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The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time, #8)

By Jordan, Robert

UK: Orbit, 1999. The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time, #8) by Robert Jordan is over 500g to post & some 600+ pp. Robert Jordan's bestselling Wheel of Time epic is one of the most popular fantasy series of all time for a reason. Jordan's world is rich and complex, and he's assembled an endearing, involving core of characters while mapping out an ambitious and engaging story arc. Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, has conquered the city of Illian, struck down Sammael the Forsaken and shattered the armies of the invading Seanchan. Nynaeve, Aviendha and Elayne have broken the Dark One's hold on the world's weather and are poised to retake the throne of Andor. And Egwene al'Vere, leader of the exiled Aes Sedai, marches her army towards the White Tower. But Rand and the Asha'man that follow him are slowly being corrupted by the madness that comes to the male wielders of the One Power. If they cannot remove the Dark One's taint from the True Source then none will survive to fight the Last Battle against the Shadow.. Softcover. Very Good/None issued. 23 Cm.


Mines of the Minotaur

By Golding, Julia

Oxford, 2007. 311pp, less than 500g to post, covers have corner creases (hence low price) This fantasy follows Secrets of the Sirens and The Gorgon's Gaze. Though certain humans have the secret ability to bond with particular types of mythical creatures, 13-year-old Connie is the only one who can communicate with all species. When she unintentionally begins to raise violent storms, she learns that her power has a dark side. It turns out that the evil shape-shifter Kullervo is to blame, but the far more frightening foe is bureaucrat Ivor Coddrington, who removes Connie from the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures and threatens expulsion to any member who associates with her. Connie prevails against both enemies with help from friends. The camaraderie and mutual respect shared by characters of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and even species are believable and uplifting. A debate about constructing a wind farm to generate environmentally sustainable power (the winged creatures are opposed) thoughtfully integrates ecological issues into the story.. Paperback. Good/None issued. 19cm.



By Westerfeld, Scott

Australia: Penguin, 2009. Leviathan is a steampunk novel written by Scott Westerfeld and illustrated by Keith Thompson. It was released on October 6, 2009. The book won the 2009 Aurealis Award - It is the first in a young adult fiction trilogy set in an alternate version of World War I, wherein the Central Powers (Clankers) are characterized by their use of mechanized war machines, while the Entente Powers (Darwinists) are characterized by their use of living creatures evolved specifically for war. review > Scott Westerfeld exceeded all my expectations by crafting a world interlaced with history and futuristic science - 440 excellent pp.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. Illus. by Keith Thompson. 24cm.


Muriel's Wedding

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Dr Who

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King Kong

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Forest Mage
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Forest Mage

By Hobb, Robin

Harper Collins, 2006. The Soldier Son Trilogy is a fantasy novel series by Robin Hobb. Set in a new world unrelated to her previous trilogies, the Soldier Son Trilogy follows the life of Nevare Burvelle, the second son of a newly elevated Lord of the Kingdom of Gernia. The career of a person living in Gernia is heavily influenced by their parentage. Those sons born to common parentage follow their father's career. However, for the sons of a noble, things are different. The eldest son inherits his father's title, the second son serves as an officer in the army, the third son enters priesthood, while the fourth becomes an artist. This allocation continues for further sons. Daughters are relegated to submissive roles, being primarily used to forge social links with arranged marriages. The first book, Shaman's Crossing, concerns Nevare's education. As a young boy on the vast plains, his position as the second son, the Soldier Son, is cemented from birth. From an early age, Nevare is drilled in mounted cavalla (Cavalry) techniques, riding, survival, tactics, and all aspects of life as an officer in the King's Cavalla. As a young man, Nevare's education at the King's Cavalla Academy begins. Book two, Forest Mage, finds Nevare out on his own struggling to find his identity. The third and final book, Renegade's Magic, features the resolution to both his internal struggle and the struggle between the two people. Each of the three weigh750g+. Papeback. Very Good/None Issued. 23.5cm.


The Whispering Box Mystery

By Blaine, John

NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1948. 216pp of exciting adventure, pictorial (map) endpapers, book in great order throughout. Plot - A mysterious little black box –– not a camera –– not a gun –– but capable of dropping a man in his tracks with no more sound than a shrill whisper can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of the wrong people as Rick Brant and his pal Scotty soon discover. When secret government files are invaded by a gang of raiders using the whispering box, Rick's father and the other Spindrift Island scientists set up a secret laboratory in Washington, D. C. to develop a counterweapon. Rick and Scotty know only that they are up against a new, ultrasonic invention. But it is not long before the boys have a firsthand knowledge of the whispering box, acquired during a desperate run for their lives. Then three of the key scientist are kidnaped by the gang. Rick and Scotty brave the whispering box again to effect a thrilling rescue, only to find that the gang leader in the meantime has gained entrance to Hartson Brant's secret laboratory itself. How Rick and Scotty, with the help of "Screaming Susie," finally outwit the whispering box is told in the breath-taking windup of a tensely exciting story that will keep the reader on tenderhooks to the very end. Ripping!! dj has fold & edge wear.. 1st. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 19cm.


Tiger's Island: Dreamguard, the Trilogy 2

By Dutton, John

Samara Press, 2000. 1st edition paperback, John and Charles, the protagonists of St. Giles's Fair, return in this second of three volumes. In the first book, they were split into adult- and child-selves, and the adults had to rescue the children from the seductive false world of a witch. In this book, the now-whole boys fall prey to a trap even more clever. The twisted wizard and word-master who imprisoned their mother in the first volume has now tempted the boys, along with Susan, a character new to this volume, with presents that give them tremendous power to do good. But the gifts work only in the Land of Dreams. And so the children are drawn by their own better natures to abandon the real world, easing the pains of those who live within dreams. "Is suffering any the less suffering," asks Charles, "for being in a dream?" . Papeback. Excellent/None Issued. 22.5cm.


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By Clark Simon

Hodder & Stoughton, 1998. Very Good condition. "In a summer meadow, time has begun to run backwards. More than fifty accidental time travellers are transported into the past- men and women who were innocently visiting an ancient ampitheatre that lies at the heart of this mysterious site. Sam Baker and his fellow travellers must learn to survive in a world that is increasingly alien, and hidden danger lurks. There are those who watch the world of yesteryear with envious eyes and plan their attack on the unsuspecting, undefended citizens of nearby Casterton. A town that for Sam Baker will become his Alamo." Heavier items may require additional postage.. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" Tall.



New York: Ultimate Publications Inc., 1971. Stories and Articles include those by Bob Shaw, David Anthony Kraft and Robert Silverberg. Pictorial Card Cover. Good. Illus. by September 1971 Issue. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.




London: Gowans & Gray Ltd. a fantasy in one act. . Printer Wrapper. Good/Good.


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

By Adams Douglas

London: Pan Books - London, 1985. The fourth book in the hitch-hiker trilogy.. Mass Market Paperback. Good.


The Heart of Mid-lothian

By Scott Sir Walter

London: The Standard Library Company Less than 500g.. New Edition with Author's Notes. Hard Cover. Fair/No Jacket.