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Your Introduction to Morse Code

U. S. A.: American Radio Relay League, 1989 Two cassette tapes and paper booklet. Also available, Increasing Your Code Speed 5 to 10 WPM.. Audio Cassettes. Good..


Why Women Need Chocolate

By Waterhouse, Debra

Audio Cassettes. New ISBN: 1-56100-400-6. Two cassettes, approx. three hours playing time. Abridged..


Reckless Endangerment

By Tanenbaum, Robert

Audio Book. New. ISBN:1567402984. Unopened package. Abridged. Read by James Daniels. Two cassettes, three hours..


Free to Trade

By Ridpath, Michael

Harper, 1994, 1994 Audio Book. New. ISBN:0694515280. Unopened package. Abridgment approved by author. Read by Simon Jones. Two cassettes, three hours..


Strip Tease
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Strip Tease

By Hiaasen, Carl

Random House Audio Book. New. ISBN:0375416714. Unopened package. Abridgement approved by author, read by Ed Asner. 2 cassettes, 3 hours..