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Working Greener - Sustainable Work Strategies for Organisations, Industry and Business

By Kathleen Ralston and Chris Church

Green Print / Merlin Press, 1991. No creases to the covers or to the spine. Tight clean pages. 152 pages. Enviromental studies, global sustainable development.. ISBN: 1854250647. Trade Paperback. Very Good. 81/2 in x 51/2 in. Enviromental. Enviroment Green. Catalogs: Environmental.


Predators and Predation - the Struggle for Life in the Animal World

By Pierre Pfeffer

U. K.: Facts on File, 1989. An excellent copy of this book. 419 very clean pages. The jacket is also in excellent condition. Small 'p' stamped to the underside closed page edge. Small 'dusty' mark to bottom underside corner. - This book presents an unparalleled survey of one of nature's most remarkable phenomena; the way in which species preserve themselves and each other by feeding off each other. Comprising alphabetically arranged entries on more than 500 predators - from amoebas to sperm whales - this encyclopedic reference work provides clear, detailed answers to such intriguing questions as - Which animals are predators? How do they trap their prey? Are they generalists, who can choose from a variety of prey, or specialists, limited in their selection? How do they kill and ingest? Do they in turn become the prey of other predators? - This is an indespensable reference book for both amateur and professional naturalists and ecologists. It offers new insights into the essential role predation plays in the ecosystem, showing how it ensures the survival not only of the hunters but of the hunted as well. Whether you approach this fascinating book as an experienced researcher or as a casual browser, it is likely to dispel any prejudices you hold about the cruelty and arbitrariness of nature, and to impart a lasting appreciation of the justice of natural law. - complied by a team of scientists. Priced to include any extra postage needed UK or surface. ISBN: 0 8160 1618 6. Film-tie in. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. Illus. by Mark Newman. 11in x 9in. Ecology. Predators Animals Nature Zoology Ecology. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Natural History, Biochemistry / Chemistry / Biology, Birds, Environmental.


Blueprint for a Green Planet - How You Can Take Practical Action Today to Fight Pollution

By John Seymour and Herbert Girardet

Dorling Kindersley, 1990. A very good copy of this book. No creases to the spine. Only the very lightest corner crease to the bottom corner. 192 very clean, tight pages. Fully illustrated. - a handbook of positive measures and realistic alternatives.. ISBN: 0 86318 364 6. New Impression. Large Glossy Soft Cover. Very Good. Illus. by Ian Penney. 91/2in x 71/2in. Conservation. Pollution Recycling Conservation Environment. Catalogs: Ecology, Environmental.


The Doomsday Book - Can the World Survive

By Gordon Rattray Taylor

U. K.: BCA, 1972. A very good copy of this book. Blue boards.277 pages (browning to the edges) plus index. No jacket.. Hard Back. Very Good. Enviromental - Science. Science Population. Catalogs: Science, Environmental.


Noah\'s Ark - Animals in Danger
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Noah's Ark - Animals in Danger

By Christian Zuber

London: Cassell, 1974. 287 very clean pages packed with photographs and text. Some chipping to the edges of the dust jacket. Neat name to ffep. --- This beautifully illustrated book is the result of ten years of photographing animals and birds in the wild. Christian Zuber has been on expeditions all over the world recording the lives of endangered species in his fight to protect them from extinction. Superb pictures of some of the few remaining Bengal Tigers, elephants from the diminishing herds of Africa and Asia, strange and beautiful birds in their paradise on Cousin island in the Seychelles, the gigantic turtes of Malaysia, massacred for their eggs and much more ----. ISBN: 0 304 30032 2. First. Hard Back. Very Good/Good. Illus. by Zuber. 10 1/2in x 7in. Wildlife - Animals. Animals World Wildlife Fund Galapagos Islands Seychelles Turtles Bengal Tigers. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Birds, Environmental.


On the Graphical Presentation of Quantitative Data - Reprinted from Field Studies

By J. H. Crothers

London: FSC Publications M6 - Field Studies Council, 1981. A 26 page booklet - all pages being clean and bright. Glossy card covers with a little shelf wear. No creases. -- Selected papers from ' Field Studies ' - the journal of the Field Studies Council, which publishes papers across the whole range of environmental subjects studied at the Council's 10 Field Centres. - This is a review of the various graphical techniques used in field studies.. Vol 5 N0 3. Large Card Covered Booklet. Good. 9 1/2in x 7in. Enviromental / Graphs. Enviroment Fieldwork Student Text Ecology Graphs. Catalogs: Student Text Book, Ecology, Biochemistry / Chemistry / Biology, Environmental.


The Diversity of Green Plants - Contemporary Biology

By Peter Bell and Christopher Woodcock

U. K.: Edward Arnold, 1978. An excellent copy of this book. 374 tight, bright and clean pages. No creases to the spine or to the covers. -- This edition has additional illustrations and the section on algae (Cyanophyta and Chlorophyta), mosses and liverworts (Bryophyta), conifers (Gymnospermae) and flowering plants (Angiospermae) have been considerably revised.. ISBN: 0 7131 2310 9. 22nd Edition. Large Soft Cover. Fine. 8 1/2 x 5 1/2in. Botany / Biology. Botany Evolution Biochemistry Biology. Catalogs: Botany, Student Text Book, Biochemistry / Chemistry / Biology, Environmental.


What is Ecology - New Edition

By D. F. Owen

U. K.: Oxford University Press, 1980. A very good copy of this book. 234 clean tight pages including index plus ' other readings'. No creases to the spine or to the covers. -- An 'OPUS' book.. ISBN: 0 19 289140 5. New Edition. Large Soft Cover. Very Good. 7in x 5in. Ecology. Ecology. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Student Text Book, Ecology, Biochemistry / Chemistry / Biology, Environmental.


The Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds: Challenge and Opportunity in an Age of Change

By Norman Myers, Foreword By Kenneth E. Boulding

London: Robertson McCarta, 1990. Binding is black cloth with silver lettering on the spine; 190 pages including the index. Global warming and lightning political change, supertechnology and famine, chaos theory and the Gaia hypothesis - without doubt, the world of tomorrow will be radically different from that of today. Change is the one thing we can be sure of - environmentally, politically, socially, forces are at work that will ripple through the lives of all creatures on the planet. How far do we understand these processes and the triggers of change? How will they interact, to impact on our lives sooner than we expect? What kind of future world do we want, and how can we exerecise this choice? Do we indeed have a future? Here, for the first time, is a book that addresses these questions in a planetary context. Future Worlds provides a far-sighted, challenging, and sharply focused picture of present forces for change, likely outcomes with their mulitple interplays, and the routes to a sustainable and vital future. We have the skills, and the knowledge, to take these paths. But do we have the wisdom to choose and the courage to avoid delay? With its unique graphics, maps of regional impacts and features on the dynamics of change and how events can take us by surprise, Future Worlds marks a turning point in human perception - amd makes an important contribution to our efforts to shape a more holistic future. . ISBN: 1853651281. First. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2". Atlas. Atlas Global Warming Politics Chaos Theory Gaia. Catalogs: Ecology, Women's Studies, Economics, Science, Current Affairs, Atlas, Environmental.


The Green Machine - Ecology and the Balance of Nature

By Wallace Arthur

U. K.: Basil Blackwell, 1990. 257 very clean, tight pages. No creases to the spine. Very light shelfwear to the covers. - This book provides an introduction to the science of ecology, which enables the reader to understand the subtle and complex balance of nature which is the ecosystem which is now threatened by so many human activities.. ISBN: 0 631 17853 8. First. Large Soft Cover. Very Good. 9in x 6in. Ecology. Ecosystems Ecology Nature. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Ecology, Environmental.


Guide to Gaia

By Michael Allaby

London: Macdonald Optima, 1989. 181 tight clean pages. No creases to the spine or to the covers. A tiny sign of shelf wear to the top back edge of the spine. -- The Gaian hypothesis presents the Earth not as an inanimate habitat for life, but as a single living organism. All plants and animals interact with the elements as part of an evolving eco-system.. ISBN: 0 356 17535 9. First Paperback. Large Soft Cover. Near Fine. Illus. by Helen Pomphrey. 81/2in x 5in. Enviromental. Environment Eco-System Global Climate. Catalogs: Ecology, Environmental.


Conservation in Perspective

By A. Warren and F. B. Goldsmith - Editors

U. K.: John Wiley & Sons. 474 clean pages including index. No creases to the covers. Very mild reading crease to the spine. Very mild edge wear. Neat owners name to ffep. -- New collection of chapters in this book make invaluable reading for ecologists, geographers, planners and nature conservationists.. ISBN: 0 471 10381 0. Revised. Large Soft Cover. Very Good. 9in x 6in. Conservation. Conservation Wildlife Nature. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Ecology, Geography, Environmental.


Animal Nutrition and Feeding

By James R. Gillespie

USA: Delmar Publishing, 1987. An excellent copy of this book. 418 very clean pages. --- This book is a comprehensive text designed to present the principles of animal nutrition, types of feed and feeding guidelines. It is recommended for animal nutrition courses and for the animal science programs where nutrition and feeding is a segment of the program. The text addresses the major environmental and human health issues facing those producing animals and animal products for human consumption.Illustrated to compliment the text.. ISBN: 0827323549. First. Laminated Glossy Covers. Fine. 9in x7IN. Farming / Agriculture / Study. Farming Agriculture Enviorment Cattle Swine Goats Sheep Student Study. Catalogs: Nature - Animals and Plantlife, Non-Fiction, Student Text Book, Agriculture , Farming, Environmental.


Environment - Pre-vocatioal Core Studies

By A Cotterell

U K: Heinmann Eductional Books, 1985. This book investigates five major environmental problems - noise , traffic , water pollution , pesticides and radioactivity - and the problems facing major towns and cities......The book is in very good condition. Owners name neatly to inner cover. . ISBN: 0435463101. First. Large Laminated Card Cover. Very Good. Illus. by Alan Burton. Student Text Book. Tutor Student. Catalogs: Student Text Book, Ecology, Environmental.