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Spinning Tops & Gyroscopic Motion

By Perry, John

Dover Publications Inc., 1957. Less than 500g & 102pp plus a dozen or so more of catalogue offerings. Book is a popular exposition of the dynamics of rotation. Binding seems light but to dispel this the publication makes particular note that they have used sewn in signatures binding & expect the book to outlive Noah, so I guess it's a case of books can be deceiving! Book seems to reference lectures given by Professor Perry & if rotation is your "thing" then this book's for you.. Softcover. Good/None issued. 20.5cm.


Communication Systems

By Lathi, Bhagawandas P.

John Wiley & Sons, 1968. Communication Systems by associate professor of electrical engineering Bhagawandas Lathi, begins with the study of specific systems & gradually develops the underlying role of the signal-to-noise ratio & the bandwidth in limiting the rate of radio transmission. The basic concepts of information theory are not introduced as axioms, but rather are developed heuristically to avoid mathematical complexity.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 24 Cm.


Class Experiments in Plant Physiology

By Meidner, Hans

Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 1984. Class Experiments in Plant Physiology by Meidner is a reference covering experimental topics that range fromphysicochemical processes to enzyme and hormone mediated biochemical changes at the cellular & whole plant level. 169pp in fine order.. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued. 25 Cm.



By Wilmut, I & Campbell, K & Tudge, C

Headline, 2000. SECOND CREATION (The). The age of biological control by the scientists who cloned Dolly by Wilmut, Campbell and Tudge is over 500g & 362 crisp pp. The authors explain the scientific reasons behind their research, discuss where they believe this technology will lead, and address the issues that have been stirred by Dolly's creation.. Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 23 Cm.


GALILEO'S DAUGHTER    A Drama of Science, Faith and Love
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GALILEO'S DAUGHTER A Drama of Science, Faith and Love

By Sobel Dava

Fourth Estate London, 2000. A moving account of the relationship between father and daughter and the tension between belief and scientific conviction at the origins of modern science. . 1st Thus. Card Cover. Very Good. 19cm.


What Food is That? And How Healthy is it?

By Rogers, Jo

Australia: Weldon, 1990. 480pp & just past 2 kilos to post. As per a multitude of descriptions the many authors/contributors to this major collection have vast experience in the nutrition/dietary fields and have produced this major reference work. Masses of photos accompany the descriptors as to what particular foods generally have as dietary properties, sugars, fats, calories, carbs, vitamins etc. Chapters broken up into more than 25 groupings such as desserts, fruits, cheeses, processed meats, grains & so on. Faults? wear to bottom edge of boards.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good/Good. 29cm.


Breeding and feeding the high genetic merit dairy Cow

By Tony Leonard John Lawrence, Frederick James Gordon, A. Carson

UK: British Society of Animal Production, 1995. Breeding and feeding the high genetic merit dairy cow: proceedings of a symposium organized by the British Society of Animal Science and held at Antrim in November 1994 112 crisp pages, jam packed with valuable reference material and a wealth of referral work that could be used to pursue specific areas. BSAP has put out numerous publications to enhance health of livestock & profitability for farmers (this book alone has 18 listed on the rear cover. In organising this conference BSAS were conscious of the need to bring together specialists in the areas of genetics, nutrition, milk production and animal welfare to discuss future develeopments in breeding and feeding the high genetic merit dairy cow. By including both invited papers and informal discussion group sessions the aim was to encourge debate on issues such as: (i) Can current rates of improvement be sustained or improved? (ii) What are the likely implications of the requirements of, and responses to, nutrients with high genetic merit dairy cattle? (iii) Do genotyoe X nutrition interactions exist and what are the impications for breeding goals and management systems? (iv) How can non-nutritional considerations, including animl welfare, be included in future selection strategies?. Softc. Excellent/None issued. 24.5cm.


Sustainable Dryland Farming: Combining Farmer Innovation and Medic Pasture in a Mediterranean Climate

By Chatterton, Lynne & Brian

UK: Cambridge University Press, 1996. 339 crisp white pp & 800g for posting. Very useful review >>This book is a scholarly review of the many attempts, successful in some places (like Australia), unsuccessful in other areas, to use Medicago pastures (grazed by sheep) in rotation with "cereal" (grain) crops. This book provides a detailed and interesting historical review of various agricultural development programs throughout Australia and the Middle East. Example after example of how NOT to do things, along with a few inspiring success stories. Anybody interested in the relationships between agricultural "experts" and farmers, exporting agricultural practices to other countries, and evaluating agricultural export programs must read this book. . Laminated Pictorial Boards. Excellent/None issued. 23.5cm.


Soil Conditions and Plant Growth

By Russell, E.W.

Longman, 1973. A massive 849pp & approx 1.5kg to post. Sir Edward is the author of at least 13 titles along similar themes. This book is anextensive coverage of the physical, chemical & biological impacts on soil custodianship. A great resource for horticulture, agriculture & soil science. From the Table of Contents: Historical and Introductory; Food of Plants; Individual Nutrients Needed by Plants; Quantitative Studies on Plant Growth; Composition of the Soil; Constitution of Clay Minerals; Cation and Anion Holding Powers of Soils; Interation of Clay with water and organic compounds; Physiology of the Microbial Population; Organisms Composing the Population; Soil Fauna other than Protozoa; etc (28 chapters in all). 10th. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 24.5cm.


Ideas That Changed the World

By Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe

UK: Dorling Kindersley, 2003. 400 crisp white pp & approx 1.3kg packed for post - Authoritative, compelling and provocative; internationally respected historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto introduces you to the key historical and philosophical notions that have shaped our world since the dawn of civilastion. Over 175 of the worldís most pivotal ideas are crystalised and clearly explained from cannibalism to zen, from time to the unconsciousness, from logic to chaos theory. The authorís wide-ranging and unashamedly personal analysis is accompanied by a stimulating mix of contemporary and historical images, bringing often hard-to-grasp concepts vividly to life. Chronologically arranged, the easy-to-follow format of this book nevertheless allows you to start at the beginning of dip in at any point. The connections between ground-breaking ideas are highlighted throughout, along with expert suggestions for thought-provoking further reading. review >>> Over 175 of the worlds greatest ideas are discussed in this book. They are explained in great understandable details. Each idea has recommended books to read for more undertsanding of the subject. > we also have his great other titles Civilzations & Millenium.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 24 Cm.


South with Mawson. Reminiscences of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914.

By Laseron, Charles F

George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1947. In 1911 Laseron joined the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under (Sir) Douglas Mawson, officially as taxidermist and biological collector but in fact as general scientific assistant. He spent from January 1912 to February 1913 in Adelie Land, taking part in two major sledging journeys and making discoveries in geology as well as biology. His account of his Antarctic experiences, for which he received the Polar Medal, was eventually published in 1947 as South with Mawson. Just under 500g & 223pp with photos interspersed. dj wear to edges, small closed tears, gen wear (see photo), book in nice order, pencilled gift inscription.. 1st. Hardcover. Good/very Good/Fair. 22.5cm.


Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat

By Schaer, Michael

Manson The Veterinary Prees, 2006. review >>> There are plenty of good pictures that allows you to relate easier to the specific disease and makes it easier to rememeber. The individual topics are well-written and precise and are relatively quick to read without leaving out important information. A good book for repetition of many topics. 576 crisp white pp, overall the book is 90% perfect but for a bump mark to edge of boards, internally it's as spotless as a zebra. Book's a hefty 2.5kgs!. 3rd Impression. Hardcover. Very Good/None issued. 29.


Principles and Practice of Soil Science The Soil as a Natural Resource

By White, RE

Oxford: Blackwell, 1997. There is a growing need for information about soils, their behaviour and their influence on land use. This book traces the fundamental contribution that soil science has made to many of the applied sciences associated with management of the environment; this is even more important today than when the first edition was published. Soil scientists are increasingly pressed to find ways of both producing food and fibre crops more efficiently, in terms of both yields per hectare and value of product relative to cost of input, while preserving the intrinsic value of the soil resource for posterity. This third edition covers all aspects of soil science, the soil habitat, processes in the soil environment and utilization of soils. It also tackles the contemporary problem of the fate of toxic chemicals used in agriculture and their effect on the environment. Corners bumped cover marks caused by some one resting their notepaper & writing - grrrr! 348pp & a kilo packed for post.. 3rd Edition. Softcover. Good/None issued. 24 Cm.


Greening a Brown Land The Australian Search for Sustainable Land Use

By Barr, Neil and Cary, John

Australia: Macmillan, 1992. History of Australian rural land use from the time of the early European settlers, with emphasis on the struggle to green a brown land. 343pp with some photos diagrams illustrations. 13chpters plus endnotes, conclusion, index - all pp clean white tightly bound.. 1st. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 23.5cm.


Muriel's Wedding

Toni Collette fans rejoice! Show your fandom in one of our quality 100% cotton, pre-shrunk tees, sizes XS to XXL. Post will be in a 500g satchel at usual rate. Help others to say "Goodbye Porpoise Spit" or encourage coastal development with the famous "You can't stop progress". New. Illus. by


Dr Who

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King Kong

King Kong fans rejoice! Show your fandom in one of our quality 100% cotten, pre-shrunk tees, sizes XS to XXL. Post will be in a 500g satchel at usual rate.. New. Illus. by


Summation of Series

By Jolley, LBW

NY: Dover Publications Inc., 1961. Over 100 common series arehere collected, summed, and grouped for easy reference for mathematicians, scientists, IT people, engineers & students. Also Bessel functions, elliptical integrals & hypergeometric function and pointers to where more research can be had. 251pp plus quite a lengthy catalogue. All pp clean & well bound.. 2nd Edition, Revised. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued. 20.5cm.


Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems

By Churchill, Ruel V

NY: McGraw-Hill, 1963. this book looks at Fourier series and their applications to boundary value problems in partial differential equations of engineering & physics (I assume if you're reading this you know what on earth that means). Tight binding 248pp (may once have been touched by Prof Julius Sumner Miller!). Card Cover. Very Good/None issued. 21cm.


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