear to front . Now in removable plastic sleeve.. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good/Fair in Protective Cover. 22cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.


Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth

By Gandhi, Mohandas K

Dover Publications Inc., 1983. Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Gandhi is 468pp + catalogue & over 500g to post. Gandhi's non-violent struggles against racism, violence, and colonialism in South Africa and India had brought him to such a level of notoriety, adulation that when asked to write an autobiography midway through his career, he took it as an opportunity to explain himself. He feared the enthusiasm for his ideas tended to exceed a deeper understanding of his quest for truth rooted in devotion to God. His attempts to get closer to this divine power led him to seek purity through simple living, dietary practices, celibacy, and a life without violence. This is not a straightforward narrative biography, in The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Gandhi offers his life story as a reference for those who would follow in his footsteps.. Card Cover. Excellent/Very Good/None issued. 22cm.


The Measure of the Years

By Menzies, Sir Robert

Coronet, 1972. 287pp & less than 500g to post, gift inscription 1st page. Menzies was PM for close to 20 years & this is his memories of those years such as the notorious Petrov scandal, ANZUS, Aust's growing connection to SE Asian trade.. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 17cm.


Latham at Large

By Latham, Mark

Melbourne University Publishing, 2201. Latham at Large by Mark Latham is published by Melbourne University Publishing & is some 267 crisp pp & less than 500g to post.. Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 23 Cm.


The War that Never Was: The Fall of the Soviet Empire 1985 - 1991

By Pryce-Jones, David

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1995. The War that Never Was: The Fall of the Soviet Empire 1985 - 1991 by David Pryce-Jones is just over a kilo & 456 crisp pp. Faults? spine sunned. Here's the drum >> This is an account of the end of the Soviet empire. The coup of August 1991 brought an end not only to Gorbachev's political career, but to the entire Soviet Union: communism imploded, the Berlin Wall had been dismantled, Germany reunified, and several European states regained their independence. This reordering of the world, unimaginable to most people in the West, occurred remarkably peacefully. David Pryce-Jones travelled throughout the former empire to ask the major political personalities for their opinions and reactions as to why this happened. He asked why Gorbachev and the leadership didn't resort to armed violence in classic Soviet style; how much was accidental, how much planned; and how much will never be known about the workings of the impenetrable structure which held together the Soviet bloc. Party leaders, decision-makers and first secretaries of the Soviet republics and satellites each give their version of events, often speaking frankly about Gorbachev, his motivations and actions.. Hardcover. Excellent/Good. 25.5cm.


Lazarus Rising

By Howard, John

HarperCollins, 2010. 711pp, 2 photo sections, 1.3 kg to post. John Howard spent decades under media scrutiny, and while his credentials as a political leader, devoted family man and sports tragic are beyond dispute, in this autobiography he reveals much more about himself. In Lazarus Rising Howard traces his personal and political journey, from childhood in the post-World War II era through to the present day, painting a fascinating picture of a changing Australia. We see the youngster who had to overcome serious deafness and who latched onto the family passion for current affairs and politics. From school debating, to a legal career, to the Liberal Party and life with Janette, it all seemed such a natural progression. Yet no one would say that Howard had it easy; not when his own colleagues sidelined him ... twice. An economic radical and social conservative, John Howard?s ideology united many Australians and divided just as many others. Long before he attained the role of prime minister, he first had to convince his fellow Liberals that he was the man they needed. To do that, he had to tough it out; it took several attempts and many years biding his time. When he finally got his turn to take on the ALP, he proved wrong all his doubters, and showed a whole nation that it had been a mistake ever to underestimate John Howard. He led the Liberal Party to victory in four elections and became the second-longest-serving PM in the nation?s history.Lazarus Rising is history seen through the eyes of the ultimate insider; an account of a 30-year political career. No prime minister of modern times has reshaped Australia and its place in the world as forcefully as John Howard. As part of his reform agenda he privatised Telstra, dismantled award wages and compulsory trade union membership, instituted the unpopular Goods and Services Tax, and established the ?work for the dole? scheme. Then there are the insights into political leadership and character, the stuff that drives history. Without his deep reserves of resilience - and the support of a strong wife and loving family - there would have been no Prime Minister John Howard walking the world stage. He tells us how he responded on issues vital to Australia, such as gun control, the aftermath of 9/11, and the rising tide of asylum-seekers. He also shares his thoughts on his former Treasurer and rival for the leadership, Peter Costello, and the Rudd-Gillard stoush. Lazarus Rising takes us through the life and motivations of John Howard and through the forces which have changed and shaped both him and the country he led for 11 years. "In the end, John Howard will be seen by vast numbers of Australians as one of the great prime ministers." Professor Geoffrey Blainey. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24 Cm.


The High Price Of Heaven - A Book About The Enemies Of Pleasure and Freedom

By Marr, David

Allen & Unwin, 1999. 319pp & over 500g to post. Priests and preachers have returned to haunt Australian politics. The mission is to get us all to heaven by banning drugs, chopping movies and turning the criminal law against sex. The High Price of Heaven is about the politics of salvation - and the cruelty, comedy, and pain inflicted by the enemies of freedom and pleasure. This is also a book of stories - of murder and chicanery, suicide and savvy bishops, of the Methodist childhood of John Howard and the ruthless Christian warriors who fight the drugs war, of bizarre censorship and bigotry on the High Court, brawls behind the closed doors of elite church schools, the endless Crusade against sodomy and the devout life of Brian Harradine. David Marr's aim is to make sense of what's happening as this country drifts back in time, by disentangling the theology from the politics. Provocative and quirky, The High Price of Heaven is an illuminating book from one of Australia's finest writers.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 20.5cm.


Napoleon for Dummies

By Markham, David

USA: Wiley Publishing, 2005. 364pp & 700g to post Explains his influence on the military, law, politics, and religion Get the real story of Napoleon Bonaparte Not sure what?s true about Napoleon? This easy-to-follow guide gets past the stereotypes and introduces you to this extraordinary man?s beginnings, accomplishments, and famous romances. It traces Napoleon?s rise from Corsican military cadet to Emperor of the French, chronicles his military campaigns, explains the mistakes that led to his removal from power, and explores his lasting impact on Europe and the world. Discover ? How Napoleon built and lost an empire ? The forces that influenced him ? Why he created the Napoleonic Code ? The inside story on Josephine ? How he helped shape modern–day Europe. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 24cm.


Rural Communism in France 1920-1939

By Boswell, Laird

USA: Cornell University Press, 1998. 266 crisp white pp & 750 g to post. Communism has been an enduring presence on the French political scene for most of this century. It remains so in areas of the countryside, despite its collapse in the Soviet Union and in most of France's urban areas. Shifting the emphasis away from the often-studied relationship between communism and the working class, Laird Boswell proposes a new interpretation of the French Communist Party's success and illuminates rural social and political behavior during a critical period of economic crisis. Drawing on extensive interviews with thirty-four surviving communist militants and an analysis of voter behavior, this book focuses on the Party's persistent strength during the interwar period in such rural strongholds as the Limousin and the Dordogne. Boswell shows how communism introduced modern politics in isolated rural communities, revived networks of village sociability and culture, and responded to the state's inability to cope with the massive upheaval brought about by the gradual disappearance of peasant society. Boswell challenges standard interpretations that attribute Party success in rural areas to leftist voting traditions, red republicanism, or family structures. By showing how French peasants used the political arena to defend their interests, his book provides significant insights on the nature of European communism and on the transformation of the French countryside in the twentieth century.. Hardcover. Fine/Excellent. 24 Cm.


For the Love of Prague

By Deitch, Gene

Czech Republic, 1998. 307pp plus some colour pics at rear. Less than 500g to post. For The Love of Prague is the true love story of the only free American continuously living in Prague during 30 years of the communist regime, yet was free of its control, free to travel in and out of the iron curtain at will, and managed a completely independent career and lovc of an astounding Czech woman. The book could only be written after the "Velvet Revolution" of 1989. Before that, the author's life was a delicate and amazing tight wire act. -from the author > Prague is a city fallen in love with on a first visit. The glittering and rich Prague of today is far from pefect, but it is beyond comparison to the gray and dowdy town I had to cope with during 30 years of communism, when my dear little Zdenka and I dodged through a hair-raisng series of survival adventures. In a crazy way, much of it was hilariously funny, and even in its over-the-top 180-degree adaption of capitalism, it remains a place of absurdities, while at the same time providing something for everyone. There is no place quite like Prague.. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 21.5cm.


American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from the Revolution to Desert Storm

By Buckley, Gail

USA: Random House, 2001. 535pp, a kilo packed to post. American Patriots is one of the great untold stories in American history. There have been books on individual black soldiers, but this is the first to tell the full story of the black American military experience, starting with the Revolution and culminating with Desert Storm. The best histories are about more than facts and events — they capture the spirit that drives men to better their lives and to demand of themselves the highest form of sacrifice. That spirit permeates Gail Buckley’s dramatic, deeply moving, and inspiring book. You’ll meet the men who fought in the decisive engagements of the Revolution, the legendary Buffalo soldiers, and the heroic black regiments of the Civil War. You’ll meet some of America’s greatest patriots — men who fought in the First and Second World Wars when their country denied them access to equipment and training, segregated the ranks, and did all it could to keep them off the battlefield. You’ll meet the heroes of Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. And you’ll meet two families, the Lews and the Pierces, who have served in every American engagement since the Revolution. FDR used to say that Americanism was a matter of the mind and heart, not of race and ancestry. With photographs throughout and dozens of original interviews with veterans, American Patriots is a tribute to the black American men and women who fought and gave their lives in the service of that ideal.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24 Cm.


Hidden Agendas

By Pilger, John

Vintage, 1998. In this powerful book, journalist and film maker John Pilger strips away the layers of deception, dissembling language and omission that prevent us from understanding how the world really works. From the invisible corners of Tony Blair's Britain to Burma, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa and the illusions of the 'media age', power, he argues, has its own agenda. Unchallenged, it operates to protect its interests with a cynical disregard for people - shaping, and often devastating, millions of lives. By unravelling the hidden histories of contemporary events, Pilger allows us to read between the lines. He also celebrates the eloquent defiance and courage of those who resist oppression and give us hope for the future. Tenaciously researched and written with passion and wit, Hidden Agendas will change the way you see the world.. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 20.5cm.


The Duff Cooper Diaries

By Norwich, John Julius (ed & intro)

UK: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005. 512pp including photo sections, a kilo to post. Duff Cooper was a first-rate witness of just about every significant event from 1914 to 1950. His diary includes some magnificent set pieces - as a young soldier at the end of WWI, as a politician during the General Strike of 1926, as King Edward VIII's friend at the time of the Abdication, and from Paris after the liberation in 1944, when he became British ambassador. If Duff Cooper's name has dimmed in the 50 years since his death, publication of these diaries will bring him to the fore once again. His family have long resisted publication - indeed Duff Cooper's nephew, the publisher Rupert Hart-Davis, was so shocked by the sexual revelations that he suggested to John Julius Norwich that it might be best for all concerned if they were burnt. Now, superbly edited by John Julius Norwich, who familial link ensures all kinds of additional information as footnotes, these diaries join the ranks. Opinion de moi >>> a stunning "unique" morality seems to be the hallmark of many of Cooper's personal choices. His marriage to Diana Cooper (a social beauty of the age), his military career, his political work, & much more give this book has a magnetic allure to grasp the insider view. If you're fascinated by this era you'll be the wiser for reading this extensive bioview.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 23.5cm.


Power in the Liberal Party: A Study in Australian Politics

By West, Katharine

FW Cheshire, 1965. 289 crisp pp, 750g to post, several photo sunned top left (maybe a Labor sun?) A really in depth useful look at how the Liberal party established itself as a major political force in Australia's most important and challenging years.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good/Good. 25 Cm.


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