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Consent, Freedom and Political Obligation

By Plamenatz, John

Oxford University Press, 1938. Book. Good. Hardcover. No jacket. Sound binding with unmarked text, and some shelf cocking. Makes a nice reading copy with secure boxed packaging! a5.


Believers in the BattleSpace Religion, Ideology and War

By Denton, Peter

Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2011. Book. Very Good. Paperback. Clean tightly bound copy. Unmarked text. Secure packaging! Blaming religion for creating conflict has become a popular activity in recent years. such a conclusion, however, does not survive contact with the evidence. The closer the examination of specific situations, the less explanatory value there is in blacket statements about the culpability of religion for violence in the world. Yet, in the 21st century, the role played by religious belief in any particular conflict has become more significant. Religious factors are at least equal to social, cultural and pscyological ones in understanding the sources of conflict and the motivations of the combatants. Even in a supposedly secular society like our ownm values linked to religion are embodied in many of the decisions we make. Beginning with the idea that the battlefield has irrovocably become the battlespace, the authors of this collection of articles and essays explore the relation between religion and modern warfare in a fariety of hitorical and contemporary contexts. h1.


The Polite Revolution : Perfecting the Canadian Dream
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The Polite Revolution : Perfecting the Canadian Dream

By Ibbitson, John

Toronto: MacClelland & Stewart, 2006. Book. Fine. Paperback. Clean tightly bound unmarked copy. Secure boxed packaging! From one of this countrys best and most controversial political writers, a searing blueprint for the Next Canada. Five years into the twenty-first century, Canada is viewed as one of the most desirable nations in the world in which to live. Despite the worries of many Canadians our countrys regional and linguistic divisions, our frequent identity crises Canada, it seems, has a lot of good things going for it. The federal election of 2004, however, revealed new cracks in an already flawed political system. John Ibbitson argues that we have entered a new political era, that Canada has become a nation of solitudes the West, the English Centre, the French Centre, the East each of which has its own cultural and economic concerns, none of which are being sufficiently recognized by the major political parties. If we cling stubbornly to old methods of governance, he says, we risk losing all that the Confederation has achieved in its first 138 years. In this compelling, and ultimately hopeful book, John Ibbitson dismantles the old ways of thinking about Canadas immigration, free trade, social, and defence policies. His ideas for the future of this country are daring a devolution of power and dollars from the federal to the provincial level, a revamping of medicare, a refashioning of the electoral system. They amount to no less than a revolutionary plan for the creation and defence of a new national dream. k2.


Gritlock Are the Liberals in Forever?

By White: Daifallah

Canadian Political Bookshelf, 2001. Book. Very Good. Paperback. 238 pp. Clean nicely bound copy. Unmarked text. Secure packaging! A timely analysis of the problems facing the fractured Canadian conservative movement, Gritlock presents the dangers to Canada of perpetual on-party-read Liberal -government. a2.


Canada's Immigrants, Heroes and Countrymen

By Arthur, Robin; Bayat, Sam

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Touch BASE, 2001. Book. As New. Paperback. Clean tightly bound copy. Unmarked pages. Unread."Canada's Immigrants, Heroes and Countrymen tells the story of Canada's people since its early history. But it is, importantly, an account of how our immigration policy has evolved over the last one hundred years. In reviewing modern-day immigration to Canada, the book carries narratives on the socio-political and economic paradigms in Europe, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, through this century, which forced the flight of some of our immigrants ourt of their coutnries to seek refuge in Canada and other parts of the world. World War II, as everyone knows, was the primary cause of the mass refugee phenomenon and currently it is ethnic conflict that's blossoming on the stems of a new nationalism. The focus of this new title, however, is people. It tells the stories of immigrants across Canada who have achieved great success, demonstrated heroic courage in the transition process and who continue to give Canada their heart and soul. The people profiled include scientists, doctors and neurosurgeons, politicians, senators and even a former premier, sports heroes, authors, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, film makers, academics, some of whom came to Canada as refugees. It is, indeed, to them and to this nation of immigrants that this book pays tribute." h4.


Bravo! Miss Brown A World without Sight and Sound
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Bravo! Miss Brown A World without Sight and Sound

By Mactavish, Joan

Toronto: Cavu, 2001. Book. Very Good. Paperback. Book. 392 pp. Clean nicely bound. Unmarked pages. Makes a very nice clean copy and priced accordingly with secure boxed packaging!.


Profession Sexologue: Le Code De L'amour Et Du Plaisir

By Tordjman, Dr. Gilbert

Plon, 1988. Book. Good. Paperback. Bon! plus. Clean nice copy. Unmarked pages. Good plus! En Francais. "Le docteur Gilbert Tordjman, l'un des plus celebres sexologues francais, de reputation mondial, est a la fois medecin traitant, chercheur, consultant a l'hopital Necker et ecrivain. Il poursuit actuellement des recherches sur les dysfonctions sexuelles masculines et feminines. Dans cet ouvrage, il aborde avec lucidite les nombreux aspects de la vie sexuelle du couple. De la notion heritee du "fruit defendu" aux angoisses sexuelles, des jeux de la seduction aux multiples fantasmes, du plaisir simule a l'union considereee comme un devoir,". h5.


Progress Without Planning: The Economic History of Ontario from Confederation to the Second World War

By Drummond, Ian M.

Downsview, Ontario, Canada: Univ of Toronto Pr, 1987. Book. Very Good. Paperback. Clean tightly bound copy. Unmarked text. lightly bumped rear corner and light edge wear. "From the time of Confederation into the twentieth century. Ontario hurtled headlong into prosperity, reaping the benefits of abundant natural resources, favourable conditions for agriculture, access to shipping routes, proximity to American markets, and burgeoning markets of its own. In this second volume of the provine's economic history, Ian Drummond, working with a group of economic historians from across Ontario, presents a comprehensive review of the explosive growth of Ontario's economy from 1867 to 1939. Emphasizing a structural transformation and development that affected the whole provincial economy, Drummond examines agricutlure, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, urban growth, the auto industry, railways, canals, and finance and commerce. In large part departing from both the traditional staples interpretation of Canadian development and the newer emerging neo-Marxist orthodoxy, he presents a balanced and lucid account of a pivotal period in Ontario's development." h4.


The Best of Masterfile 29

Toronto: Masterfile, 2001. Book. Very Good. Paperback. clean tightly bound copy with hundreds of color photos. Secure boxed packaging!.