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By Thomson, Malcolm & Others

Colorgravure Publications Australia Well presented biography from King George's childhood and early mnhood, his years as Duke of York, world travel, sportsman, devoted husband and father and through to his Coronation and finally to his lying in State and the Royal Funeral. Includes many colour and b/w photographs of historical significance. More than 500g to post, 160pp.. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good in Protective Cover. 26cm.


The Royal Visit 1954

By Anon

Canberra: Commonwealth Government of Australia, 1954. The Royal Visit 1954 is a small oblong shaped booklet that was published by Commonwealth Government of Australia in 1954 & was issued as a souvenir issued to school children to mark the visit of the Queen and Prince Phillip to Australia in 1954, it has a presentation page at front (not filled in), many reddish and black toned photographs of the Queen and her family; former Royal visits to Australia; Royal transport in Australia; the Queen's representatives; and sketches of the symbols of Royalty. Inside the back cover is the Australian Itinerary & a plotted map. Faults? the coat of arms on the rear has tracing line along the spine of the kangaroo, last page has a corner crease.. Softcover. Very Good/None issued. 12cm.


Elizabeth Apprenticeship

By Starkey, David

Vintage, 2001. 372 crisp pp, 2 photo sections, less than 500g to post. A woman in a man's world, confident of her destiny to reign, intensely intelligent, passionately sexual yet (she said) a virgin, Elizabeth was to become England's most successful ruler. Finding her way through the labyrinthine plots that surrounded the court, she had to live by her wits, surrounded by betrayal and suspicion, not knowing who to trust with her desire to be queen, or her desire to be a lover.... Softcover. Excellent/None issued. 18 Cm.


THE CROWNED LIONS   The Early Plantagenet Kings
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THE CROWNED LIONS The Early Plantagenet Kings

By Bingham Caroline

David & Charles, London, 1978. Caroline Bingham has written a fascinating and authoritative work which brings to life one of the most intriguing eras in English history.. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 24 Cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.



By Chase Nicholas

HEINEMANN, lONDON, 1983. Filled with the sounds of battle, the brilliant pageantry of court and set in the Middle Ages, this is an absorbing narrative of excitement and romance.. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Excellent/Excellent. 25 Cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.


The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency 1811 to 1820

By Priestley, J.B.

UK: Heinemann, 1969. 304pp & 1.3 kg to post, dj has repaired tears atop spine & a small tear top front. The period of the Regency is the most romantic period of British history. It was an age which swung between extremes of elegance and refinement and depths of sodden brutality. The central figure is the Prince Regent, Prinny, and though he sometimes appears as a gigantic spoilt child, he was famously good company and a notable patron of the arts. With his novelist's insight the author paints a glittering portrait of the Romantic Age. It was an Age marked by prize-fights and Luddite riots, the Congress of Vienna, the battles of Waterloo and Peterloo, the first waltzes and the first locomotives and half-naked children sweeping chimneys. review >> Great reference book on the Regency period. Writing style made it very easy to read. and >>> One of the most informative and attractively written books on the Regency Period. The author's style is warm and pleasant, and he introduces notable personalities of the era with ease.. Hardcover. Very Good/Fair. 25 Cm.


Elizabeth's Britain 1926 to 1986

By Ziegler, Philip

UK: Guild Publishing, 1986. 351pp including index . A look at the developing history of Britain in the 40 years of the Queen's reign showing how things & society has changed, and how much has disappeared, what are the gains. Lavishly Illustrated in colour and bw, line drawings, facsimile documents and posters, art works, etc. Photgraphic endpapers.. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 31.5cm.


A Dress for Diana

By Emanuel, David & Elizabeth

UK: Pavilion Books Limited, 2006. 208 snowy pp, 1.5 kilo to post. July 29,1981-The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer was one of the iconic moments of the twentieth century. It remains a day embedded in the memory of millions of people around the world over 800 million people were watching at home on television. Of all the images from the day, the most unforgettable is Diana's arrival at St. Paul's Cathedral in a glass carriage and the public's first glimpse of the best kept secret of the day, the royal wedding dress: layers of silk, antique lace, pearls, sequins, and a 25-foot train, which had been hidden in a vault in London, concealed from the public eye. It was a true Cinderella dress, one the public is joyfully remembering today as they anxiously wait to see if the wedding grown of England's future princess, Kate Middletown who is already known for dressing like Diana at royal events, can surpass it. For the designers, David Emanuel and Elizabeth Emanuel who created Diana's dress, it was "a fairytale come true.". Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 29cm.


The Tudor Navy1485-1603 The Ships Men and Organisation

By Nelson, Arthur

UK: Conway Maritime Press, 2001. Faults? the book has a stamp inside sayng damaged stock, the dj has a small closed tear at top rear flap fold, ditto v small closed tear front lower but else seems good as gold to me, maybe they were having a "bad cover day"? 224 crisp white pp & 1.5 kilos of Tudor naval info >>> Bridging the transition from the medieval to the modern worlds, the Tudor dynasty ruled England during a dynamic period of maritime and naval history--the time of the Mary Rose, the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake, and the birth of British sea power. From the pre-Tudor navies dating back to Alfred the Great through the sixteenth-century reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, the author provides a detailed record of naval activities involving English ships, organized by monarch and naval campaigns. In addition, the book portrays the individuals involved and the inner workings of the Tudor navy's organizational structure. review >>> The author proposes a lively and imaginative interpretation of the politics of the time as though he were embroiled.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 30cm.


Henry Virtuous Prince

By Starkey, David

UK: Harper Press, 2008. 413 clean white well bound pp with three illust sections amidshps. review >>> I have read almost every book I can find about Henry VIII and though I knew next to everything about him. This book was so interesting and such a refreshing read. Starkey, like always, has made reading this non-fiction book feel like reading a novel. One of my all time favourite books. and >>> An excellent biography of the young Prince Henry, and then his early reign as Henry VIII. Starkey does a fantastic job of seperating the two very different Henrys in history - the young and virtuous one, and the old and mad one. Henry began his reign with so much potential, but was soon drunk with power. . Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24 Cm.


The Prince and Princess of Wales' Wedding Day

London: Pitkin Pictorials Ltd., 1981. The Prince and Princess of Wales' Wedding Day - 32 pp all in really pristine order; information re the day, the clothes - full page line art of Elizabeth Emanuel's design for Diana, info re the guests, the ceremony, many full page pics, inside cover is an ad for souvenir china cups, plates. Softcover. Excellent/None issued. 29cm.



By Kurenberg, Joachim von. Translated by H.T. Russell and Herta Hagen

London: Cassell, 1954. 370 pp, hard cover in dust jacket. dj clipped & 3 small tears at top corners B&w plates. "(The author) first met Kaiser Wilhelm when serving as a Guards officer in Potsdam. His associations at this time and his subsequent life in the German Embassies at Constantinople, Rome and Vienna, provided him with experience of Court circles which enables him to reproduce, in all essentials, the atmosphere of the pre-1914 period of the Kaiser's life. Appointed as biographer by the Kaiser at Doorn, he was able to consult his subject frequently, and the results of these numerous interviews are incorporated in the text of the work, so that the Kaiser's point of view is given in juxtaposition to the judgement of others. To assist the reader further in passing judgement o n the man, the opinions of the Kaiser's colleagues, his friends, relatives and enemies, are also interwoven. This life is primarily a personal biography, the intention being to provide a full portrait of the man rather than a study of his times. The author had full access to the State Archives in Berlin and Potsdam, and his work is fully documented.". First British Edition. Hardcover. Good-very Good/Good-fair. 22.5cm.


Gone with the Windsors

By Brody, Iles

Philadelphia and Toronto: John C. Winston, 1955. dj clipped, spine faded, wear at corners, 5th printing 1955. 328 p., b&w photos, index. "The most brilliantly written book so far dealing with the lives and loves of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor," according to a New York newspaper. pp clean & vg binding.. 5th Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Good-fair. 22cm.


CROWNS OVER ENGLAND The Coronation of His Majesty King George VI Main Programme and Accommodation

By Mathams Hamish Hemington

London: Reservations Limited Very comprehensive book outlining the Coronation of King George VI and includes a chart of Sovereigns of England since the Norman Conquest, a pull-out map showing the Coronation Route, many early photographs support the text and interesting advertisements of the time.. 1st Edition. Hardcover. Good to Very Good/Good in Protective Cover. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Freer Martha Walker

Hurst and Blackett, London Written by Martha Walker Freer using material from numerous unpublished sources including manuscripts and documents in the Bibliotheque Imperiale and the Archives Espagnoles de Simancas. Purple boards slightly faded with gilt title, spine slightly worn at ends. Internally book is clean, name stamp in front, binding tight and all pages intact.. Hard Cover. Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


CATHERINE THE GREAT; A Biography of the Empress of All the Russias

By Oldenbourg Zoe

Heinemann, London, 1965. Name in front. "The story is one of incredible tension; intrigue upon intrigue amd follows the minor German princess who intended, somehow, to reach the throne.". First British Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Fair/Good in Protective Wrap. Illus. by Translated By Anne Carter. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.