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Confitebimur Tibi. Psalm LXX1V

By Lande Mr. de la

Rouart, Lerolle. For Soloist , Choir and Orchestra [reduction for piano and voice Alex Cellier] Published by : Rouart, Lerolle, R.L 12521 & Cie., c 1952. Condition of the score is Good. The separate card cover has been repaired but the score is clean and sound throughout with just slight corner creasing.



By Couperin Francois

Score for a Duo of either combination of instruments [Cello, Viola da Gamba,and Bassoon] Edition Schott 5491. Condition : Very good.


Sonatas op.2

By Guignon Jean-Pierre

Sheet music for 2 cellos, Bass viols [Gamben] or Bassoons edited Dieter Staehelin . First edition c1974 Edition Kneusslin Basel. Separate parts. Condition Very good.


Six Sonatas for four players

By Guillemain L G

Performers' Facsimiles. [or Gallant and fun Conversations] for violin, viola di gamba, flute and basso continuo, separate parts, published by Performers Facsimiles New York243. Condition VG


Suite in D

By Matteis N

Universal Edition. for descant (or tenor) recorder and piano (or harpsichord), edited by Carl Dolmetsch, score and recorder part, Universal Edition UE 12571 c 1958. Condition VG+


For two to Play

By Various

Barenreiter. Early English Duets for keyboard, four hands or for organ (two players, two manuals),containing A Fancy by Thomas Tomkins and A Verse by Nicholas Carlston, two separate scores, BA 6542, c 1973 Published by Barenreiter


Ten Dances of the 16th - 18th centuries

By Various

Universal Edition. for treble recorder and piano, score and separate recorder part, UE 14047, c 1982 Universal Edition. Condition VG+


Trio in D major for three flutes

By Quants J.J.

Eulenburg Zurich. for three flutes, edited by Nikolaus Delius, score showing 3 parts 9 x 11.5ins, c 1977. Eulenburg Zurich GM 745.


Italian Baroque Music for Recorder

By Various

Barenreiter. for treble recorder (or flute, oboe, violin) and basso continuo, composed by Barsanti, Bitti, Marcello, Vivaldi, Mancini and Veracini, score and parts. HM 250 c 1965 Barenreiter. Condition VG+


Seven Sonatas for Two Violins and Continuo, Opus 3

By Arne

Kings Music Gmc. Trio Sonatas for two violins and continuo, separate parts in VG condition . Published Kings Music CM2


Six Flute Sonatas, Opus 6 Nos 1 - 3

By Abel C F

Amadeus. for flute and basso continuo, edited by Bernhard Pauler,with a realization of the Continuo by Willy Hess. Score and separate parts, c1986 Published by Amadeus B 415,


La Lucchesina.

By Guami Gioseffo

London Pro Musica. Very Good. Venetian Instrumental Music c1600.Vol. 5 LPM VM5. For eight instruments ATTB_ATTB. Score, and separate parts.


Second Livre de Danceries

By Attainnant Pierre

London Pro Musica. Very Good. The Attaingnant Dance Prints Vol.2 1547 for 4 instruments .Tr T T B. LPM AD2. 4 Scores


Two Sonatas

By Gussago Cesario

London Pro Musica. Very Good. Venetian Instrumental Music. Vol. 13 LMP VM13. For 8 instruments SAAT=ATTB. Score and separate parts


Two Canzonas.

By Riccio Giovanni

London Pro Musica. Very Good. Chamber Music of the 17thC Vol. 3 LPM CS3. For Recorder, bass instrument and continuo. Score and parts


Sixieme Livre de Danceries 1555

By Gervaise Claude

London Pro Musica. Very Good. The Attaingnant Dance Prints. LMP AD6. Vol. 6 For 4 instruments SATB. 4 Scores.


Fantasia ' Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen'

By Lutkeman Paul

London Pro Musica. Very Good. German Instrumental Music of the late Renaissance.1597 Vol.1 . LPM GM1 For 5 instruments SSATB . Score and separate parts.


A la Bataglia

By Isaac Heinrich

London Pro Musica. Very Good. The art of the Netherlanders 1470-1530. Volume 1 [1450 - 1517]. For four instruments. LPM AN1. Score and parts


Septieme Livre de Danceries

By Tertre Etienne du

London Pro Musica. Very Good. The Attaingnant Dance Prints Vol.7 1557 for 4 instruments . SATB LPM AD7. 4 Scores


Seven Chansons

By Various

London Pro Musica. Very Good. The Parisian Chanson Vol 9 LPM PC9. For 3 equal voices or instruments Works by Jean Mouton . Antoine Brumel,Claudin [?], Thomas Crequillon. The remainder all Anon. 3 scores


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