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By Robert Kirchubel

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) In September 1939, Nazi Germany launched its infamous Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland, bringing about the outbreak of World War II. Faced with highly tactical and accelerated attacks aimed at disrupting lines of defence and encircling vulnerable troops, Allied forces broke under pressure. Within the space of a year, France had been invaded and occupied, while the forces of Great Britain had retreated headlong back across the Channel. Further campaigns in the air and at sea sought to subdue the British Isles, while more lightning-fast attacks in 1941 overran Yugoslavia and Greece, leaving the bulk of Continental Europe under Nazi control. Featuring 98 detailed maps, this impressive atlas shows, in intricate detail, the fighting and physical challenges faced by the German attackers and Allied defenders. (Published: 2019) (Publisher: Osprey Publishing) (ISBN: 9781472834997) (Pagination: large format, 217pp, 98 colour maps) (Condition: new in illustrated boards) UL-XXXXXX



By Heinz Linge

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) Heinz Linge worked with Adolf Hitler for a ten year period from 1935 until the Führer's death in the Berlin bunker in May 1945. He was one of the last to leave the bunker and was responsible for guarding the door while Hitler killed himself. During his years of service Linge was responsible for all aspects of Hitler's household and was constantly by his side. He recounts the daily routine in Hitler's household including his eating habits, his foibles, his preferences, his sense of humour and his private life with Eva Braun. (Published: 2013) (Publisher: Frontline Books) (ISBN: 9781848327184) (Pagination: 224pp 14 illustrations) (Condition: New in card covers) UL-XXXXXX


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By Charles Whiting

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) The story the atrocity committed by the 1-SS Panzer Battle Group under SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Joachim Peiper in the Ardennes in 1944. One hundred and thirteen American prisoners-of-war were assembled in a field near the village of Malmedy. Though Peiper was not present, soldiers under his command from 1-SS Panzer Division opened fire on the men. They then shot, or clubbed to death, any survivors. In May 1946, Peiper and 70 of his men were put on trial. Forty-three of those accused were sentenced to death and the rest received prison sentences. The death sentences were later commuted to imprisonment. After the war Peiper took up residence in France where, in the village of Traves, he was murdered in 1974. (Published: 2007) (Publisher: Pen & Sword) (ISBN: 9781844156207) (Pagination: 256pp, illustrations) (Condition: New in card cover) UL-XXXXXX



By Craig Gottlieb

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) Craig Gottlieb paints a comprehensive picture of the Totenkopf (Death's Head) Ring and the man behind it – Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. He uses more than 200 examples to document current beliefs about the ring, offering previously unseen photos and documents. The book also covers the history of the Totenkopf ring, placing its appearance in historical context, and includes sections on award documents and frames, ring shipping boxes, with many photographs of rings in wear. (Published: 2008) (Publisher: Schiffer Publications) (ISBN: 9780764330940) (Pagination: 256pp, 200 + colour & b/w illustrations) (Condition: New in d/w) UL-XXXXXX



By Editor Branislav Radovic

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) A Facsimile of Official Kriegsberichter Reports on the Attack by SS-Fallschirmjäger on Tito's Headquarters, May 25, 1944. The book is a text and photographic facsimile of two very rare after action reports by Luftwaffe kriegsberichter (war correspondents) chronicling Operation “Drvar” where German airborne and land forces attempted to capture or kill the Yugoslav communist partisan leader Tito in his headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Includes text in English and German, and more than forty rare photographs. (Published: 2008) (Publisher: Schiffer Publications) (ISBN: 9780764330605) (Pagination: A4 format, 64pp, 40 b/w photos) (Condition: New in card cover) UL-XXXXXX


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By Nicolaus von Below

(Subject: The Third Reich - General) Nicolaus von Below was a 29-year-old pilot when Goering selected him for the position of Hitler’s Luftwaffe adjutant. He was with Hitler at every stage as World War II was planned and unfolded. The book tells of military decisions and policy-making at Führer Headquarters and provides fascinating insight into how Hitler planned the invasions of Poland and Russia. Von Below was present at the assassination attempt in July 1944 and was the last of Hitler’s close military entourage to emerge from the bunker alive as Berlin fell. (Published: 2004) (Publisher: Greenhill Books) (ISBN: 1853676004) (Pagination: 256pp, 45 b/w photos) (Condition: New in card cover) UL-XXXXXX