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Breathless: A Transplant Surgeon's Journal
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Breathless: A Transplant Surgeon's Journal

By Todd, Thomas

Renfrew, ON, Canada: General Store Publishing House, 2007. Book. Fine. Paperback. Book. Clean nicely bound copy. Unmarked pages. Secure packaging! The first Canadian single and double lung transplants are now part of Canadian medical history. This story is first and foremost about people, and is told by one who himself performed many of the early transplants. Dr. Todd writes of the difficulties around the early procedures and the improvements that have occurred over time. "He writes about his adventures rushing to distant hospitals to procure donor lungs, complete with rides in planes, ambulances, and police cars. There are also personal accounts of his relationships with patients and colleagues that provide fascinating reading." ".this is a story about people. It is also about the human spirit. It will impact readers whether they are medical professionals or non professionals simply interested in a dramatic human drama about hope. We learn about the intense personal perspective of the patient and the life and death friendships that develop between the physician and the patient in a transplant scenario.".