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Your Introduction to Morse Code

U. S. A.: American Radio Relay League, 1989 Two cassette tapes and paper booklet. Also available, Increasing Your Code Speed 5 to 10 WPM.. Audio Cassettes. Good..


Why Women Need Chocolate

By Waterhouse, Debra

Audio Cassettes. New ISBN: 1-56100-400-6. Two cassettes, approx. three hours playing time. Abridged..


Reckless Endangerment (Audio Book)

By Tanenbaum, Robert

Audio Book. Unopened package. Abridged. Read by James Daniels. Two cassettes, three hours.. New..


Free to Trade (Audio Book)

By Ridpath, Michael

Harper, 1994 Audio Book. Unopened package. Abridgment approved by author. Read by Simon Jones. Two cassettes, three hours.. New..


Strip Tease (Audio Book)
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Strip Tease (Audio Book)

By Hiaasen, Carl

Random House Audio Book.Unopened package. Abridgement approved by author, read by Ed Asner. 2 cassettes, 3 hours.. New..