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HE PRECIOUS GIFT Bible Stories for Children

By Wilson, Theodora Wilson

UK: Blackie & Son Limited THE PRECIOUS GIFT Bible Stories for Children. 48 Colour Plates and Other Drawings by Theodora Wilson Wilson, over 500g to post. Boards edgeworn.. Hardcover. Good/Fair/None issued. Illus. by Arthur Dixon. 30.5cm.


A Brief History of the Crusades: Islam and Christianity in the Struggle for World Supremacy

By Hindley, Geoffrey

UK: Constable & Robinson, 2004. A Brief History of the Crusades: Islam and Christianity in the Struggle for World Supremacy by Hindley is 300pp & less than 500g to post. Why did the medieval Church bless William of Normandy's invasion of Christian England in 1066 and authorise cultural genocide in Provence? How could a Christian army sack Christian Constantinople in 1204? Why did thousands of ordinary men and women, led by knights and ladies, kings and queens, embark on campaigns of fanatical conquest in the world of Islam? The word 'Crusade' came later, but the concept of a 'war for the faith' is an ancient one. Geoffrey Hindley instructively unravels the story of the Christian military expeditions that have perturbed European history, troubled Christian consciences and embittered Muslim attitudes towards the West. He offers a lively record of the Crusades, from the Middle East to the pagan Baltic, and fascinating portraits of the major personalities, from Godfrey of Bouillon, the first Latin ruler of Jerusalem, to Etienne, the visionary French peasant boy who inspired the tragic Children's Crusade. Addressing questions rarely considered, Hindley sheds new light on pressing issues surrounding religious division and shows how the Crusades have helped to shape the modern world and relations between Christian and Muslim countries to this day.. Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 20cm.


The High Price Of Heaven - A Book About The Enemies Of Pleasure and Freedom

By Marr, David

Allen & Unwin, 1999. 319pp & over 500g to post. Priests and preachers have returned to haunt Australian politics. The mission is to get us all to heaven by banning drugs, chopping movies and turning the criminal law against sex. The High Price of Heaven is about the politics of salvation - and the cruelty, comedy, and pain inflicted by the enemies of freedom and pleasure. This is also a book of stories - of murder and chicanery, suicide and savvy bishops, of the Methodist childhood of John Howard and the ruthless Christian warriors who fight the drugs war, of bizarre censorship and bigotry on the High Court, brawls behind the closed doors of elite church schools, the endless Crusade against sodomy and the devout life of Brian Harradine. David Marr's aim is to make sense of what's happening as this country drifts back in time, by disentangling the theology from the politics. Provocative and quirky, The High Price of Heaven is an illuminating book from one of Australia's finest writers.. Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 20.5cm.



By Salomon Kathryn

B. T. Batsford, London, 1988. Very comprehensive text by the author who includes well researched chapters covering Jewish ceremonial embroidery through the ages, figurative art and the synagogue, symbolism, design, embroidery materials and techniques, and much more.. Hard Cover. Excellent/Excellent. 25cm. Book Weighs Over 500gms.


The Taliban: War, Religion and the New Order in Afghanistan

By Marsden, Peter

OUP - Zen Books, 2001. The Taliban: War, Religion and the New Order in Afghanistan is 164pp & less than 500g for post. Faults? bumped upper right corner. The Taliban are yet another manifestation of the growth of radical Islam worldwide. This book explores what they stand for and the factors leading to their rapid rise to military and political dominance over Afghanistan. It considers the many influences on their ideology emanating from within the country, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. It describes the war which continues to afflict the Afghan people as well as the geo-political context and the possible part played by certain powers in the region, and by the United States, in the Taliban’s dramatic expansion. Peter Marsden examines the unique and complicated character of an Islamic revivalist movement like the Taliban. He confronts the issue of international responsibility in situations of chronic conflict brought on by external interference, and considers the dilemmas faced by humanitarian agencies in seeking to reconcile the evident need for assistance with the often difficult political and human rights context in which they are working. He examines the cultural conflict between Western thinking and the Taliban’s interpretation of Islamic values, particularly in relation to gender, and asks how the international community should deal with this conflict.. Paperback. Good/None issued. 21.5cm.


Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Christian Zen and the Inner Eye of Love

By Johnston, William

HarperCollins, 1991. Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Christian Zen and the Inner Eye of Love by Johnston is 360pp & less than 500g to post. Keeping Jesus at the heart of his teaching, the author sets out to show that Eastern spirituality has much to offer the Western Christian world. Rightly understood, he argues, it is in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and a valuable tool for modern Christians. This edition is a compilation of two of the author's earlier works - "Christian Zen" and "The Inner Eye of Love".. Paperback. Fine/None issued. 19.5 Cm.


The RCIA: Transforming the Church: A Resource for Pastoral Implementation

By Morris, Thomas H

Paulist Press 206 crisp pp & less than 500g to post. An insightful and comprehensive overview of the RCIA which should serve as a basic resource in every parish liturgical library. -- Rev. James P. Moroney, Executive Director, Secretariat for the Liturgy This is the book for sound advice on how to make the RCIA come alive in your parish. -- Rev. Robert D. Duggan, Pastor, St. Rose of Lima Parish, Gaithersburg, MD Thomas Morris provides a beautiful flow of what the process should be. -- Nelson Bonet, Consultant for the Catechumenate, Archdiocese of Miami Review >> This book complements the Rite of Christain Initation Study Guide. Every Catholic Parish who has an RCIA program and uses the White Study Guide would benefit greatly from this book. Very well written and easy to follow, Thomas Morris takes you thru the Rite of Christain Initation Study Guide. This makes the RCIA program better to understand and to implement in your parish. One would be lost without his expert knowledge to guide you. . Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 22.5cm.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Study Edition

By Church, Catholic; Bishops' Conference

Sydney: Dwyer, 1987. 261 crisp pp, less than 500g to post. A guide for clergy & lay people into the procedures/steps/rituals involved in becoming a fully "fledged" member of the Catholic church. Faults? a paperclip mark 1st page.. Card Cover. Excellent/None issued. 21cm.


The Eternal Present: Daily Readings From Today's Most Inspiring Christian Writers

By Miller, Andrea Wells

USA: Crossroad Publishing, 2003. The Eternal Present: Daily Readings From Today's Most Inspiring Christian Writers by Andrea Wells Miller is 414 crisp pp & 700g to post. Bestselling author Miller has assembled 366 readings from 13 of the best-known and most beloved authors in the Christian world today.. . . meditations, words of wisdom, and thoughts from some leading modern Christian writers, including Philip Yancey, Eugene Peterson, Madeleine L'Engle, Richard J. Foster, John Leax, Shirley Nelson, Virginia Stem Owens, and Andrea Wells Miller, among others. . Paperback. Excellent/None issued. 23 Cm.


THE HOUR OF THE LAITY Their Expanding Role

By Coughlan Msgr. Peter

E.J. Dwyer Australia, 1989. An abridgement of the Papal text of John Paul 11's Apostolic Exhortation on the Christian Lay Faithful. Designed for leity and clergy alike, for discussion groups, for committed lay leaders, for adult education personnel, for women and men religious, indeed for everyone concerned about the future of the Church.. 1st Edition. Card Cover. Very Good. 23 Cm.


Shifting Sands to Solid Rock. Ninety Years of Frontier Services

By Linn, Rob

Sydney: Frontier Services, 2002. Shifting Sands etc details the history of the Uniting Church in Australia from the early days of absolute isolation, the interminable camel or horse journey to small towns, the lack of services either medical, educational or spiritual. The inspiration of John Flynn, the growth of the missions, rural health & even social services. 126pp & 600g carded/packed for post.. Softcover. Very Good/None issued. 27.5cm.


Eastern Wisdom The Philosophies and Rituals of the East

By Jordan, Michael

UK: Carlton, 1997. Covering myths and origins, major thinkers and practitioners, rituals, symbols, practice today, and more, this book provides an accessible, fully illustrated introduction to the major religions and philosophies of China, Japan, and India. 112 color illustrations. 56 black and white illustrations. 224pp & 1.3 kgs. Hardcover. Very Good/excellent/Very Good/Good. 29cm.


The Song of Songs

NJ: Gramercy, 1993. 8vo. Unpaginated. 10 colour illustrations. Publishers black cloth spine, titled in gilt, on pictorial boards. FINE condition. These poems transcend their theological meaning & radiate the passion & universality of spiritual as well as physical love. Book is pristine order & Flint's illustrations are luminous.. Hardcover. Excellent/None issued. Illus. by William Russell Flint. 21.5cm.


Illustrated Manners and Customs of the Bible

By Packer and Tenney (eds)

USA: Thomas Nelson, 1980. 767pp & approx 1.5kgs of all the you need should you find yourself Tardis-like in biblical times where the wrong move might be embarrassing or fatal. review >> The book has detailed illustrations and text on the history and culture of the people living through the time periods of the books of the Bible. a decent companion for anyone interested in studying and understanding the bible on a spiritual level or on a historical level. . . . and contents >> This fully illustrated encyclopedic guide to the Bible's manners, customs, and times puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Forty-six sections cover the people of the Bible and how they lived-from family life to law to transportation. This affordable one-volume resource offers over 6,000 topics and facts, making the wonders of Bible cultures more accessible than ever before.. Laminated Pictorial Boards. Excellent/No Jacket. 24 Cm.


The Monastic World

By Brooke, Christopher

Paul Elek, 1974. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. 31.5cm.


Witchcraze A New History of the European Witch Hunts Our Legacy of Violence Against Women

By Barstow, Anne Llewellyn

USA: Pandora, 1994. An extensive investigation into the social mores that caused the "status quo classes" to denigrate anything that invaded their territory & to use fear & religion to expunge the challengers via the stake or the noose. 255pp with broad appendices/notes/references at rear.. Paperback. Very Good/No Jacket. 23.5cm.


The Rainbow People of God South Africa's Victory Over Apartheid

By Tutu, Archbishop Desmond

London: Doubleday, 1994. review - Desmond Tutu, as revealed in his sermons, speeches, and letters, demonstrated the qualities worthy of a hero, yet he remained a very humble man. He was more than a theologian, statesman,and patriot. He drew no "color" lines, but rather a circle that included what he called, the "rainbow people of God." Through Tutu's voice, we learn how he successfully merged African and Christian philosophy to become one of the key players in defeating apartheid. 287pp, index & bw photo sections, all in great order. (ed by John Allen). Hardcover. Excellent/Excellent. 24.5cm.



By Olson, Bruce

USA: Creation House, 1996. 202pp, crease to upper right corner, Fascinating story of a young man who feels called to evangelize the Motilone Indians in Columbia. At nineteen he strikes out for the jungle--endures much hardship, but is stubborn beyond belief... His sixth sense about not bringing Western civilization along with his spiritual beliefs is beautiful. An incredible glimpse inside another world. All pp clean, owner name page1.. Papeback. Good/None issued. 22.5cm.


The Eighteen Christian Centuries

By White, Rev James

UK: William Blackwood & Sons Ltd., 1873. Grammar School inscription dated 1891 but bizarrely no name included. 511pp of tightly packed commentary on the evolution & revolution of christianity - sample - In the history of human progress centuries are the milestones by which we measure the distance traversed. In the East even this method fails us, so stereotyped and lifeless are the forms of social life, so slight the change. But with the restless activity of the Aryan tribes in the West each century has grown more and more unlike the preceding. Grecian culture and Roman arms had broken down the narrowness of national and tribal exclusiveness when the Christian era opens. Roman administration had united vast and distant provinces into an Empire. One after the other they had succumbed to the invader. Marbled endpapers, gilt titling & school name gilt stamped, probable leather, lightish patches of foxing scattered, board fore edges gilt. Binding excellent. First ed appears to be 1865??. Hardcover. Very Good/None issued. 19cm.


Anam Cara Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World
seller photo

Anam Cara Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World

By O'Donohue, John

UK: Bantam Books, 1999. When St Patrick came to Ireland in the 5th century AD, he encountered the Celtic people and a flourishing spiritual tradition that had already existed for thousands of years. This book shares with us the secrets of this ancient world. Using authentic Irish prayers and blessings, it reveals the treasures that lie hidden within your own soul. 281pp incl index, all in great order. Papeback. Excellent/None Issued. 20cm.


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