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The Man at the Carlton

By Wallace, Edgar

Hodder, 1969. Less than 500g. Owner name. Lew Daney is a cunning and successful criminal, the first true English gunman. But Daney is not all bad; once he saved Mary Grier from a knife attack by a madman. Mary Grier now works at Clench House in Scotland as secretary to the miserly Mr Arkwright, and Mr Arkwright's nephew and heir is 'Tiger' Tim Jordan, an ex-Colonial police officer now holidaying in England and seeking work with Scotland Yard. Jordan doesn't get much of a holiday but he does get the job, after proving his mettle in pursuit of a murderous criminal. . Paperback. Good/None issued. 18 Cm.


The Squeaker

By Wallace, Edgar

Hodder & Stoughton, 1968. Less than 500g. Owner name. The Squeaker: (A British Mystery) by Edgar Wallace, 159pp. This novel is a traditional mystery, featuring some crooks and some policemen, a mysterious villain, a lovely girl and a plot with many twists. . Paperback. Good/None issued. 18 Cm.


Venona The Greatest Secret of the Cold War

By West, Nigel

Harper Collins, 1999. Over 500g, ex-Plymouth lib with plastic over the dj, 384 pp in great order. The hitherto untold story of the peacetime equivalent of ULTRA, an extraordinary cryptographic effort conducted in conditions of unprecedented secrecy over three decades which gave Western counter-intelligence experts a fascinating glimpse into how Soviet Russia recruited and ran hundreds of moles across the globe. Based on the only set of decrypts held in Britain outside Whitehall, supplemented by interviews with most of the principal players in the venona drama. The US National Security Agency and its British counterpart in Cheltenham, GCHQ, spent 37 years analysing cipher traffic to and from Moscow. Venona provided the FBI and CIA with compelling evidence against the Rosenbergs, Hiss, Fuchs, Donald Maclean and many others, but (to protect the source) venona could not be mentioned in any trial. Nigel West identifies for the first time the real names of several important Soviet British spies (including the famous scientist J.B.S. Haldane and the Hon. Ivor Montagu).. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good/Excellent/very Good. 24 Cm.


Celluloid Serial Killers

By Kidd, Paul

UK: Five Mile Press, 2007. 402 crisp pp & over 500g to post. A unique and compelling guide to serial killer movies and their true-life counterparts. Australia's most popular true crime author, Paul B. Kidd, presents cinema's classic serial killer movies and introduces the real killers who inspired some of our worst nightmares. Complete with movie posters and real-life photos of the murderers, this comprehensive book is a must-have for all cinema devotees and true crime buffs.. Softcover. Very Good/None issued. 23.5cm.



By Frayn, Michael

Faber & Faber, 2002. 213pp & less than 500g to post - The sudden trace of a disturbing, forgotten aroma compels Stephen Wheatley to return to the site of a dimly remembered but troubling childhood summer in wartime London. As he pieces together his scattered memories, we are brought back to a quiet, suburban street where two boys--Keith and his sidekick, Stephen--are engaged in their own version of the war effort: spying on the neighbors, recording their movements, and ferreting out their secrets. But when Keith utters six shocking words, the boy’s game of espionage takes a sinister and unintended turn, transforming a wife’s simple errands and the ordinary rituals of family life into the elements of adult catastrophe. Childhood and innocence, secrecy, lies and repressed violence are all gently laid bare as once again Michael Frayn powerfully demonstrates that what appears to be happening in front of our eyes often turns out to be something we cannot see at all.. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 21.5cm.


The Complaints

By Rankin, Ian

Orion Books Ltd., 2010. 452pp + reading group notes, less than 500g to post. Fox, the main character, is part of the unpopular Complaints & Conduct department of the police force (better known as ‘The Complaints’) -- and the reason for that unpopularity is clear to see: this is the department designed to root out corruption in the force and investigate suspect officers. The current target for Fox is policeman Glenn Heaton of the CID, who has often sailed close to the edge; now there appears to be material for a case against him. But at the same time, another cop, Jamie Breck, is suspected of being part of a ring indulging in child abuse. Fox is in for some jawdropping surprises regarding his colleague, and the shifting relationship between the two men is at the core of this finely honed narrative (along with Fox's treatment of his ailing father -- something else which differentiates this book from its predecessors).. Paperback. Very Good/None issued. 20cm.


The Good Spy Guide A Survey of British Spy Cases

By Turner, John Frayn

UK: Martin Breese, 1988. The Good Spy Guide by Turner is 206 as new pp & less than 500g to post. Turner is a British authority on aviation and has written 25 books. Here he looks at the spies known to have acted against Britain from the 1930s to the 1980s. John Frayn Turner reveals the infamous Cambridge spy network, made up of well-knwon names including Burgess, Maclean, Philby and Blunt, studies the Microdots Case in detail, lists the atomic secret spies, analyses the downfall of master spy Blake and his subsequent escape while serving a 42-year sentence and details others who sold Britain’s secrets. . Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 22.5cm.


THE KILLER MINE A Gripping Tale of Mystery and Terror

By Innes Hammond

Pan Books, London, 1960. All the hall-marks of Hammond Innes with suspense, excitement, convincing realism - story telling at its best. Name and bookshop stamp on title page, good condition, tight binding.. Card Cover. Good. 15cm.



By Gemmell Nikki

Fourth Estate, Australia, 2009. Scaring, provocative and unputdownable, this is a novel of our time that's every bit as passionate and driven as the author's previous nove. It will compel, seduce and haunt you.. 1st Edition. Card Cover/French Flaps. Excellent. 18 Cm.


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By Rosenberg Nancy Taylor

Orion Books Ltd. London, 1997. Rachel Simmons joins the police department of her small California city expecting to serve her cummunity. But no one prepares her for the kind of service she will be called on to perform or the price she will have to pay for her values and integrity. . 1st Soft Cover Edition. Card Cover. Good. 18 Cm.


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By Westlake Donald E.

M. Evans & Co. New York, 1975. In Brothers Keepers the Westlake eye is turned on a whole new world from his previous books, the serenity of a monastery, the calmness of a young monk named Brother Benedict a world of placid repose. But this repose does not last long, for int this peace the author drops two rocks, real estate developers and love. Excellent Condition, First Edition. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Excellent/Excellent. 22cm.


As Empty As Hate

By Creasey, John (Kyle Hunt)

World Publishing, 1972. 190pp & less than 500g to post. Plot > a planned divorce, a blow to the head, a swimming pool, an overdose - then, enter Dr Cellini. John Creasey was born in Southfields, Surrey. After school he tried his hand at several jobs including warehouse clerk and vacuum cleaner salesman. At the age of seventeen he wrote his first novel. By the time he was twenty-one, he had written nine novels, all of them unpublished. His next book, Seven Times Seven, was the first to find a publisher. He wrote more than 500 books and used more than 20 pseudonyms. A few of his novels feature ‘Sexton Blake’, a detective modelled on Sherlock Holmes.. First Edition. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 21.5cm.



By Innes Michael

Penguin, UK, 1966. "The antics of a seventy-shilling con-man on the run in Oxford, lead Appleby and the police inside the ring fence of a grandiose criminal plot.. Card Cover. Good. 16cm.


Secret Servant: My Life With the KGB and the Soviet Elite

By Dzhirkvelov, Ilya

UK: Collins, 1987. 398pp & approx 900g to post - review/content >>> The author served in the NKVD/KGB in various capacities for 30 years before heading to the West. Unlike many defectors who left for ideological reasons, Dzirkvelov left because he felt he had been given a raw deal at his last posting in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1980 (while serving as a correspondent for the Soviet News Agency, TASS). Dzirkvelov's accounts are all the more interesting because he is unrepentant about his work and pro-Stalinist views. His discussions of relations between Russians and other Soviet nationalities (Dzirkvelov being a Georgian) are also of interest. He comes off as terribly deluded from reality by his own ideological beliefs.. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 24cm.


MI6 Fifty Years of Special Operations

By Dorril, Stephen

UK: Fourth Estate, 2000. 1.5kgs & 907 Smiley-crisp pp. MI6 is crammed with information for the security service buff and the lay-person alike, and is by turn extraordinary, darkly comical and alarming, but never less than a remarkable insight into a service that operates in our name. To the person in the street, the British secret service conjures up images of the shaken, but never stirred suavity of James Bond. The reality of life inside MI6--the Security Service responsible for British operations outside of the United Kingdom--is a more dark narrative of intrigue and ineptitude, alleges Stephen Dorril, author of this comprehensive and weighty tome. Don't plan to put this on your light reading list, for MI6 is a huge and dense book: 800 pages of text, plus a list of acronyms that runs to six pages and over 60 pages of notes. Dorril begins by observing that "Researching secret agencies--and there are a few more secret than MI6--is obviously a difficult task"; in the light of this he's done an admirable job. Faults? 1.5cm split in cover at spine top & alas, no dj so lower $.. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 24 Cm.


Secret War: The Story of SOE, Britain’s Wartime Sabotage Organisation

By West, Nigel

UK: Hodder & Stoughton, 1992. 305pp & 700g packed for post, This book is an analysis of SOE’s structure and performance using previously unpublished archival material. Among the items of historical interest is SOE’s original founding charter, widely believed to have been lost, but recently recovered from M16’s files. It offered new evidence of the setbacks that jeopardized D-Day and gives an unprecedented account of the paramilitary units that dropped behind the lines immediately after the invasion, and saved SOE’s reputation. West has written extensively in this area & this book promises to be a treat - owner name p1.. Hardcover. Very Good/Good. 24 Cm.



By Hamilton, Ian

London: Constable, 1967. First UK edition, black boards with small gold lettering on spine. dj clipped, 224pp & 400g for post. Published when Hamilton was 32 & alternatively entitled "The Creeping Vicar," this work tells of another self-assignment of an Australian TV crime reporter, who turns night prowler in the lone hunt for a missing private eye. . 1st. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 21cm.


Bombshell : the secret story of America's unknown atomic spy Conspiracy

By Albright, Joseph & Kunstel, Marcia

Times Books, 1997. Ted Hall was a physics prodigy so gifted that he was asked to join the Manhattan Project when he was only eighteen years old. There, in wartime Los Alamos, working under Robert Oppenheimer and Bruno Rossi, Hall helped build the atomic bomb. But he also worked for others . . . Bombshell tracks Hall from his days as a brilliant schoolboy in New York City, when he came under the influence of his older brother's radical tracts, and on to Harvard, Los Alamos, and Chicago, where Hall continued to spy even after the war was over, passing more secrets while the Soviets were trying to build the Hydrogen bomb. For forty years only a few Russians knew what Ted Hall really did. Now Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel reveal the astonishing true story of the atomic spies who got away. Bombshellis history at its most explosive. review >>> It combines outstanding research and compelling narrative. 400pp, 900g for post.. Hardcover. Excellent/Very Good. 24.5cm.


No Heroes Inside the FBI's Secret Counter-Terror Force

By Coulson, Danny & Shannon, Elaine

Pocket Book Publications, 1999. In a catalog of some of the most notorious criminal events of the last thirty years, Coulson provides his own enthralling firsthand accounts and reflective personal opinions of his experiences in bringing hundreds of murderous extremists and killers to justice -- from the Black Liberation Army police assassins to the treacherous white supremacist terrorists of the Order and the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord; from the Atlanta prison riots to the controversial sieges at Ruby Ridge and Waco; and his investigations into the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings. The narrative springs to life with nerve-tingling electricity as Coulson discloses the tactics and the teamwork of HRT snipers, operators, and negotiators, as well as experts in assaults, electronics, and explosives -- and explains why, on our future path to justice, there must be "No Heroes." 593pp & almost a kilo packed for post. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 25 Cm.


Devil's Gate

By Cussler, Clive & Brown, Graham

Michael Joseph Penguin, 2011. Plot >>> A Japanese cargo ship cruises the eastern Atlantic near the Azores- when it bursts into flames. A gang of pirates speeds to take advantage of the disaster-when their boat explodes. What is happening in this part of the world? As Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA Special Assignments Team rush to investigate, they find themselves drawn into the extraordinary ambitions of an African dictator, the creation of a weapon of almost mythical power, and an unimaginably audacious plan to extort the world's major nations. The penalty for refusal? The destruction of their greatest cities. Filled with the high-stakes suspense and boundless invention unique to Cussler, Devil's Gate is one of the most thrilling novels yet from the grand master of adventure. review >>> "Devil's Gate" begins with the requisite prologue, set on the tarmac in Santa Maria, the Azores in 1951..a mysterious Russian passenger and his luggage are being spirited to the U.S. by an American pilot named Hudson. The passenger is shot before he can reboard the plane and is left for dead. Hudson is also hit and the "Connie" he's flying goes down in the Atlantic. If you are familiar with the Cussler template, you know this incident will eventually intrude on present-day events. If you're a high-adventure enthusiast, give Cussler and Brown a nod. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this new-look addition to the NUMA Files. Book is in great shape 474pp & 800g packed for post. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 24 Cm.


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