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Giant Thief
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Giant Thief

By David Tallerman

Nottingham, UK: Angry Robot, 2012. No creases or marks. Appears unread. . First. Large Soft Cover. Near Fine. Illus. by Cover - Angelo Rinaldi. Fantasy.


Stardust - the Ruby Castle Stories

By Nina Allan - Introduction By Robert Shearman

Hornsea, England: PS Publishing, 2013. Signed by the author. . First. Hard Back. Near Fine/Near Fine. Illus. by Ben Baldwin. Horror.


The Fantastical Art of Jim Pitts

By Jim Pitts, David A. Riley, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Jones, David A. Sutton, Jon M. Harvey, Peter Coleborn, Adrian Cole, Nick Caffrey

Oswaldtwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2017. This is a signed, limited edition of 250, signed by the artist. 212 pages of black and white and full-colour illustrations by one of the best fantasy/horror artists in the UK, covering over forty years of his career. Jim Pitts is the winner of two British Fantasy Awards for his artwork. Articles in the book are by David A. Riley, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Jones, David A. Sutton, Jon M. Harvey, Peter Coleborn, Adrian Cole, and Nick Caffrey.. Signed by the Artist. First Limited Edition. Laminated Hardback. Fine/No Jacket as Issued. Illus. by Jim Pitts. 11 1/2 in x 8 in. Art.


Tough Guys

By Adrian Cole

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. Fine, as new copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Adrian’s latest collection, Tough Guys, contains three previously unpublished novellas and a short. Based on the title theme, these four works are completely different in subject matter and tone. There is, of course, A Nick Nightmare story herein, ‘Wait for the Ricochet’, in which the gumshoe is entrusted to convey a message about “The Malleus Tenebrarum”, a book that names the properties and powers of dark and light, to the Mechanic, one Oil-Gun Eddy... His adversary is the sinister Lucien de Sangreville, plus assorted non-human denizens of the murky lower levels, and his sidekick the sword-wielding business-woman Ariadne Carnadine. In contrast, in ‘If You Don’t Eat Your Meat’ the reader enters a post-apocalyptic world where the very unsavoury Ryan relates his story of rival families and cannibalism. It is gruesome and unflinching horror. In ‘A Smell of Burning’ a hospital patient finds he is having out-of-the-body experiences. On his astral journeys he visits a man recalling his abused childhood and this leads to a shocking revelation... Finally, ‘Not If You Want to Live’ explores the fate of Razorjack, who is a Redeemer, a dead man used by a shady organisation to bring back others from death. An intriguing and engrossing story of love between Razorjack (aka Jack Krane) and mobster’s moll Rebecca Fellini, with science fictional and satanic elements. Contents: Wait for the Ricochet If You Don't Eat Your Meat A Smell of Burning Not If You Want to Live. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Jim Pitts. Horror.


The Winter Hunt and Other Stories

By Steve Lockley, Paul Lewis, Paul Finch (introduction)

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. Fine, as new copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis, a two-man, Swansea-based writing-team (though they have written individually as well, and excellently too) are contemporary authors in the best sense of the phrase. They are also hugely respectful of and clearly motivated by some of the great work done in the past. So often their stories, at first glance, may be ‘kitchen sink’ in tone. By that, I mean they could be set on a drear council estate, or in a bus station café, or a second-hand shoe shop, or a seaside boarding house on a dull day in the off-season. But never be fooled by any of that, because these calm waters run very, very deep indeed. The Lockley/Lewis style is deceptively simple – an easy and comfortable read, comprising beautiful, well-constructed prose that will carry you straight to the heart of the plot. Already, that’s a sign of quality where I’m concerned. But in addition, in terms of the subtext, these tales are never less than awe-inspiring, and I choose my words carefully. There are massive concepts at the heart of so much Lockley and Lewis. One minute you think you’re reading about a weary shop-girl who spends all day worrying about her wayward brother and his car-thief mates, the next you’re confronted by demonic forces and a winter storm so hellish they surely come from a place beyond time. A few minutes later, you think you’re travelling with two single middle-aged women on a short holiday to the coast, but the next thing you’re asking ‘coast of what?’ What kind of edge have they ventured to here, and for God’s sake, why? Nothing is what it appears in the book you are about to read, but there is nothing complex here either. Think of these tales as contemporary, urban parables, often unapologetically horrific, and yet rich in heart and soul. They deal with issues that go far deeper than the events on the page, and yet the best thing is – you don’t have to go digging for that. It’ll all be brought to you in due course. Contents are: Introduction by Paul Finch The Winter Hunt Gabriel Restrained Family Ties Lullaby The Woman on the Stairs Never Go Back Damp Last Day The Worst Part City of Woes Death Knock Playmates De Profundis Puca Muc Shadows in Paint The Winter Hunt was first published in F20, 2000 Gabriel Restrained was first published in Darkness Rising Two: Night's Soft Pains, 2001 Family Ties was first published in The Third Black Book of Horror, 2008 Lullaby was first published in Vivisections, 2003 Never Go Back was first published in British Invasion, 2008 Damp was first published in Chimeraworld #2, 2005 City of Woes was first published in Doorways, 2008 Death Knock was first published in At Ease with the Dead, 2007 Puca Muc was first published in Shrouded by Darkness, 2006 . First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Joe Young (cover). Horror.


Classic Weird 2

By David A. Riley (Editor) J. Sheridan Le Fanu, E. F. Benson, Vernon Lee, Vincent O'Sullivan, Edith Wharton, W. C. Morrow, Irvin S. Cobb, Edith Nesbit, Robert Murray Gilchrist, Amyas Northcote, J. H. Riddell

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. This 298-page volume contains weird tales by some of the classic authors of the genre, including: J. Sheridan Le Fanu (An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street) E. F. Benson (The Judgement Books) Vernon Lee (Oke of Okehurst) Vincent O'Sullivan (When I was Dead) Edith Wharton (The Eyes) W. C. Morrow (A Story Told by the Sea) Irvin S. Cobb (The Unbroken Chain) Edith Nesbit (From the Dead) Robert Murray Gilchrist (Witch In-Grain) Amyas Northcote (The Downs) J. H. Riddell (The Uninhabited House) . First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


A Saucerful of Secrets: Fourteen Stories of Fantasy, Warped Sci-Fi & Perverse Horror

By Andrew Darlington

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. Fine, as new copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Andrew Darlington has had masses of material published in all manner of strange and obscure places, magazines, websites, anthologies and books. He's also worked as a Stand-Up Poet on the ‘Alternative Cabaret Circuit’, and has interviewed very many people from the worlds of Literature, SF-Fantasy, Art and Rock-Music for a variety of publications (a selection of favourite interviews collected into the ‘Headpress’ book ‘I WAS ELVIS PRESLEY’S BASTARD LOVE-CHILD’). His latest music biography is ‘DON'T CALL ME NIGGER, WHITEY: SLY STONE & BLACK POWER’ (Leaky Boot Press). Contents are: The Strange Laudanum Dream of Branwell Bronte London Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down Thuesday to Fryday The Door to Anywhere Beast of the Baskervilles Derek Edge and the Saucerful of Secrets Refuge The Non-Expanding Universe Gender-Shock Big Bad John Terminator Zero and the Dream Demons A Grotesque Romance This World Holds Space Enough And the Earth Has No End The Strange Laudanum Dream of Branwell Bronte was first published in Tigershark #3, 2014 The Door to Anywhere was first published in Worlds of the Unknown #1, 2014 Beast of the Baskervilles was first published in Tigershark #5, 2014 The Non-Expanding Universe was first published in Hellfire Crossroads #5, 2015 Gender-Shock was first published in Tigershark # 2, 2013 . First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Vincent Chong: Cover. Fantasy.


Kitchen Sink Gothic

By David A. Riley, Linden Riley (editors) Franklin Marsh, Andrew Darlington, Stephen Bacon, Gary Fry, Benedict J. Jones, Kate Farrell, Charl

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Coined in the 1950s, Kitchen Sink described British films, plays and novels frequently set in the North of England, which showed working class life in a gritty, no-nonsense, “warts and all” style, sometimes referred to as social realism. It became popular after the playwright John Osborne wrote Look Back In Anger, simultaneously helping to create the Angry Young Men movement. Films included Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, The Entertainer, A Taste of Honey, The L-Shaped Room and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. TV dramas included Coronation Street and East Enders. In recent years TV dramas that could rightly be described as kitchen sink gothic include Being Human, with its cast of working class vampires, werewolves and ghosts, and the zombie drama In the Flesh, with its northern working class, down to earth setting. In this anthology you will find stories that cover a wide range of Kitchen Sink Gothic, from the darkly humorous to the weirdly strange and occasionally horrific.Kitchen Sink Gothic includes: 1964 by Franklin Marsh Derek Edge and the Sun-Spots by Andrew Darlington Daddy Giggles by Stephen Bacon Black Sheep by Gary Fry Jamal Comes Home by Benedict J. Jones Waiting by Kate Farrell Lilly Finds a Place to Stay by Charles Black The Mutant's Cry by David A. Sutton The Sanitation Solution by Walter Gascoigne Up and Out of Here by Mark Patrick Lynch Late Shift by Adrian Cole The Great Estate by Shaun Avery Nine Tenths by Jay Eales Envelopes by Craig Herbertson Tunnel Vision by Tim Major Life is Prescious M. J. Wesolowski Canvey Island Baby by David Turnbull . First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Joe Young (cover). Horror.


Haunted Grave and Other Stories: Eight Tales of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction from the Affrican Continent

By Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. As new, fine copy of this collection, direct from the publisher. In stock now. Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso is an MA graduate of Creative Writing, Swansea University Wales. His short stories, poems and non-fiction have appeared in a couple of journals, anthologies and magazines such as Emanation: Foray into Forever, Africa Roar Anthology, Open Road Review, Criterion Journal, ANA Review, Ground's Ear Anthology, Future Lovecraft, African Eyeball, Miracle e-zine, Episteme Journal, Texts on SAVVY Journal. He has been shortlisted in IdeasTap Inspires: Writers' Centre Norwich Writing competition, Ghana Poetry Prize, and Quickfox Poetry Competition. Contents are: Eaters of Flesh The Last Man Standing Exorcism Haunted Grave To Love is Strange A Cursed City The Game of Aids The Green Race. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


Things That go Bump in the Night

By David A. Riley, Douglas Draa (editors) Sir Hugh Clifford, Henry Brereton Marriott Watson, Edward Lucas White, William Hope Hodgson, George Allan England, F. Marion Crawford, Frederick Marryat, E. F. Benson, W. C. Morrow, Amyas Northcote, M. P. Shiel,

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. as new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Things That Go Bump in the Night edited by Douglas Draa and David A. Riley is now available in trade paperback from Parallel Universe Publications. 365 pages long, this bumper volume contains 19 classic weird stories by Sir Hugh Clifford, Edward Lucas White, William Hope Hodgson, George Allan England, F. Marion Crawford, Frederick Marryat, E. F. Benson, W. C. Morrow, Amyas Northcote, M. P. Shiel, Lord Dunsany, Perceval Landon, Robert E. Howard, G. G. Pendarves, Henry Brereton Marriott Watson, Irvin S. Cobb, Huan Mee, Abraham Merritt, Nictzin Dyalhis, and Edith Wharton. The Ghoul Sir Hugh Clifford The House of the Nightmare Edward Lucas White The Voice in the Night William Hope Hodgson The Thing from Outside George Allan England For the Blood is the Life F. Marion Crawford The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains Frederick Marryat The Room in the Tower E. F. Benson His Unconquered Enemy W. C. Morrow The Late Mrs. Fowke Amyas Northcote Xélucha M. P. Shiel A Narrow Escape Lord Dunsany Thurnley Abbey Perceval Landon The Black Stone Robert E, Howard Werewolf of the Sahara G. G. Pendarves The Devil of the Marsh Henry Brereton Marriott Watson Fishhead Irvin S. Cobb The Black Statue Huan Mee The Pool of the Stone God Abraham Merritt The Sea-Witch Nictzin Dyalhis The Lady’s Maid’s Bell Edith Wharton. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


Goblin Mire

By David A. Riley

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. "Many years have passed since Elves defeated and killed the last Goblin king. Now the Goblins are growing stronger in their mire, and Mickle Gorestab, one of the few remaining veterans of that war, is determined they will fight once more, this time aided by a renegade Elf who has delved into forbidden sorcery and hates his kind even more than his Goblin allies. Murder, treachery and the darkest of all magics follow in a maelstrom of blood, violence and unexpected alliances. Facing up to the cold cruelty of the Elves, Mickle Gorestab stands out as the epitome of grim, barbaric heroism, determined to see the wrongs of his race avenged and a restoration of the Goblin King." Goblin Mire was originally published by Renaissance E-books. It is now available in trade paperback, published by Parallel Universe Publications. 318 pages.. Signed by Author. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Joe Young (cover). Fantasy.


Black Ceremonies

By Charles Black

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Those that participate in the thirteen strange dark rites that comprise Black Ceremonies find themselves at the mercy of sinister forces. Make an invocation to evil. Witness the horrors of war. Hear the sound of death. Feel the hand of vengeance as it reaches out from the grave. Are you ready to join the doomed and the damned? “When it comes to dark and twisted tales, they don’t come much darker and more twisted than this. If you have a taste for the macabre, you really will be biting off as much as you can chew with this exciting debut collection from renowned editor and creator of the Black Books of Horror, Charles Black.” Anna Taborska, author of For Those Who Dream Monsters “Charlie’s yarns are very entertaining.” Johnny Mains, editor of Best British Horror This collection includes the following stories: The Obsession of Percival Cairstairs Call of the Damned The Revelations of Dr Maitland Tourist Trap Face to Face The Coughing Coffin The Madness Out of the Sea Death on the Line The Necronomicon A Bit Tasty A Fistful of Vengeance To Summon a Flesh-Eating Demon The Strombolli Collection. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Paul Mudie (cover). Horror.


Other Visions of Heaven and Hell

By Jessica Palmer

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Jessica Palmer has had 28 books published, both fiction and nonfiction. Her novels – horror, fantasy and science fiction – were released by Pocket Books in the United States and Scholastic in the United Kingdom. She has written two textbooks about Native American history, which were published by McFarland, and an encyclopedia of natural history released by Harper Collins’ label Element Books and later by Thorson in the UK. Palmer has also written ten science-and-technology manuals on the topics of explosives and radiation. These were distributed globally. It was this work that brought her to Great Britain in 1988. The daughter of a professional clown, Palmer refers to her switch to writing fiction as an exercise in damage limitation. She taught classes and conducted workshops on creative writing and publishing at North Shropshire College in Whitchurch, Stanmore College and the Islington Arts Factory in London. As a journalist, Palmer won awards in New Mexico and Texas for writing features, public service and breaking news – the most recent in 2013. Palmer has also written satirical columns for newspapers, including “A Slice of Life” and “How to Make Love to your Personal Computer.” Her two loves are writing and animals. She started a nonprofit in Kansas for wildlife rescue and has held a wildlife rehabilitation permit since 2002. Other Visions of Heaven and Hell are a series of sometimes inter-related stories about our ideas of Heaven and Hell, sometimes hilarious - sometimes horrific - but always entertaining. Contents are: Devil's Due The Faithful And now, a Word from our Sponsor Heavenly Bodies On the Wings of a Prayer Fallen Angel A Stitch in Time Infinity No Good Turn Leap of Faith Divine Comedy Force of Habit The Gates of Hell Hell on Wheels Cinderella Revisited Last Laugh Sisters A Cold Day in Hell Cheap Shots What the Dickens When Hell Freezes Over Bad Medicine Wrong Number A Snowball's Chance Devil Woman To Be or Not The King's Plate An Afterthought About the Author Last Laugh was first published in Weirdbook #28, Autumn 1993, edited by W. Paul Ganley Cinderella Revisited was first published in Weirdbook #29, Autumn 1995, edited by W. Paul Ganley What the Dickens was first published in Substance Sept 1995. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


Classic Weird

By David A. Riley (Editor), W. C. Morrow, E. F. Benson, Vincent O'Sullivan, F. Marion Crawford, Richard Middleton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John Meade Falkner, Edith Wharton, Vernon Lee, Oliver Onions

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. Classic Weird contains: The Monster-Maker by W. C. Morrow The Man Who Went Too Far by E. F. Benson The Interval by Vincent O'Sullivan The Doll's Ghost by F. Marion Crawford The Dead Smile by F. Marion Crawford The Ghost-Ship by Richard Middleton The New Catacomb by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost Stradivarius by John Meade Falkner The House of the Dead Hand by Edith Wharton A Wicked Voice by Vernon Lee Phantas by Oliver Onions. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After

By Kate Farrell, Reggie Oliver (introduction)

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2015. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. "What distinguishes Kate Farrell’s work is the extraordinary accuracy and vividness with which she sets up her situations. She has an eye for detail and an outstanding ear for the way people think and speak. It is far from fanciful to see this at least partly as the product of her experience as an actress. In the theatre, a natural faculty for observing one’s fellow human beings is trained and honed. Listen to the narrator of “Waiting”. If you don’t know someone like that personally, you will have certainly heard her talking just behind you on a bus at some time. The intonation, the accent, the understanding, and the lack of it, are all so true to life. But the people Farrell evokes are not all from one social stratum, or one nation. Here is an ancient and corrupt Irish Priest (“The Way the Truth and the Life”), here is the wife of a notorious Argentinean dictator (“Las Cosas Que Hacemos por el Amor”), or the two Spanish schoolchildren in “The Efficient Use of Reason”, and they are all done with the same conviction, the same ruthless accuracy. Farrell’s eye is not heartless, but it is unclouded by any kind of sentimental affectation; her horrors emerge from what we sometimes call the commonplace. Very occasionally she touches on the supernatural, but when she does she does it superbly as in one of my favourites among her stories “A Murder of Crows” which shows that she can do an uncanny rural atmosphere with grim poetry as well as anyone. It is the gift of every worthwhile writer in this genre to make us realise that just beneath the surface of the banal and ordinary, there yawn great abysses of wonder and terror. I don’t know quite why this realisation, in the hands of a writer like Farrell, should be so thrilling, enjoyable even, but it is. There is not a dull page, not a dull sentence in And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After." From Reggie Oliver 's introduction to And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After Contents are: Introduction by Reggie Oliver Mea Culpa Helping Mummy A Murder of Crows No Junk Mail All in a Row Dad Dancing The Way and the Truth and the Life My Name is Mary Sutherland The Efficient Use of Reason How I Got Here His Family The Sands are Magic Once Upon a Time A. Reeves Tale Las Cosas Que Hacemos por El Amor Peacock Blue Dress Alma Mater Waiting Mea Culpa was first published in The Eighth Black Book of Horror, 2011 His Family was first published in The Ninth Black Book of Horror, 2012 Dad Dancing was first published in The Tenth Black Book of Horror, 2013 Helping Mummy was first published in The Screaming Book of Horror, 2012 The Sands are magic was first published in Terror Tales of the Seaside, 2013 Waiting was first published in Kitchen Sink Gothic, 2015 Alma Mater was first published in The Eleventh Black Book of Horror, 2015 . First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Vincent Chong: Cover. Horror.


England 'B': Ninety Minutes of Hell

By Richard Staines, Mark Samuels

Oswaltwistle Lancashire: Parallel Universe Publications, 2016. As new, fine copy. In stock now, straight from the publisher. What they are saying about Richard Staines: “Please get in all the Richard Staines horror books and chuck out all that other rubbish you have on the shelves.” The T.L.S. (Tooting Library Service), message left on their public noticeboard, 1975. “Richard Staines is one of the most valued contributors to our magazine and we are glad to have him, despite the avalanche of protests. No animals were actually harmed in the photo-spread referred to.” Readers Wives editorial, 1977. “Unfortunately, the jury have not been able to reach a verdict due to food poisoning, hit and run incidents, and the disappearance of close family members, but the great British public outside this courtroom will doubtless make up its own mind about your filthy, depraved, sickening and contemptible books. Case dismissed. You may leave the dock.” Lord Justice Haigh (deceased), summing up in the case of Regina vs Richard Staines, 1978. “Many horror authors insult the intelligence of the people. Staines not only does this but is a bloody good read, too. He is the future of horror in the 1980s.” Anonymous letter to Colour Climax, 1979. “We do not feel under any obligation to have to respond on a point by point basis to your repeated claims that the Nobel Prize committee for Literature have deliberately overlooked your horror fiction and cannot undertake to reply to any further letters on this matter.” Official letter from Lars Svenson (deceased), Nobel Prize Award Committee, Secretary, 1979. “That snob and has-been Dennis Wheatley has never lived in a council flat on a Peckham estate with only cheap cans of lager, a black and white telly, and Yes and Genesis records to keep his muse lubricated. Dennis Wheatley's simply not as socially relevant in today's world as a “man-of-the-people” like Richard Staines. The truth is that Wheatley recognises all this and was just being a dick when he refused to write the introduction to Staines' book Psycho Flasher.” Anonymous letter to The International British Black Magic and Horror Club Newsletter # 8, 1975. "Richard Staines" is the pseudonym of celebrated weird fiction writer Mark Samuels. Contents are: No Such Thing as a Friendly A Game of Two Halves The Ref's Decision is Final Get Your Fritz Out fot the Lads Football's Dark Arts They Think It's All Over. First. Trade Paperback. Fine. Horror.


Forests of the Heart

By Charles De Lint

London: Gollancz, 2001. Fine copy of this great fantasy novel.. First. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. Fantasy.


My Rose & My Glove: Stories (real and surreal)

By Harvey Jacobs

Seattle: Darkside Press, 2005. Copy numbered 140 of a print run of 510, of which 500 were offered for sale. . First Edition. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. Illus. by Cover - Allen Koszowski. 6" x 9". Weird.


Masques of Satan: Twelve Tales and a Novella

By Reggie Oliver

Ashcroft, British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2007. A limited edition of 500 copies, signed by the author. . By the Author. First Edition. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. Illus. by Reggie Oliver. 9 1/2 " x 6 1/4". Ghost Stories.


Lovecraft Remembered

By Peter Cannon (editor)

Sauk City, USA: Arkham House, 1998. Lovecraft scholar Peter Cannon has gathered all the major shorter memoirs, together with some rare contemporary glimpses from the amateur press before the master fantasist made his mark in Weird Tales. Here are such classic tributes from the 1940s as W. Paul Cook's "In Memoriam," Winfield Townley Scott's "His Own Most Fantastic Creation," and R. H. Barlow's "The Wind That Is in the Grass." Later reminiscences include Kenneth Sterling's brilliant account of Lovecraft in his final years in Providence and Mara Kirk Hart's fascinating chronicle of the Kalem Club based on the letters of her father, George Kirk. Rounding off the book is a selection of early criticism, which charts the progress of Lovecraft's reputation from August Derleth's Cthulhu mythologizing to Fritz Leiber's cosmic insights. . First Edition. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. Illus. by Cover - Martin Hertzel. 8 x 5 1/2in. Biography.


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