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By Sumner, Francis B., Raymond C. Osburn, Leon J. Cole and Bradley M. Davis.

Government Printing Office:, 1911. Volume I, Section I: PHYSICAL AND ZOOLOGICAL. By Francis B. Sumner, Raymond C. Osburn and Leon J. Cole. Section II: BOTANICAL. By Bradley M. Davis. Volume II: Section III: A CATALOGUE OF THE MARINE FAUNA. By Francis B. Sumner, Raymond C. Osburn and Leon J. Cole. Section IV: A CATALOGUE OF THE MARINE FLORA. By Bradley M. Davis. 860 pages, total, illustrated in b&w. 2 VERY GOOD+ HARDCOVER, signed by Lorande Loss Woodruff. SCARCE.. Hard Covers. Very Good+/Not Issued with a Dust Jacket.. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


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By Richardson, W. John, Charles R. Greene Jr, Charles I. Malme and Denis H. Thomson.

Academic Press:, 1995. 576 pages. "This book is an essential addition to any marine biologist's library, and will be especially appealing to marine mammalogists, researchers, and marine biologists and oceanographers using sound in their research" FINE SOFTCOVER.. Soft Cover. Fine. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Grey, Zane.

Harper's:, 1925. The first edition (kz) is stated, 216 pages, illustrated with 100 illustrations from photographs taken by the author and others, and drawings by Lillian Wilhelm Smith. VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, green cloth covers, gilt lettering is bright on the spine but rubbed on spine. Light wear of cloth at the upper spine edge. Overall a nice clean copy with a previous owner inscription and bookplate. A nice clean tight copy.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket Present.. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


SONG OF THE OUTRIGGERS. Big Game Fishing On The Ocean Surfaces.

By Whitaker, Ralph R.

Missouri: Fireside Books:, 1968. 311 pages, illustrated in b&w. "A majority of raders will almost certainly wish to have an insight into the specific problems and requirements of practical angling before there can be a full appreciation of an historical record of development and associated subjects. I have therefore, decided to cover the modern practice of angling before giving detailed information on locations, boats and miscellaneous matters. 2 Appendices: Glossary of Big Game Fishing Terms and World Records at November 1957. FINE- HARDCOVER, ex-library withdrawn. Library call letters not on the blue cloth spine but on the clear plastic dust jacket, which as been glued to inside end covers.. Hard Cover. Fine-/No Dust Jacket Present.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By St. John, Larry.

Macmillan & Co.:, 1932. 181 pages, illustrated with b&w photographs and line drawings. "From choice of equipment and its proper handling to information about the fishes to be caught with artifical lures and live bait, this is a complete and useful manual fot the "old hand" as well as for the beginner." VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, GOOD DUST JACKET.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall.


THE CUSTOM GRAPHITE FLY ROD. Design & Construction.

By Morris, Skip.

Nick Lyons Books:, 1989. 105 pages, illustrated with b&w photographs. "This compact, practical guide is for everyone who would like to design and build a custom fly road with graphite blanks to his own specifications." FINE HARDCOVER, FINE DUST JACKET.. First printing. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.



By Shaw, Fred G.

Charles Scribner's Sons:, 1925. 341 pages, illustrated with 18 b&w photographs and 16 diagrams. "Although the trout is possibly the most alert of all fish it is not advisable to allow the fear of scaring it to spoil the pleasure of fly fishing." VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, ex-library withdrawn.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket Present.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Ex-Library Withdrawn..


MODERN DEVELOPMENT OF THE DRY FLY. The New Dry Fly Patterns, The Manipulation Of Dressing Them And Practical Experiences Of Their Use.

By Halford, Frederic M.

Houghton Mifflin:, 1923. First published in 1910, this book is the 1923 printing, 18 color charts, and illustrated with b&w photographs. "It should be recognized by one and all that any improvement in the sport of the dry-fly man effected by the use of these new patterns is primarily due to Edgar Williamson as the originator of the idea. I am also desirous of placing on record here my own views on the color question, views which I am told are shared by many others." VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, ex-library withdrawn. Red cloth covers, title paper label is fine.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket Present.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Bergman, Ray.

Alfred A. Knopf:, 1970. First published in April 1938, this book is the Second edition, eighth printing from Jan. 1970, 482 pages + Index, illustrated in color and b&w. The fishing fly plates are painted by Dr. Edgar Burke. "Since 1938, Bergman's Trout has remained the best and most popular book on trout fishing. This revised edition, and is enlarged by more than 100 pages, five new color plates and 36 line illustrations. The new chapters on Spinning are probably the best in existence." FINE HARDCOVER, GOOD- DUST JACKET, previous owner's name is present.. Hard Cover. Fine/Good-. Illus. by Dr. Edgar Burke.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


THE COMPLETE ANGLER. Or The Contemplative Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton And Charles Cotton.

By Major, John (edited by).

Nacarre Society Ltd.:, 1953. 445 pages, illustrated in b&w. "The first edition of Walton's Complete Angler was published in the spring of 1653, with the title: The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Recreation. Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, Not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers. Simon Peter said, I go a fishing: and they said, We also will go with thee." VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, green cloth covers, gilt lettering is bright on the spine.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket Present.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Heilner, Van Campen.

Knopf:, 1946. First printed in March 1937, this book is the ninth printing from November 1946, 451 pages, 12 color plates by W. Goadby Lawrence. "Written by one of the world's recognized authorities on salt water fishing and illustrated with reproductions of paintings and photographs of fish and methods of catching them, this volume becomes one of the finest works on the subject to have been published and must be regarded as one of the great classics of angling literature." This book has a Foreword by Zane Grey. Ernest Hemingway is mentioned on 6 pages of this book, but no Preface is written by him in this edition. FINE- HARDCOVER, VERY GOOD DUST JACKET.. Hard Cover. Fine-/Very Good. Illus. by W. Goadby Lawrence. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Jorgensen, Poul.

Nick Lyons Books:, 1979. The fourth printing, 80 pages, illustrated with b&w photographs and "240 color photographs of the best dry, nymph, west and streamer flies- with full recipes, dressing instructions, and invaluable tying tips from a modern master." FINE SOFTCOVER.. Soft Cover. Fine. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.



By Van Fleet, Clark C.

Great Outdoor Book Exchange:, 1992. 275 pages, with maps. This book is a reprint from the 1954 edition, with a Foreword by Bill McMillan. "This book has been out of print for 38 years. After reading this book, I wonder why. Historically, it provides a lost perspective of steelhead fly fishing, and stirs speculation whether the popular origins for catch-and-release originated on the East Coast of the West Coast of the United States. Perhaps the most astonishing value of this book rests in the brief, hard-hitting, and remarkably pertinent last chapter that is so important to understanding the plight West Coast salmon, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat have faced for a long time." FINE HARDCOVER, bound in a turquoise cowhide leather. This copy is #45 of 149 printed and signed by Bill McMillan. Printed on Simpson 70# Deckled Warm Archival Teton paper.. Signed by Bill McMillan.. Hard Cover. Fine/Not Issued with a Dust Jacket.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Smith, J. L. B. And Edited By Margaret M. Smith.

Rhodes University:, 1973. 323 pages, illustrated in black & white and color. These bulletins were published by the department of Ichthyology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. These bulletins covers: Anthiidae, Apodgoniade, Moray Eels, Sand-Dwelling Eels, Gaterinidae, Urapis Uraspis, Syngnathiade, Draconettidae, Callionymidae, Pentacerotidae, Clingfishes, Atherinidae, Nasinae and Rionurinae. FINE- HARDCOVER, green cloth covers, gilt lettering on the spine and cover is bright.. Hard Cover. Fine-. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.



By Vincent, Harry.

Port of Spain:, 1910. 97 pages, with 26 illustrated plates including map frontis. "This book represents the condensed experience of over thirty years' fishing and studying the habits and haunts of fishes in the Caribeean Sea and Gulf of Paria, and have been written with two main objects. One is to interest the anglers of the home-land, and to also hope to create local interest in that natural bank we shall before long have to draw heavily on- our resources of sea-food." VERY GOOD- HARDCOVER, blue cloth cover, lettering is bright on the spine, cloth is worn on the spine edges and corners of book, internally a nice clean tight copy.. Hard Cover. Very Good-/No Dust Jacket Present.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Shirai, Shohei, Dr.

Shin Nippon Kyoiku Tosho:, 1986. 352 pages, illustrated profusely in color. The "Ecological Encylopedia Of The Marine Animals Of The Indo-Pacific" is divided into three volumes, Volume I introduces Verebrata including Mammali, Repitilia, and Pisces such as whales, sea turtles, and sea snakes." The text is in English. FINE HARDCOVER, FINE- DUST JACKET.. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine-. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


EPHEMERAS "MAYFLIES". Naturals And Artificials.

By Gaidy, Charles.

EDICOM Inc.:, 1986. 333 pages, illustrated in color and b&w, translated by Roland H. Creel. "Charles Gaidy is a resident of Ussel, France, a town located in the mountains of Central France south of Paris. His angling career started in 1946, Even as a boy he spent much of his time studying rivers and drawings the insects and fish in them. His artwork has been acclaim in Europe for years. He is an avid fisherman who has taught fly casting and flyy tying in many parts of France. This book deals with one of the largest and arguably the most important group of aquatic insects, the order Ephemeroptera, known to anglers as mayflies." FINE HARDCOVER, VERY GOOD DUST JACKET. Dust jacket protected with a clear palstic acid-free jacket. This edition was limited to 3,000 copies.. Hard Cover. Fine/Very Good. Illus. by By the Author and Thomas W. Earnhardt.. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall.



By Thomson, J. M.

Collins:, 1977. 144 pages, illustrated with color paintings by Margaret Senior. "Now for the first time here is a systematic guide to nearly 600 species of fish found in temperate waters around the southern coast of Australia, from Rockhampton in Queensland to Shark Bay in Western Australia." FINE HARDCOVER, FINE DUST JACKET.. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. Illus. by Margaret Senior.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



By Masuda, H., C. Araga and T. Yoshino.

Japan: Tokai University Press:, 1975. 381 pages, illustrated in color, text is in Japanese and English. "Coastal Fishes of Southern Japan is a truly magnificent book which will find extensive use thorughout the tropical Indo-Pacific region. The book's thorough treatment of the southern Japan-Ryukyu fish fauna insures that it will become one of the most important reference works on Indo-Pacific fishes. The photography and collecting for this book has taken 10 years. and the superb color photographs of the fishes are the book's principal attraction." FINE HARDCOVER, GOOD DUST JACKET, GOOD SLIPCASE.. Hard Cover. Fine/Good. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


NATURGESCHICHTE. Der Auslandischen Fische. Erester Theil.

By Bloch, D. Marcus Eliser

T.F. H. Mit sechs und dreissig ausgemalten kepfern nach originalen.(Text only, Book 2), 146 pages. Originally published 1785, Berlin, this book is a reprint by T.F. H., however no publication date or other information is present. VERY GOOD HARDCOVER, text is in German, white covers, cover bumped on upper front cover edge, internally fine.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Not Issued with a Dust Jacket.. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


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