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Spitfire Summer When Britain Stood Alone

By Brown, Malcolm

UK: Carlton Books, 2000. Faults? - ex-Aberdeenshire Lib, usual ticket etc. 207pp & approx 700g packed for post to you. In the summer of 1940 Britain stood alone as Nazi Germany was swiftly tightening its grip on Europe. Hitler’s forces appeared to be invincible, having swept through Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Invasion seemed inevitable as the Führer’s eyes turned to Britain, isolated against the might of fascism. Spitfire Summer is the story of that extraordinary time: packed full of unique material and first-hand accounts from the archives of the Imperial War Museum, it tells of the men and women who won the Battle of Britain in that fateful summer, at home and in the air.. Hardcover. Good/Good. 24cm.


The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of The World's Aircraft

By Mondey, David

Sandstone Books, 1997. The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of The World's Aircraft edited by Mondey is well over the 500g & about 320pp arranged alphabetically. The book provides listings of all the world's manufacturers of both military & civilian aircraft since the beginning of powered flight. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 30cm.


In the Cockpit Flying the World's Greatest Aircraft

By Robinson, Anthony (ed)

UK: Orbis Publishing, 1981. With an intro by Jeffrey Quill, at 304 copiously illustrated pp & well over 500g. Entries include the Sopwith Camel, the Mustang, the DC3, the Zero, the Sabre and many more. This book recreates the experiences of many distinguished aviators, using detailed diagrams and color illustrations, and the words of the pilots themselves, to capture the excitement of flight.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 31.5cm.


The New Face of War Special Forces and Missions

By Hassig, Lee (ed)

Caxton, 2004. 176 well illustrated pp & well over 500g to post. Sections include Special ops:men a cut above others, insertion & extraction - foray to the red river valley, a cudgel in Asia, a scalpel in Africa -tools of trade catastrophe at Desert One & a supercopter for rigorous missions. [ as an aside, if you haven't got a copy of Apache be sure to add that book to your shopping basket, a fantastic first hand account of helicopter ops ]. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 28.5cm.


International Handbook on Chemical Weapons Proliferation

By Burck and Flowerree

USA: Greenwood Press, 1991. International Handbook on Chemical Weapons Proliferation by Gordon M. Burck & Charles C. Flowerree is well over 500g & some 650pp. Book is ex-Singleton Heritage Library Infantry Centre. This copiously documented examination of the problem of the spread of chemical warfare capabilities includes a military analysis of chemical use in the Iran-Iraq War, a survey of 39 countries suspected of having or seeking chemical warfare capabilities, and an analysis of the relevant political factors. The book begins with an overview of the study's objectives and findings and the elements that comprise a chemical warfare capability. Part I starts with an analysis of the available data on Iraq that provides a useful model against which to compare information on other countries. The country reviews found in Part II are grouped by regions and Part III deals with the suitability of long-range delivery systems for chemical warfare and measures undertaken or contemplated for arresting the spread of chemical weapons. The book's copiously documented findings provide a solid basis for future assessments of the proliferation problem and establish International Handbook on Chemical Weapons Proliferation as a major reference work for university libraries, research institutions, the media, and government officials. It will also serve as excellent background reading for courses dealing with international security issues.. Hardcover. Excellent/No Jacket. 25 Cm.



By Myatt, Frederick

Salamander Books, 1995. 208 hugely illustrated pp & 1.2 kg to post. The illustrated encyclopedia of pistols and revolvers: an illustrated history of hand guns from the sixteenth century to the present day - Military, law enforcement, dueling, and other types of handguns are examined in a history of pistols and revolvers from all parts of the world eg: Webley; Smith and Wesson; Manton Dueling Pistols; Holster Pistol; Enfield; Cooper Pepperbox Pistol; Mauser; Luger; Colt; Maxim, Hiram; Browning; Pinfire Revolver.. Hard Cover. Excellent/Very Good. 30cm.


The Great War...I Was There Undying Memories of 1914-18

By Hammerton, Sir John

London: The Amalgamated Press A 3 volume set (Waverley have issued a four vol set but almost identical pagination). Vol 1 to pg 695, Vol 2 to page 1375 & Vol3 ends at page 2060. The three embossed characters on the covers are from the army, navy & air corps. A real life taste of the frightening time, the heroism, the drudgery, the tactics, the resources & lack thereof.. Blind Stamped Cloth. Very Good/None issued. 32.5cm.


Ypres and The Battle of Ypres. Michelin's Illustrated Guides to the Battlefield (1914-1918)

By Michelin Co & Clermont-Ferrand

GH Smith (orig. Michelin) Under 500g to post, about 200pp, a facsimile of the first 1920 guide. Softcover in fine order.. Card Cover. Fine/None issued. 21cm.


Raiders Elite Force Attacks

By Laffin, John

UK: Chancellor Press, 2000. 194 crisp white pp, bw photos interspersed throughout, over 500g . John Laffin relates more than 20 operations mounted during World War II by British, German, American, Australian, Italian and Canadian forces. The exploits recorded here were as individual in character as the men who carried them out.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24cm.


The Chronological Atlas of World War II

By Pitt, Barrie & Frances

UK: Macmillan, 1989. A large format book (will need to go in the 5kg satchel), 179 crisp well illustrated pp, mapped endpapers. A chronological account of World War II which shows each month as a world map (with some 'inzooms' and explanations of battles during that month) giving details of land gains and losses, bombing raids, areas of conflict and battles.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 37cm.


Atlas of the Second World War

By Keegan, John (ed)

U.K.: Harper Collins, 2003. A sizeable book indeed (will need to go in a 5kg) 254 crisp pp. World War II was undeniably the most important and far-reaching conflict in the history of the world, affecting nearly every corner of the globe with new weapons and methods of destruction, and involving immense armies, navies, and air force battalions from the United States, the Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, China, Italy, and many other nations large and small. The war that raged on land, sea, and in the air directly affected the lives of millions of people around the globe, with huge loss of life and damages to health, homes, and communities. The Atlas of the Second World War plots, on the ground, at sea, and in the air, the exact course of World War II -- including the political, economic, and strategic backgrounds involved. The finest, specially designed cartography is combined with narratives of every significant event and region involved, making this atlas the definitive account of the greatest conflict in world history.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 37cm.


Defining Moments: Modern War

By Forty, Jonathan

Grange Books, 2005. 224 well illustrated pp, over 500g to post. In the 10,000 years between the use of flint and the development of nuclear weapons, the art of war has changed dramatically, but basic human nature has not. All conflicts — past and present — usually revolve around religion, race, resources, greed, wealth or revenge. And since WWII, the world has experienced some devastating wars with long-lasting effects. Here, military expert Jo Forty examines the nature of warfare since WWII, including a look at technology, weapons, diplomacy, and the ever-changing map of the world. He chronologically describes critical global conflicts, including the Cold War, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Ireland's “troubles,” the Iran-Iraq war, and today's war on terror. You'll meet the men who defined modern war, like Eisenhower, Kennedy, Castro, Khomeini, Hussein, Arafat, Ho Chi Minh, Kruschev, Milosevic, and both Presidents Bush. World-changing moments like the fall of the Berlin Wall and how terrorism has forever changed the face of international relations is discussed, and fact boxes break down the what, where, and when, as well as the outcome and casualties for each conflict. This insightful book helps readers understand the stakes of modern war and the fragility of peace in the modern world.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 29cm.


UNDER THE GUNS OF THE RED BARON The Complete Record of Von Richthofen's Victories and Victims Fully Illustrated

By Franks Norman, Giblin Hal and McCrery Nigel

Caxton, 2000. 1.2 kg, 224pp with numerous illustrations throughout, faults? two small repaired tears atop dj at spine & flapfold. Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen was the most feared and celebrated of all German pilots in World War I, and has become one of the iconic figures of history. This book, by three respected historians, has researched in detail the lives of all of his 123 victims (over 100 of whom are depicted), and provides a blow-by-blow account of their encounter with the great man - a unique compilation of material. reviewer says >>> The book itself is thoroughly well researched,the authors having combed both British and German records to authenticate MvR`s claims. The result is probably the definitive listing of the 80 victories. However, it goes further by giving the biographies, and wherever possible, the photographs of each of the RFC/RNAS/RAF crewmen. . Hardcover. Very Good/excellent/Good. 25cm.


Civil War Sea Battles: Seafights and Shipwrecks in the War Between the States

By Miller, Edward Stokes

USA: Combined Books, 1995. Civil War Sea Battles: Seafights and Shipwrecks in the War Between the States by Miller is just a whisker over 500g & 252 pages, green paper over black cloth, gilt spine titling. bw photos & line art throughout. Unknown to the general public, detailed logbooks of most Civil War vessels have survived and now lie in the National Archives. Using research from these and other official records, the author has written detailed accounts of the most important events in Civil War maritime history, including battles, amphibious assaults, shipwrecks, court-martials, and even the yellow fever epidemics of 1862 and 1864.. Hardcover. Excellent/No Jacket. 23.5cm.


Here Comes the Alabama

By Bradlow, Edna & Frank

Southern University Press, 1958. 128pp & less than 500g to post. reviewer says >>> The Alabama was a Confederate warship that single-handedly harassed the fleet of Yankee ships trading all over the world during the American Civil War, sinking many of them. In 1863, she docked in Cape Town, and her crew was feted by the city's inhabitants. This visit made such an impact that a song, still sung today in Afrikaans, was composed by the 'Cape Coloureds'. This small volume, available only from second-hand dealers, describes the visit of the Alabama, and her fate subsequently. This book is one of the reasons that I have become fascinated in reading about the American South after the Civil War, and South Africa after the 2nd Boer War. In both cases, a white population was forced to react to a defeat, which sought to challenge their deluded feelings of racial supremacy.. Hardcover. Excellent/No Jacket. 21cm.


Second World War: A Generation of Australian Heroes: An Illustrated History 1939-45

By Pelvin, Richard

Australia: Hardie Grant Books, 2005. Second World War A Generation of Australian Heroes An Illustrated History 1939-45, a mighty tome at about 2 kilos of large format with some xxx crisp pp. Faults? no dj & a few scratches. This volume provides a stunning pictorial record of WWII as fought by our Army Corps, and experienced by everyday Australians. Over 500 rarely seen photos, historic maps, letters and diary entries from Australian War Memorial archives put a human face to the war.. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 37cm.


The Encyclopedia of Weaponry: The Development of Weaponry from Prehistory to 21st Century Warfare

By Hogg, Ian

Quantum, 2006. 224pp & 1.2 kg packed to post. Faults? bumped upper right corner. The book's general headings are the first weapons, medieval developments,gunpowder, mobile warfare, the age of inventions, WWI, WWII, today & tomorrow. Photos, diagrams, charts, tables & a wealth of military research results.. Illustrated Board Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. 33cm.


Victory Fighters: The Veteran's Story Winning the Battle for Supremacy in the Skies Over Western Europe 1941-1945

By Darlow, Stephen

UK: Grub Street, 2009. 700g & 256 crisp white pp. Based on eyewitness accounts, diaries, documents, etc. analyze the author how decisions at the highest level prepared, planned and carried out by the implementing units in the second World War. The author concentrates on 6 pilots and navigators & eyewitness accounts include for Operation Overlord, the liberation of France, and VE-Day.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good/Very Good. 23 Cm.


The Royal Navy in Australia 1900-2000

By Gillett, Ross & Jeffrey, Vic

UK: Maritime Books, 2002. Hardcover, 28w X 21h, 128 crisp white pp, 900g for posting. A stunning collection of over 120 full page photographs, together with extended captions, of Royal Navy warships operating in and around Australia throughout the last century.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 21.5cm.


To Scale the Skies: The Story of Group Captain J C 'Johnny' Wells DFC & BAR

By Cornwell, Peter

UK: Spellmount, 2011. 223 crisp white pp & less than 500g to post, photo section amidships. With humble beginnings as an RAF apprentice, Johnny Wells progressed to pilot and rose to the higher echelons of command at the Air Ministry. From idyllic pre-war training, he would fly bombers against rebels over Iraq, combat Fw190s over England in the newly introduced and equally dangerous Typhoon; he would undertake hazardous low-level anti-shipping strikes in the English Channel, as well as train-busting sorties over occupied territory at night and close-support ground-attack operations across northern Europe following D-Day. Indeed, Wells ended the Second World War as one of the most successful and highly decorated Typhoon Wing Leaders in the Tactical Air Force. This well-researched account of one man's rise through the ranks of the Air Ministry is finely illustrated with contemporary images and is an excellent testimony of what was required of air pilots during the Second World War. Wells' story is both an inspiration and a gripping account of one man's journey through a service career spanning more than three turbulent decades.. Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 23.5cm.


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