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Philip's Star Chart
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Philip's Star Chart

By Jon Cox and Richard Monkhouse

U. K.: EPoch, 2000 Large fold-out star chart over 42inx x 40ins. Small closed tear of one inch where chart is joined to cover (hence low price) The card covers have some shelf wear due to poor storage but do not have any loss - just mild edge creases. - this chart shows the stars and constellations of the night sky in three superb maps, the northern and southern hemispheres, and the equitorial region. All stars visible with the naked eye are shown, and fainter star clusters and nebulae are marked for observers using binoculars or telescopes. Constellations, double stars and variable stars are listed, and an informative text explains how to use the charts throughout the year at any latitude. - reduced postage.


In the Centre of Immensities

By Bernard Lovell

London: Granada, 1979 no creases to the spine. A little edge wear to the bottom front corner. 174 pages browning to the edges. A good study copy.


The New Astronomy - Second Edition
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The New Astronomy - Second Edition

By Nigel Henbest and Michael Marten

U K: Cambridge University Press, 1996 A new and unread copy of this book in'fine' condition. No creases to the spine or covers. 240 tight pages. Illustrated. new edition, later printing.


Journey Beyond Selene - Remarkable Expeditions to the Ends of the Solar System and Its 63 Moons

By Jeffrey Kluger

U K: Little Brown and Co, 1999 A new and unread copy of this book. No creases to the spine or to the covers. 315 tight pages including the index. Illustrated. . A riveting account of the men and women who build and fly incredible spaceships that are unblocking the secrets of the solar system.


Stardust - the Cosmic Recycling of Stars, Planets and People

By John Gribbin

London: Allen Lane - the Penguin Press, 2000 198 pages including the index and a section of colour photos.


The Astronomy Encyclopedia
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The Astronomy Encyclopedia

By Patrick Moore, Alexander Boksenberg, Anthony Hewish, David Morrison, Martin Rees, Leif Robinson, Gerard De Vaucouleurs, Joseph Veverka

Mitchell Beazley, 1987 A very good copy of this book which is very heavy and has been priced to include any extra postage needed above the set rate. A previous owner has written very lightly and in very thin letters to the base closed page edge . ''I saw the Space Shuttle Columbia take off in August 1989 '' and to the side closed edge .''NASA'' ---


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By Dava Sobel

London: Forth Estate, 1998 An excellent copy of this book. New and unread. Wonderful ' peephole ' cover, one peephole showing John Harrison and another showing his timepiece. No creases to the spine or to the covers.--- at the heart of this fascinating history of astronomy, navigation and horology stands the figure of John Harrison, self taught Yorkshire clockmaker, and his forty year obsession with building the perfect timekeeper.


Amateur Astronomy - a Comprehensive and Practical Survey

By Colin Ronan

U. K.: Newnes, 1984 256 clean bright pages. Fully illustrated. The jacket has some edgewear to the top edge and to the top of the spine. - This is a large and very heavy book and has been priced to include the extra postage needed above the set rate - UK or surface.


Exploring the Planets

By W. Kenneth Hamblin and Eric H. Christiansen

USA: Macmillan, 1990 An excellent copy of this book. 451 clean and bright pages including the index. - beginning with a chapter on the solar system and progressing through the fundamentals of planetary science to the geology of the planets. Fully illustrated. - This is a heavy book and has been priced to include any extra postage needed above the set rate UK or surface.


Light Years: The Best Documented IFO Case Ever

By Gary Kinder

London: Viking, 1987 Some very mild bumping to the base of the spine, otherwise fine. Dj is protected inside a cover. "in 1975 a Swiss caretaker named Eduard 'Billy' Meier disappeared on his motorbike into a forest near his village. He returned with several clear photographs of a large, silvery disk hovering in the sky. Over the next five years Meier produced hundreds of bright, detailed photographs. He also recorded the sounds of 'beamships', collected several metal samples, and made films of the ship in flight. Dozens of witnesses have seen the beamships and corroborated Meier's fantastic story. His evidence, investigated by a professional security team, has been examined by scientists at IBM, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Arizona State University, and the McDonnell Douglas Company."


1991 Yearbook of Astronomy

By Patrick Moore (editor) David Allen, A. P. Fairall, Allan Chapman, Barry Welsh, Paul Murdin, John Isles, Harold Ridley

London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1990 Some very minor shelfwera to the corners, otherwise fine. 208 pages including the index. This twenty-ninth editiob of the Yearbook contains the usual variety of articles by major contributors from the international community of astronomers - including experts from Australia, California and Cape Town. There is a major article on recent novae by one of the world's leading amateur observers of variable stars; an historical article; and Austin's Comet also features on the list. As always, this universally esteemed guide includes the invaluable star charts for both northern and southern hemisphere observers, backed up by useful information lists on planets, phases of the moon, comets, meteors, eclipses, nebulae, variable stars, Mira stars and double stars. The seven articles are: The Supernova that Won't Go away by David Allen; The Biggest Structures in the Universe by A. P. Fairall; Jeremiah Horrocks and the Transit of Venus by Allan Chapman; The ROSAT Mission by Barry Welsh; The Stars of Intergalactic Space by Paul Murdin; Recent Novae by John Isles; Austin's Comet by Harold Ridley.


Teach Yourself Astronomy

By David S. Evans

London: The English Universities Press Ltd, 1957 Binding is pale blue, embossed cloth with the title in silver on a black background to the spine; 182 pages including the index. Some minor shelfwear but otherwise a clean, fairly tight copy. David S. Evans was the Chief Assistant, Royal Observatory Cape of Good Hope.


The Iron Sun: Crossing the Universe Through Black Holes

By Adrian Berry

London: Jonathan Cape, 1977 Ex-library copy with remains of gummed stamp label on opening page and the usual rubber stamps internally. 176 pages including the index. Dj protected in library cover and has no wear or tears and is bright and clean. Pages show some light tanning, mainly towards the edges. The stars, other suns like our own, are vastly distant from us - millions of times further than the furthest of our local planets. Travelling to them, even at the fastest speeds which can now be conceived, would mean voyage-times ranging from decades to thousands of years. In The Iron Sun Adrian Berry shows how this fundamental obstacle to man's conquest of interstellar travel could be overcome. He shows how it would be both economically and technologically possible within about 250 years' time, for a spaceship to travel instantaneously in space - to disappear in one place and reappear the very next instant in another, without passing any point in between.


Comet Catastrophe! - the Disturbing Link Between Hailey's Comet and World Disasters

By Roger Sutherland

U. K.: Javelin Books, 1985 A new and unread copy of this book. 124 very tight and clean pages. No creases. --- Throughout the short human occupation of this planet, the appearance of a comet in the sky has been believed to herald events of momentous importance and calamities on a grand scale. Plague, the outcome of battles, and the arrival of religious leaders have all been linked to comets. Medallions have been struck and comet pills manufactured to ward of evil effects. During the return of Hailey's Comet, our planet suffered a disturbing and concentrated succession of disasters. The author analyses these phenomena, identifying a link between them and the invasion of our cosmic enviroment by Hailey's Comet. Finally he puts forward some practical precautions which can be taken to avoid catastrophes.


Extraterrestrial Civilizations
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Extraterrestrial Civilizations

By Isaac Asimov

London: Pan, 1981 Bright, clean copy with only the slightest of shelfwear. 316 pages including the index. Mild tanning towards edge of pages. Asimov covers many fascinating aspects in his analysis of the universe - Interstellar Flight, The Origin of Life, Messages to Outer Space, Space Exploration, The Solar System - and gradually reaches his conclusions that are as convincing as they are fantastic. The fact is, we are not alone - it's just a matter of time before we can communicate with the nearest civilizations which undoubtedly exist.


Sun Stars and Planets - Tell Me About

By Jackie Gaff

London: Kingfisher Books, 1991 A book in the ' Tell Me About ' series. There is some shelf wear amd a mild ' opering ' crease to the side of the spine. Corners a little bumped. Childs initials in felt tip to inner cover and rubbed out name. 40 clean bright pages.


Satellites of the Solar System

By Werner Sandner

Charing Cross Road, London: Scientific Book Club, 1965 Dj in an exceptionally bright, clean, unworn condition; now protected inside a cover. Slight bump to base of spine of binding, which is blue cloth with black lettering on spine.