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(Subject: Post World War II - Cold War, Eastern Bloc @ ) From Military History Books



By Edgar McInnis

(Subject: Post World War II - Cold War, Eastern Bloc) The future of Western Europe, politically, economically and spiritually, was so closely involved with the future of Germany that an understanding of the events in Germany was vital for students of the Cold War. This book was published in 1960, predating the construction of the Berlin Wall by one year. Co-authored by Richard Hiscocks and Robert Spencer. (Published: 1960) (Publisher: J M Dent & Sons) (Pagination: 195pp, 3 maps) (Condition: fair in marked d/w.) UL-XXXXXX



By Edward Lucas

(Subject: Post World War II - Cold War, Eastern Bloc) While the world was lauding the stability and economic growth that Vladimir Putin's ex-KGB regime brought to Russia, Edward Lucas was ringing alarm bells. First published in 2008 and since revised, The New Cold War remains the most insightful and informative account of Russia today. It depicts the regime's crushing of independent institutions and silencing of critics, taking Russia far away from the European mainstream. It highlights the Kremlin's use of the energy weapon in Europe, the bullying of countries in the former Soviet empire, such as Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine, and how Russian money weakens the West's will to resist. Now updated with an incisive analysis of Russia's seizure of Crimea and its destabilisation of Ukraine, the book unpicks the roots of the Kremlin's ideology. (Published: 2014) (Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing) (ISBN: 9781408859285) (Pagination: 352pp, map) (Condition: New in card cover) UL-XXXXXX



By Andrew Cockburn

(Subject: Post World War II - Cold War, Eastern Bloc) An examination of Soviet Military Power at the height of the Cold War. Drawing on interviews, samizdat documents and US intelligence sources, the author draws a picture of a military machine very diffferent from the conventional perception. (Published: 1983) (Publisher: Random House) (ISBN: 0394524020) (Pagination: 338pp) (Condition: Good in d/w) UL-XXXXXX



By William Koenig and Peter Scofield

(Subject: Post World War II - Cold War, Eastern Bloc) A study of the Soviet Military equipment and capabilities at the height of the Cold War. The authors look at Soviet History and war, and then move to Nuclear Power, the soviet military, naval and air forces and the individual soviet fighting man. (Published: 1983) (Publisher: Gallery Books) (ISBN: 0831779209) (Pagination: 224pp, 244 col & b/w illustrations, 26 Diagrams, 6 Map, Table - large format) (Condition: Good. Red boards. Faded spine) UL-XXXXXX