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New Geography - Book Two

By Atwood, Wallace W

Boston: Ginn & Co, 1920. Illustrated & Has Maps. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


Home Folks A Geography for Beginners

By Smith, J Russell

Chicago, IL: John C Winston Co, 1927. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


Hammond's Family Reference World Atlas

By Hammond

NY: Hanover House, 1960. New Revised Edition. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


Thirty Second Yearbook - National Society for the Study of Education

By Public School

Bloomington, IN: Public School Pub, 1933. The Teaching of Geography. Soft Cover. Fair.


Around the World With The Children - Geography

By Carpenter, Frank G

NY: American Book Co, 1924. Hard Cover. Fair/No Jacket. Illustrated -- An Introduction to Geography. Hard Cover. Fair/No Jacket.


Geographical Reader

By Johonnot, James

NY: D Appleton and Co, 1890. Good (has wear to top & bottom of spine). Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


Philip's Concord World Atlas

By Philip, George & Son

London: George Philip & Son Ltd, 1977, 1977. Hard Cover. Good/Good.. Hard Cover. Good/Good.


Electic Series of Geographies - Primary Geography

By Von Steinwehr, A & D G Brinton

NY: American Book Co, 1870. Fair (spine is taped). Hard Cover. Fair/No Jacket.


Van Loon's Geography

By Van Loon, Hendrik William, Illustrated by Hendrik William Van Loon

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1932, 1932. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. The Story of the World We Live In ** & FG 2009 **. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


Geography Europe and Asia

By Harrows, Harlan H

Silver Burgett & Co, 1933. C 1933 Good . Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


High School Geography

By Dryer, Charles Redway

American Book Co, 1911. C 1911 Good with parts I and II-Physical,Economic and Regional. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


The Golden Book Picture Atlas of the World - Vol 1

By Bacon, Phillip

NY: Golden Press, 1960. Book 1 - North America & Illustrated with Photographs & Maps. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


World Atlas

By Rand McNally

Rand McNally & Co, 1924. Pictorial Edition. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.


The Elements of Physical Geography

By Houston, Edwin J

Philadelphia, PA: Eldredge & Brother, 1901. For the use of Schools, Academics & Colleges. Hard Cover. Poor/No Jacket.


Frye's Higher Geography

By Frye, Alexis Everett

Ginn & Co, 1903. CC 1903 Poor . Hard Cover. Poor to Fair/No Jacket.


Ancient and European History Atlas

By Breasted, James Henry (Edited)

Denoyer Geppert Co Pub Fair to Good . Hard Cover. Fair to Good/No Jacket.


The Earth

By Life

Time Inc, 1953. C 1953 Good (by Arthur Beiser and the Ediors of Time Life Books) . Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket.