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Atlas of British History from Prehistoric Times Intil 1978

By G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville

U. K.: Rex Collings, 1979 A neat clean copy of this book in a jacket which has some edgewear to the top edge and to the base of the spine.


The Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds: Challenge and Opportunity in an Age of Change

By Norman Myers, Foreword By Kenneth E. Boulding

London: Robertson McCarta, 1990 Binding is black cloth with silver lettering on the spine; 190 pages including the index. Global warming and lightning political change, supertechnology and famine, chaos theory and the Gaia hypothesis - without doubt, the world of tomorrow will be radically different from that of today. Change is the one thing we can be sure of - environmentally, politically, socially, forces are at work that will ripple through the lives of all creatures on the planet. How far do we understand these processes and the triggers of change? How will they interact, to impact on our lives sooner than we expect? What kind of future world do we want, and how can we exerecise this choice? Do we indeed have a future? Here, for the first time, is a book that addresses these questions in a planetary context. Future Worlds provides a far-sighted, challenging, and sharply focused picture of present forces for change, likely outcomes with their mulitple interplays, and the routes to a sustainable and vital future. We have the skills, and the knowledge, to take these paths. But do we have the wisdom to choose and the courage to avoid delay? With its unique graphics, maps of regional impacts and features on the dynamics of change and how events can take us by surprise, Future Worlds marks a turning point in human perception - amd makes an important contribution to our efforts to shape a more holistic future.


Atlas of British History from Prehistoric Times Until 1978

By G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville

U. K.: Rex Collings, 1979 140 clean pages plus index. The cover has some wear to the edges and rubbing to the spine. -This atlas aims to provide the general reader and student with maps of the principal themes and events in the history of the British Isles from pre-historic times until 1978. Its object is to relate their political, social and economic history to its physical setting, rivers, lowlands, hills and mountains, the nearness of the sea and the incidence of mineral wealth, which always determines a countries fortunes.


An Explanatory Atlas of the Far East

By Hudson and Rajchman

U K: Faber and Faber - Covered Editions, 1942 Fawn cloth boards, darkening slightly to the top. Red lettering to the spine. 143 clean pages.The dust jacket is now protected. Some slight chipping to the bottom edges and thumb nail loss to the base of the spine, less to the top of the spine, Complete with forward to the first and second edition.This edition includes new and revised chapters, i.e. - China - the Japanese invasion 1937-1942, the Western Pacific and includes all maps and text from the first edition.