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Radio, TV and Wireless Communications From Paper Time Machines


Short-Wave Listener\'s Guide
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Short-Wave Listener's Guide

By H. Charles Woodruff

Moderate Shelf and Handling Wear on cover with slight toning on the page edges. There is no writing, marks or stains on the inside. The spine or backbone is crease free.


Everybody\'s Radio Manual
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Everybody's Radio Manual

By Editorial Staff of Popular Electronics

This is a collectible and (gentle) reading copy. Significant wear from handling and use, but generally intact. This book was originally published during World War II, with this printing coming a short time after the war. The cover is starting to split from the pages, as can be seen when opening the book to the first set of content pages near the front of the book.


Fundamentals of Selecting and Using Oscilloscopes (Circa 1961)
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Fundamentals of Selecting and Using Oscilloscopes (Circa 1961)

By Tektronix, Inc. Technical Writing Staff

This TEN page Technical Guide on selecting the correct OSCILLOSCOPE (TEKTRONIX, of course) are reprints from two of the then, (1960) recent articles in EDN (Electrical Design News), a major industrial electronic products news magazine. The Front Cover does present several little stain spots, the back cover is less so afflicted. The inside pages are free of marks, writing or stains. Both of the corners opposite the spine have been bent, but not creased. Nevertheless, the rippling remains.


Sylvania Technical Manual  (Late 1950s)
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Sylvania Technical Manual (Late 1950s)

By Sylvania/ General Telephone Technical Writing Staff

This is a USED copy of this title. Emphasis on used. The book is complete and intact, but shows a bit of wear. Almost all of the index tabs have been worn off. The flexible cover is intact, albeit misshapen and suffering a few minor cracks. What you do get is a complete data sheet set for all of the Sylvania Tubes manufactured at the time of the catalogs publication. It is undated, but based on the Edition and Printing Number, it would be estimated to be a late 1950s Vintage.


Instruction Manual for the National NC-2-40D
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Instruction Manual for the National NC-2-40D

By Staff Technical Writers

This is an original, circa 1946 copy of the Instruction Manual for the HAM Radio Receiver by National Corporation, the NC-2-40D. There was a very popular radio model, during a time when the HAM or Amateur Radio hobby was at its pinnacle, The copy has issue. There is a fair amount of toning of the front and back cover. The cover is split and partially detached at the staple and spine area. There are no marks, notes, or other stain inside the manual, and the internal pages look much fresher than the cover.